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[Ashwamedh] Retention Pointers And Meetup Update

Hari ke 1,845, 08:10 Diterbitkan di India Serbia oleh Ind1anMartyr

Hi all,

Its very heartening to see new players get involved and be proactive in thoughts of increasing our ingame population. Kudos to Akshit for his thoughts o7

I would like to give a few inputs from back in the days when eIndia did not have any app to track newbies and contact them (when there wasnt the concept of an MU either) The ridiculous API provided by eRep worsens things considerably and brings us back to the dark ages of manual labour, which being Indians, we should be pretty au-fait with (harken to our awesome government offices with ridiculous paperwork!)

This may seem a lot but really its not that much...all you need to do is GO TO THIS LINK when you login and keep it open in a different window.

Keep refreshing the page (press F5) every 2-3 minutes while you are online, and if you see anyone, drop him a nice friendly message.

You can have a simple message typed and ready in a text file on your desktop ... something like

"Hi there!!

Looks like you just joined the game. Let me introduce you to our awesome community of fellow gamers from all across India. For us this is more than a game, its a place to hangout, to get together in regular meetups (for sports, treasure hunt, trekking and of course drinks!)

Message me back if you need any help with the game and we would obviously love to have you as part of our community!"

Some will reply, some might not... just keep trying!

For the meetup, I need to finalise the plan... please agree (or disagree below) If I only get 5 responses, I will consider that as the majority response and go with it.

SCHEDULE - cricket or football or Counter Strike (PLEASE CHOOSE ONE AND RESPOND) at around 4-4:30 in the evening followed by a nice little drinks session. If enough guys have bikes or cars, we plan a cross city rally (I have done this before with my office guys and its cool fun)

As you can see, this requires a lot of planning and the sooner you let me know the better! : )




Lonqu Hari ke 1,845, 08:12


Policy Hari ke 1,845, 08:25


Ind1anMartyr Hari ke 1,845, 08:42

policy!!!! is that you? the ghost who walks is back > : D

Uv Ajed
Uv Ajed Hari ke 1,845, 08:51

policy is phantom? : o

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Hari ke 1,845, 09:48

Cricket \o/

lHonouR Hari ke 1,845, 09:48

Cricket 😃

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Hari ke 1,845, 19:19

Nice Ashwamedh! Get the wheels rolling!

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Hari ke 1,845, 19:26

Message from the next life 🙂!

kapahii Hari ke 1,846, 01:40


Holy Saint
Holy Saint Hari ke 1,846, 08:37

CS or Fifa 😃

LightningRodger Hari ke 1,847, 00:41


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