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What is Illegal, What is Legal?

Nap 2,438, 03:00 Megjelenés helye: Bosnia and Herzegovina Albánia által Romy.TR

Just a few weeks ago, i got FP, only cos of writing "Serbrenica" and "8372".. and i got FP only cos of my international and 400+ voted article "8372"... Reason was : "Flaming"...

only 2 weeks passed.. Today, some of Serbians trying to PTO Bosnia.. and Party President Nick is : "Srebrenica Republika Srpska" who has "500 str"...

When i reported him cos of this, the answer is They didnt find any illegal in the case mentioned by me...

This guy and his activites doesn't cause "Flaming" in BOSNIA????

Lots of questions...

* Rules are only for protecting Romania and Serbia?
* if i would try to PTO Serbia with nick "Kosovo Republica" could i stay in this game?
* Will this article be removed and i'll get another FP? and finally BAN by an apocryphal reason again?

* WHY always we have to report this type of ILLEGAL CO's? and at last JUST ban the commander and CO will be still active..

an eBosnian Citizen


After this article, "Fake MU's Commander" get banned... problem solved? Poland had to set LEGAL CO against this FAKE CO'S.... What Fairness!!!



Romy.TR Nap 2,438, 03:02

What is Illegal, What is Legal?

Porno Majstor Nap 2,438, 09:12

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Porno Majstor Nap 2,438, 09:31

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Porno Majstor
Porno Majstor Nap 2,438, 10:06

Plato kralju pa 3 puta mi brises kometar 😃

mcmoox Nap 2,438, 15:28

romi brate đudo i karate 😃

Srebrenica Republika Srpska
Srebrenica Republika Srpska Nap 2,439, 01:07

Romy siso... jel pijes ti rakiju ljutu i slaninom na jutro grlo podmazujes ? 😃

Blackbeard ARRRR
Blackbeard ARRRR Nap 2,440, 01:00

Fact 1: 400+ international votes doesn't count when you buy it.
Fact 2: Srebrenica is part of Republika Srpska today(check geography).
Fact 3: 8372 is fake number, everybody knows that. True number is about 270. When you write lies about that, FP are coming to you.

Final Horseman
Final Horseman Nap 2,440, 02:04


merga Jr
merga Jr Nap 2,438, 03:05


Ilker Basbug Jr.
Ilker Basbug Jr. Nap 2,438, 03:05


Lazim Nap 2,438, 03:15


Kre1O Nap 2,438, 03:16


Ankica Lula
Ankica Lula Nap 2,438, 03:18

Hu iz ju? Vat ar ju duing in my top njuz?

Don Juan Corleone
Don Juan Corleone Nap 2,438, 07:06

Ne bali bgti

Mahmmoud Ahmadinejad
Mahmmoud Ahmadinejad Nap 2,438, 11:50


Yellow PeePee
Yellow PeePee Nap 2,438, 03:18


Dragan Segedinac
Dragan Segedinac Nap 2,438, 03:19


Barbo Ispiro
Barbo Ispiro Nap 2,438, 03:19


ultrAsIan Nap 2,438, 03:19


UCH1HA Nap 2,438, 03:23


Nedo bog bana 2 acc
Nedo bog bana 2 acc Nap 2,438, 03:24


DoOmHaMmEr jr Nap 2,438, 03:24

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Blue and Black Jr
Blue and Black Jr Nap 2,438, 03:30

ingilizcene hayran kaldım xd xd xd

DoOmHaMmEr jr
DoOmHaMmEr jr Nap 2,438, 03:36

biraz ağır gramer içerir anlamışsındır umarım xdxd

DoOmHaMmEr jr
DoOmHaMmEr jr Nap 2,439, 15:28

fp verdiler xdxd

Blue and Black Jr
Blue and Black Jr Nap 2,439, 15:56


Machak MKD
Machak MKD Nap 2,438, 03:26


Srebrenica is a part of Republika Srpska, look at the map.

Romy.TR Nap 2,438, 03:30

yep... but can you explain me that, what are they doing in Bosnia, with that nick ?

Machak MKD
Machak MKD Nap 2,438, 03:34

Why, that is illegal?

Romy.TR Nap 2,438, 03:36

if i would try to PTO Serbia with nick "Kosovo Republica" for you this is normal?? none of the serbians say anything to me?
and all my party members would have 0 dmg for serbia... same as that party...

Ankica Lula
Ankica Lula Nap 2,438, 03:39

That guy is IRL citizen of BiH 🙂 dude...chill out... you are the one with eBiH CS and not IRL citizen of BiH 🙂

Machak MKD
Machak MKD Nap 2,438, 03:43

PTO?What are you talking, you don't know for three entities in Bosnia, Serbs,Croats and Muslims?

Romy.TR Nap 2,438, 03:50

check the members of that party....

most of them 0 dmg for Bosnia, millions dmg for Serbia.. and you talk about RL IRL bla bla bla:)

Machak MKD
Machak MKD Nap 2,438, 03:57

You are stupid or what?You don't know for war on Balkan 90?Croats go fight for Croatia, Serbs for Serbia, and Muslims because don't have own country for BiH but in RL they are all live in Bosnia and why you write about this if you don't know anything.

BriZgonja Nap 2,438, 04:00

beganija buraz, nemoj se uvrijedit al'...glup si 🙁

Machak MKD
Machak MKD Nap 2,438, 04:02

BriZgonja sa takvim argumentom na sve što sam ja izneo, stvarno ne znam ko je glup.

BriZgonja Nap 2,438, 04:07

ti 🙁

Machak MKD
Machak MKD Nap 2,438, 04:10

BriZgonja dzabe se tešiš kad je sve očigledno.

BriZgonja Nap 2,438, 04:11

očigledno je da si glup 🙁

Machak MKD
Machak MKD Nap 2,438, 04:21

Ograničen si ko pepeljara s tim ponavljanjem i vidim da si tužan zbog toga.Ali nisi ti kriv što si rođen takav, ne krivim te i ne brini upisaće te u školu za osobe s posebnim potrebama.

BriZgonja Nap 2,438, 04:31

Znam da ti često govore ovo al': glup si 🙁

Porno Majstor
Porno Majstor Nap 2,438, 09:36

The Armenian Genocide is acknowledged to have been one of the first modern genocides. You know about that? 1.5 million people was killed by Turkey.

Baranac1 Nap 2,438, 10:42


That is the map of how BiH is divided IRL and the location of Srebrenica so study it and get into your head that his nickname is not illegal at all! It consists of a town name and region. It's as same as Los Angeles California or Munchen Bavaria etc...

Fessti Nap 2,438, 03:30

Paris too

Look at the map.

Machak MKD
Machak MKD Nap 2,438, 03:35

This answer is stupid like you..

millyi Nap 2,438, 03:30

please don't sham you don't understand
so if you say that what was wrong with Romy's article with the title Serbrenica? it's only a region...

Machak MKD
Machak MKD Nap 2,438, 03:38

What one Italian girl know about Srebrenica, he is not insult anyone with that nick, Srebrenica is city in Republika Srpska.

Now you can go to eat frogs.

Ankica Lula
Ankica Lula Nap 2,438, 03:40

Srebrenica is small town not a region 😃

millyi Nap 2,438, 04:03

i don't know nothing about a town it's places and so on, but i do know about the massacre of bosniaks at Srebrenica

ah and frog legs it's a french plate

Machak MKD
Machak MKD Nap 2,438, 04:06

Yes and we know what are Italians did 1941-1944.

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