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Welcome to Livonia (Estonia)!

Nap 952, 13:25 Megjelenés helye: Estonia Észtország által Sir_Tonis2

Welcome my friends!

We know, that you were surrounded by PHOENIX and had nothing to do and your politics had chosen to have a bit fun. So did we and now we are unofficaly not Estonia, but Livonia. So lets party with new members of Livonia!

Feel free to buy EEKs from MM. Offical rate is 1:50(51) and i belive that you can handle with this. In job market you may not get the best jobs, but you still can live free, because we have quite cheap food.

Your companies need to buy new export licences to Estonia, but that costs only 5 gold. So make this move and enjoy the game!

Do not take part of wars in your motherland (eLatvian ex areas), because you do not have hospitals in there. You need to move to any eEstonian area to fight and use Q5 hospital.

If you want to take contact with eEstonians, then you should come to #e-eesti @Rizon.

Map which shows current situations is here

But now a bit fun from here

Sir_Tonis2, expresident of eEstonia and owner of many companies.


NoNzeNz Nap 952, 13:31

welcome friends, enjoy ur stay, no more corrupt gov.

Bumtease Nap 952, 13:32

You do realize we will need our political parties back some day, right? :3

Muusika Nap 952, 13:34

You are free now!

Muusika Nap 952, 13:35

We, estonians and lithuanians liberated you from evil!

Harri Kangur
Harri Kangur Nap 952, 13:47

Yes, welcome.
Now start learning Estonian, or we will shoot you. You have one week.
Thank you.

Porosus Nap 952, 13:48

Now you shall feel the grace of living under governments NOT run by 14 year olds.

Rene34 Nap 952, 13:51

We liberated you from vulgar barbarians.We saved you from corruption.
No longer you are mindslaved.You are free.Now you are like birds who can fly into to the open sky and fly far and high.

Sir_Tonis2 Nap 952, 13:52

Tavaline lätlane ei ole poliitikute tempudes süüdi. Ärge neid palun kommentaarides maha lööge.

Rene34 Nap 952, 13:56

BTW for you latvians living in eEstonia costs 9 EEK per day.

Mordos Nap 952, 13:59

All true eLatvians and Phoenix members, you are welcome to visit Estonian hospitals!

Marg00ni Nap 952, 14:54

Yes - we have the sexiest nurses in our hospitals 🙂

Milicia Sudamericana
Milicia Sudamericana Nap 952, 22:45

Sorry about this pro-Phoenix Latvians. Hope you understand.

Supinoks Nap 952, 23:41

Isn't it wonderful? 😃

Ricoks Nap 953, 00:27

1. Stop trolling, we had 4 regions under attack while both Estonia and Lithuania had to fight only in 2, so keep your trolling to yourselves.
2. We're not going to learn your language and we will speak Latvian even in the press, start learning Latvian, uneducated occupants.
3. Your nurses are ugly.
4. True Estonians, come to Latvia, because the air in Estonian lands harm you and your thinking abilities (that's why Estonians are "not smart").

rOlixLV Nap 953, 02:03


Capn. Gertrude Firepants
Capn. Gertrude Firepants Nap 953, 06:07

Sir_Tonis2 ..welcome to the badass club:)

Brigadieris Nap 953, 16:37

Sorry, dont need your help.
We had and will have our freedom.


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