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True Story Kitty Facts!

Nap 1,916, 21:12 Megjelenés helye: USA Egyesült Államok által MazzyCat

Kitty here! As most of you know Bia Pandora wrote an article Strangers in the Night and in the article she asked others do as her. Write a bit about who they REALLY are. A few others have followed suit and someone asked me to write one as well. So here we are!

Mazzy Fact Number 1:
I grew up in a small town in Texas, but rather close to Houston. I had the best of both worlds. The actual neighborhood I lived in had 1 entrance/exit over a creek that flooded at least once a year. When the creek flooded and we couldn't get out everyone would just go down to were the water was and just talk. If there was an emergency someone who had a boat would take you across. In my pre-teen to early teen years we walked or bicycled down to the creek to swim. (Cause.. it's Texas and it was HOT.) There was a road side vendor who would always give my friends and me a free sno-cone if we walked down there. 😃 As I grew older we ventured more into the city and the nightlife. I really miss the area I grew up. As in my mind.. there is no place like home.

I think this is actually the right creek!

Mazzy Fact Number 2:
Also being so close to Houston meant being close to the Gulf of Mexico. That is a double edged sword. Going to the beach was no big deal. Spent plenty of time in Galveston. ( I still do actually, but it's a lot farther now!) My love of sea creatures started on Galveston Island. Especially sharks! I remember riding the ferry across the ship channel. On the flip side that also meant hurricanes. When I was a little girl Hurricane Elisha ripped through Texas. Although a category 3 she delivered a dangerous punch. I remember the exact moment she put a tree through the middle of our home. Every last detail. Even smell. To this day I still have a fear of storms. We were okay though! After much work on the house we were able to return to our home.

Mazzy Fact Number 3:
I attended bartending school after graduating high school. I am a certified mixologist! While I never actively worked in the field this makes me pretty much a demanded guest at many parties. I've a stocked bar at home, and as some of you might know I occasionally 'practice' on myself. Of course I love practicing on others and drinks have become truly exciting with ALL the varieties of flavored vodka now available. My personal fave is currently Pinnacle Whipped Vodka, but this is subject to change at any given time.

Crappy pic, but my bar at home. Also - the black blob on the pool table. That would be Faust. My rl cat!

Mazzy Fact Number 4:
2 pictures. One is me, and one is not me. I'll leave you to decide. (Much controversy over this!)

PS! As some of you know I've a few echildren. I'd like to show you a picture of Shoi when I adopted him!



SColbert Nap 1,916, 21:19

Hurrah for Mazzy!

MazzyCat Nap 1,916, 21:20

As promised!

Kooguy Nap 1,916, 21:21

Bottom pic is for sure you

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Nap 1,916, 21:29



stewy Nap 1,916, 21:31

i voted for the booze 😃

Shoi12 Nap 1,916, 21:36

Mommy is awesome :3

MazzyCat Nap 1,916, 22:43

Agent ballerina
Agent ballerina Nap 1,916, 21:43

yay Mazzy!! \o/

Candor Nap 1,916, 21:45

Coolio V

BugsBunnyz Nap 1,916, 21:50

Yay!! 🙂

xy2set Nap 1,916, 21:56

Wait, still in Texas?... ugghhh

/me needs a bartender at his parties

mittekemuis Nap 1,916, 22:36

voted ♥

Morgan LaFaye
Morgan LaFaye Nap 1,917, 04:26


Haselrig Nap 1,917, 04:51

Voted. The second one is you, wait, it's the first one isn't it? No, no, the second one. Definitely the second one.

Tiacha Nap 1,917, 05:18

Mazzy is the bestest. ♥

Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache Nap 1,917, 05:55

You aren't a cat actually? 😮 All my life has been a lie 🙁

Noablule Elubaon
Noablule Elubaon Nap 1,917, 06:12

I spent a week in Galveston once... hurricane relief after Ike.

TheyCallMeBugs Nap 1,917, 07:28

I pick pic #2 as being the one and only Mazzy. What do I get for being right 🙂

Lord Phenome
Lord Phenome Nap 1,917, 08:15

Awesome bar you have there
and i pick picture #2 as Mazzy

Comodoro Carballo
Comodoro Carballo Nap 1,917, 08:31

I just knew n0s3y wouldn't lie, ofc pic #2 is you

Waysted Nap 1,917, 08:52

Mazzy the best.Faust lucky cat!

Oinyo Nap 1,917, 08:59

adorable kitty

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Nap 1,917, 09:05

*uses information to stalk Mazzy*

MazzyCat Nap 1,917, 09:23


TheyCallMeBugs Nap 1,917, 09:41

LOL Original ... what you want to do is sneak up on her then throw her in the water ... she just loves the ice cold water 😃

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Nap 1,917, 09:49

That... is the first time anyone has ever called me "Original." XD And psh... she might be one of those cats that like water. I'm just going to steal from her bar.

ilphen Nap 1,917, 12:02

Hah, dat bar : 3
nice article : D
Also what Kooguy said!

MazzyCat Nap 1,917, 15:44

I'll have to fix you a drink sometime.. since you aren't plotting to steal. 😛

Tiamati Nap 1,917, 13:15


Voted for Faust annexing the felt pool-table.

Kitty Fact #4b: White Kitty is spoiled rotten with all that Marble.

MazzyCat Nap 1,917, 15:43

Kitty loves her marble!

Longbaugh Nap 1,917, 15:59

Hurricane Alicia was in 1972...

MazzyCat Nap 1,917, 16:07

No it wasn't. It was in 1982.

MazzyCat Nap 1,917, 16:08


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Nap 1,917, 18:21

I read this:

"and in the article she asked others do as her. "

and saw "and in the article she asked others do her. "

And I thought you were giving out our secrets.

Love you < 3

MazzyCat Nap 1,917, 18:22

Hozzászólás törölve

MazzyCat Nap 1,917, 18:24

Our secrets are forever secret and hidden... for the ecommunity can not handle such things. ♥

Love you too!

Shoi12 Nap 1,917, 18:26

most of the ecommunity...kukukukukukukuku

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Nap 1,917, 18:22

Hmmm...so much I didn't know.

So much I did know.

And to think I thought I knew Mazzy inside and out!

MazzyCat Nap 1,917, 18:25

I'm sneaky like that.

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Nap 1,917, 18:25

furry kities is soooo cute

MazzyCat Nap 1,917, 18:31

That they are!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Nap 1,917, 18:32

Mazzy has GREAT kitties.

MazzyCat Nap 1,917, 18:34

Why do I feel like we aren't talking about cats anymore....? lol

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Nap 1,917, 18:35

the kitties...they are so fluffy...and luscious...they beg to be pet. *meow*

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Nap 1,917, 18:36

*innocent look*

MazzyCat Nap 1,917, 18:37

Scolbert is going to figure out how he was made if we aren't careful! lmao

ALSO! I hate that you can't reply to a reply. 😛

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Nap 1,917, 18:38

I know dammit. lol

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Nap 1,917, 18:43

So Mazzy is a White Cat... I knew it!

No way you were a black cat!

MazzyCat Nap 1,917, 18:49

Meow ; )

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