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Top 10 things to avoid in Erepublik

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Are you a new player trying to make a name for yourself?
Or maybe you are an old player bored to death and without any goal in e_life?

Worry not! Here is a list containing 10 things to avoid in your Erepublik life.

1. Fighting

Yes, you see well. Avoid fighting if you want a nice gameplay.
I mean, what’s the point of this? You only waste time and make enemies without any real benefit.
And then there’s the money issue: fighting is just way to expensive. Waste of time and money. I rest my case.

2. Working

Unless you’re a raging workaholic, why the hell would you work in a game?
It’s a game, a thing supposed to make you forget about work, and not making you work even more.
So do yourself a favor and just avoid work.

3. Training

Now don’t even get me started on this one, cause my breaks are broken and I’m not gonna stop.
Train in a game? What’s the point? It’s not like you’re gonna grow muscles on your avatar.
So instead of wasting precious time, better go to a real gym and break some real sweat!

4. Politics

Now this is a dirty one.
Unless you’re a real life low life, why would you do politics in a game?
It’s the same mix of lies and backstabbing as the real life one.
So just do us all a favor and Don’t do Politics!

5. Companies

This one is good.
So you thought you could start a company or more from scratch and become a major business tycoon?
Think again! The only thing you’re gonna become is broke and struggling to keep alive.
If one thing is sure in Erepublik, then it’s the fact that the economy is a joke. A very bad one.
Proof is the new housing industry. A real Mega Joke.

6. Rocket factories

So you consider yourself a war hero, a game changer, and you want to make a real difference?
The only difference you’re goona make if you build a rocket company is that you’re gonna accelerate your economic decline, despite it was going pretty fast on its own.

7. Military units

Yep, that’s right. Military units are bad. They are just trying to exploit you, make you work and fight hard in exchange of nothing, just so that some old fart could have his way with some other old fart.
So unless you like being used and abused, run Forest, RUN!

8. Writing

Now maybe this sounds a little strange, but really, what’s the point?
Nobody’s reading anymore, so it’s more like a journal than a newspaper.
Better write something on the walls of a public restroom. It’s gonna have more readers than your lousy Erepublik newspaper.

9. Reading

Now this one is obvious. Reading only makes you dumb and dumber. It’s not like some modern life Shakespeare decided to publish his work of art in Erepublik, so why waste time reading junk?
Reading in Erepublik is just a big waste of time, just like kissing after sex and learning French.

10. Logging in

Don’t tell me you didn’t expect this one. I mean, it’s the most obvious thing to avoid, the one thing that causes all the problems in this game.
Imagine if nobody logged in. Such a wonderful game this would be, a true oasis of peace and freedom.
In fact, if I think good about it, it’s the only thing you need to avoid in Erepublik.
Avoid this and you’re golden!
This article is a pamphlet. You don’t really have to avoid any of the mentioned things in order to enjoy the game... unless you find this article to be pure genius and a true fountain of inspiration. (:
Top 10 things to avoid in Erepublik




BooHigh Nap 2,438, 00:07


DacianI Nap 2,438, 08:20

There is also an eleventh one: Avoid mocking !
Especially a so serious, amazing, challenging game like eRepublik !

CornelB Nap 2,438, 00:11

Logging in is the WORST mistake one could do ...

Everything goes downhill from therre.
Working, Fighting, joining a Military Unit, Politics ...

People even started injecting marijuana 😃

Real Vasi
Real Vasi Nap 2,438, 00:13

Now that's the painful truth. (:

Jurukov Nap 2,438, 00:11


TheImmortalOne Nap 2,438, 00:14

pure genius indeed 😃

don. mitsos
don. mitsos Nap 2,438, 00:14


Didei Nap 2,438, 00:15


The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Nap 2,438, 00:18

Why are you writing? You broke your own rule. And why the hell am i reading this? Now i'm dumber. 😒

Real Vasi
Real Vasi Nap 2,438, 00:20

Now log out to avoid further damage to the brain! (:

SteffanoS Nap 2,438, 00:18


MaRTI KRaL Nap 2,438, 00:19


Driver of ufo
Driver of ufo Nap 2,438, 00:20


Storm7 Nap 2,438, 00:20

I find this article to be pure genius!

Iron Punch
Iron Punch Nap 2,438, 00:23


Sisk Nap 2,438, 00:32

o7 voted

Cosmin Obreja
Cosmin Obreja Nap 2,438, 00:34

True, true! 🙂

belzebut cel crunt
belzebut cel crunt Nap 2,438, 00:38


Andrea1908 Nap 2,438, 00:40

Asd! 😃

Luke Braferd
Luke Braferd Nap 2,438, 00:48

1,2,3, and 10 is impossible to me.. 🙁

VOIDOKOILIAS Nap 2,438, 00:51

so true

Cronoss Nap 2,438, 00:51

Traznete cu tenisuri si fulgere cu buli! Ce cucu meu bucovinean caut aici?!

titziano Nap 2,438, 04:00

bucovinean ?😁:
cuc ....? 🙂🙂
nhea ...nu cred 😁:

The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Nap 2,438, 05:21

Cauti fericirea eterna!

Real Vasi
Real Vasi Nap 2,438, 07:30

Da chiar, unde ti-e invitatia? (:

Sisk Nap 2,438, 08:22

te astept prin elvetia 😁

Jack Lantos
Jack Lantos Nap 2,438, 00:52

Definitely good advice

Ilias the Greek
Ilias the Greek Nap 2,438, 01:05


kabamaroy Nap 2,438, 01:14

βου και σου

Stephan Condurachis
Stephan Condurachis Nap 2,438, 01:20

ce bon

crazy_pirate Nap 2,438, 01:32


Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Nap 2,438, 01:38

absolute truth. signed!

bubustiuc Nap 2,438, 01:42

Esti un dinozaur rau... si un hater. 🙁

Real Vasi
Real Vasi Nap 2,438, 07:28

Esti prea bland. (:

Copacescu Nap 2,438, 03:26

"run Forest, RUN!"

nicut_alexandru Nap 2,438, 04:21

Hozzászólás törölve

nicut_alexandru Nap 2,438, 04:22

I notice they do not allow BB codes in the comments, so instead of a picture, i post ~ True story, bro! ~

StefanDruga Nap 2,438, 05:20

Esti...ESTI....un om care nu stie de ce a fost facut eRepublik-ul!

Real Vasi
Real Vasi Nap 2,438, 07:27

A fost facut ca sa scoata bani. Punct! (:

StefanDruga Nap 2,438, 08:35

Stiu,dar celalalt motiv!

galadrael Nap 2,438, 08:25

i'm happy that 2 of us login: you to write and me to read 🙂 🙂

Real Vasi
Real Vasi Nap 2,438, 08:35


SAM76 Nap 2,438, 08:52

Regula nr 9 : ai uitat sa zidesti usa la intrarea redactiei 😃

Real Vasi
Real Vasi Nap 2,438, 08:59

Redactia are sediul in aer liber. (:

SAM76 Nap 2,438, 09:05

Cheltuie mai putin cu Leana si fa-ti gard, ca ei i-ai facut curte. 😛

Radu Pangaiu
Radu Pangaiu Nap 2,438, 09:25

kissing after sex is GOOD

MrBogdan Nap 2,438, 09:50

11. ZmeuNY 😃

Sizzla Nap 2,438, 11:46


PepaVeg Nap 2,438, 12:04

I want the rocket-cat

Kaad Nap 2,438, 12:11

Learning french is good for you 😃 Ça aide à comprendre pourquoi les français sont si stupide...

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