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Thoughts of an Old, but Unnoticed Player

Nap 1,916, 14:00 Megjelenés helye: USA Svájc által Kishvier

Hello Readers,

I find myself looking back at my past in eRepublik after reading a few articles looking back at the 'old days' of the game, times when the United States Workers Party was at its peak, and the now great Federalist and American Military Parties were at their birth. I've lived through the founding and life of both of the aforementioned parties, and I've seen everything alongside. I've watched the eUS come back from the brink of destruction and seen us dominate our enemies, only to become great allies just a few months later, I fought to wipe Russia and beat Emerick to a seat of congress with the help of George Armstrong Custer, only to become great allies with Russia not a year later.

tl;dr, I've seen a lot in my time here in the eUS.

Throughout all of this, I've never been much of a powerful player. In my few times in congress, my ideas were usually shot down without much afterthought, my economic presence is enough to keep myself afloat with food and nothing more, and my political position at this point is quite low. This being said, I've always aspired to greater things, I've loyally served for my entire elife, and I've filled countless little positions such as Captain of both the 7th and 8th companies of EZCo, been an ambassador to a few small countries, and had a seat in congress on occasion.

tl;dr I'm not a powerful player, by any means.

Now my time in the game of late has been filled with lost election after lost election, as my party lacks the manpower to support me and I just don't seem to deserve the vote. I suppose it's a fault of my own, but once in a great while it would be nice to win. I'm stuck being a political wash-up with a meaningless title of captain, who just presses a button to follow the DO everyday. I stay here because of the handful of friends I've made that give me a laugh every so often, and for some reason I'm still waiting for someone to finally give me that shot in a higher level position, but it's one I doubt I'll see.

tl;dr My eLife hasn't been as awesome as I'd like.

Now enough of this sob story/rantings of a mad-man, the point of this article is don't box out the new players like I was, I had a great deal of help from people like Paul Proteus and George Armstrong Custer, but in the end eAmerica's 'leadership' just brushed me aside time and time again for various reasons, and in the end you've lost the support of another player because 'he didn't have enough experience,' well if you see, I've gotten the experience, I've gone through congress three times, I've been a captain of one of the best MU's in the world for multiple terms (because that's apparently experience), I've served as an ambassador for Switzerland and Germany, as well as going through the Training Corps and entering the eUS army back in the day. I was one of the first dozen members of the AMP when it was founded. I've fought everyday in the name of this country, I've built up the experience that the 'higher ups' told me I needed to become more involved in the government, yet my applications to positions are still denied, I'm still unable to do anything of real value besides food fight away my days, the only reason I continue to is because I'm bored. Don't make new players go through this like I have, try and let them have a shot with you old-folks.

tl;dr: Let the new guys into the operations of the country, don't tell them they don't have enough experience like what I was told.

Now don't see this as a going away letter (I just returned from a break, you can't get rid of me that easily!), I mean I'm going to continue my fight to better the country, but I really don't want the new players to have to go through what I did, it's incredibly disappointing when you've worked for three years for a goal you realize you won't reach, because the 'oldfags' don't see you fit for a position that I'm confident, I'm proficient enough to hold. Let them in the circle, let them get their feet wet, and let them jump in when the time comes.

An oldfag with no name,




Kishvier Nap 1,916, 14:00

Now don't see this as a going away letter (I just returned from a break, you can't get rid of me that easily!), I mean I'm going to continue my fight to better the country, but I really don't want the new players to have to go through what I did, it's incredibly disappointing when you've worked for three years for a goal you realize you won't reach, because the 'oldfags' don't see you fit for a position that I'm confident, I'm proficient enough to hold. Let them in the circle, let them get their feet wet, and let them jump in when the time comes.

Rican Nap 1,916, 14:19

Switzerland loves you Kishy !!!!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Nap 1,916, 14:56

Everyday I hear some politician or another putting citizens down because if they want to have a say they should "do something" and "get involved". I've been saying that people try to get involved every day and are excluded.

Thank you for stepping up and being a beacon for truth in the darkness.

Stolch Nap 1,916, 15:17

The truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Your point is just as valid or invalid and more importantly lays blame in someone else's backyard as the one you criticize.

Truth of the matter is, there is competition and everyone wants to be king of the hill, but there is only 1 hill.....

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Nap 1,916, 15:23

Nah there is bullshit,and then there is truth.

Drew Blood Nap 1,917, 02:49

Hozzászólás törölve

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Nap 1,917, 02:50

SPQR, the Pfeiffer Loyalist etc...keep saying they wish to include everyone, yet time after time it is citizens who keep saying new citizens can not advance without getting involved who refuse to step aside; can't get involved unless the Pfeifferist step down...they continue to hold onto power even though their policies have been total failures....

kuckuck Nap 1,916, 15:00


Animis Nap 1,916, 15:22

v & s


Candor Nap 1,916, 15:27

Yep yep.

I have to repeat what Sadarta or the AFA told me when they endorsed my POTUS candidacy. Thye could have asked for any number of things, powerful positions, alliance changes, recognition, whatever.

That's not to say I would have agreed, but besides the point.

You know what the AFA asked for from their politically neutral candidate?

Sidarta: "I'd only ask that you pick new people for your Cabinet, younger people who haven't been able to step up and lead"

I didn't do that entirely. But I did give entirely nameless people the ability to step in and GROW something, create. From forums, to irc, to organizations, mil structure, economy, and FA orgs (State and Ambassador program).

Old fags act like what they did was some feat of genious no one else would be capable of. But you know what? In one term the entire thing could be duplicated. It just ain't that big a deal. It's a game. Full of equally bright people, some even brighter, than the Beta fags.

But to let anyone else RE create the wheel would be to admit they weren't, really, all that special to begin with. Just gamers in a game given the CHANCE to create.

Give the young guys the same chance to create. They'll do just fine. Better, is my guess, having the Beta mistakes to reflect on.

Animis Nap 1,916, 15:44

What this guy ^^^^^^ said too HI Candor!

wingfield Nap 1,916, 16:17

v + s + fr

SColbert Nap 1,916, 16:31


PeVall Nap 1,916, 16:35

Voted and subbed, lets hope this article brings change

Detroit34 Nap 1,916, 16:39


Nobunaga the Fool
Nobunaga the Fool Nap 1,916, 17:13

Voted & subbed. Very thought provoking.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Nap 1,916, 17:16


Iamnameless Nap 1,916, 17:40

Iamnameless, and I voted.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Nap 1,916, 17:46

Kishy 😕 I love you, we need to talk by the way, but yeah I know the feeling

Tiamati Nap 1,916, 18:35

Wonderfully stated; many like ourselves continue to unite in the hope that the intolerance of the elitists will end their useless persecution of those whom are truly loyal to our eNation while they merely abuse her greatness for their own motivations such as recent "unity" jargon poisons the hearts of younger eAmericans against those old and wise enough among us to refuse their proffered Kool-Aid

Within my mind's there is no longer reason to dither; the toleration of the intolerant is no longer tolerable.

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Nap 1,916, 18:39

Wise word Kish.

I think we need more article like this.

Kishvier Nap 1,916, 18:57

I'm glad you folks agree with me, I was starting to think I was alone in this. All I ask is that we get the newer guys involved, let them try and fail, and then try again. Keep the game alive, keep the community alive.

Andrew Carnagie
Andrew Carnagie Nap 1,916, 20:45


ligtreb Nap 1,916, 21:38

Thanks for sharing Kishvier. You're not alone.

JyM23 Nap 1,917, 23:02

V & S
Agreed. I've been thinking this exact thing. It's not that the elite are bad and yes they are the most qualified (from their own perspective); it's just that they never grow old or go away so they never really give someone different a chance. You basically need to befriend them and jump through their hoops to get anywhere. Through this process you start to think and act like they do until you become them and when you finally make it, nothing has changed.

stylez of roman
stylez of roman Nap 1,917, 23:42

With the truth out a lot can change in the near future. Never get discouraged to speak what is really going on! Well stated! V+S

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Nap 1,917, 03:00

Agreed. I have tried time and time again to become involved. I have asked to be Regimental Captain, told no because I stand against the government, never mind that some Captains are hours behind in changing their regimental DO; in fact was turned down just yesterday for a position in Bomber Wing for the same reason. Once even had a job with the WHPR, but was fired because Henry Pfeiffer Arundel couldn't stand the fact I stood against him; that eye still twitching Henwee?

My point here is that if you are unwilling to drink the 'Pfeiffer Loyalist' koolaide you ain't goin' any where....

some_mascot Nap 1,917, 14:52

V & S

Supernana Nap 1,918, 08:27

Good luck to all the new players 🙂 Perhaps they should create a party to make their voice be heard.

Two cents from an "old" player 🙂

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