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Nap 1,929, 05:59 Megjelenés helye: USA Albánia által Sabri Hakuli

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Me respekt
Sabri Hakuli


Skenerbeuu Nap 1,929, 10:51


Nidza the Great Nap 1,929, 14:56

Hozzászólás törölve

Skenerbeuu Nap 1,929, 16:06

Ruski cigane mislis za Kosova na virtualnoj igri da je srviaa iLi na RL hahahahahahahhaha

Nidza the Great
Nidza the Great Nap 1,930, 00:18

Mislim i Erepublik i Rl ovčaru sa prokletija što ovce siluješ!!!

LioneX aKa MeDzeLi
LioneX aKa MeDzeLi Nap 1,930, 03:00


Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Nap 1,930, 09:24

Kosovo is not Serbia.

Sinan Ks
Sinan Ks Nap 1,930, 09:56


falhofnir Nap 1,930, 14:04

Our government`s biggest mistake ever was to help group of criminals to steal land from its righteous owner.

C E M I C A L Nap 1,930, 15:36

Read more.

falhofnir Nap 1,930, 15:44

I`m sure i read way more then you about that issue. Not just regular CNN and similar bullshit, but deeper into the whole matter.

C E M I C A L Nap 1,930, 16:13

What about Canadian army that it was here and your goverment accept as a state,are they wrong master.

falhofnir Nap 1,931, 02:20

You dont have to call me master, and answer for you that involved Canadian officers, some even ranked very highly like general McKenzie admitted the propaganda which was done against the Serbs is not the truth. Like Markale in Sarajevo, Racak on Kosovo etc

C E M I C A L Nap 1,930, 15:49

I don't think so.I'm an exUCK soldier friend....so you can serve the stories to fallas amercans.

C E M I C A L Nap 1,930, 15:50

And I'm sure they will not belive to serbian propaganda.

falhofnir Nap 1,930, 16:08

Haha explains why you are biased. Sorry i would rather believe statements from third side officials who worked down there then your stories. And AFAIK there is no serbian propaganda, whole propaganda done there was done by your terrorist group, supported by NATO countries and their media. And my fellow americans dont really care is it true or not, it does not affect them much. Only thing which would change their opinions is that they were lead by lies and did not do the right thing to do but instead did totally wrong.

C E M I C A L Nap 1,930, 16:18

Here is the Serbian nation and the father of lie is created:
Dobrica Ćosić"We lie to deceive ourselves, to console others, we lie for mercy, we lie to fight fear, to encourage ourselves, to hide our and somebody else's misery. We lie for love and honesty. We lie because of freedom. Lying is a trait of our patriotism and the proof of our innate intelligence. We lie creatively, imaginatively and inventively." "Deobe"(Divisions) 1961. Volume I, page 135.

I'm talling you fella read more.

falhofnir Nap 1,930, 16:29

So now you are going in demagogy by quoting book which was written under communist government where he was actually getting points in writing something like that. Also you are quoting a book written by a writer, not a nation statement. Not to mention that Dobrica Cosis is nowhere near a father of Serbian nation. If he was Serb nationalist he would finish on Goli Otok like all nationalists did. Instead he was a member of communist party. Even after the communism period he was against the Serb nationalists among the government.

I`m a historian, focused on Balkan region, you cant really try to persuade me in anything without much stronger arguments on your side. Which so far I have not found in my researches.

Now after your nice digression lets see one thing, why was your "army" labeled as terrorist group for long time before the war started by USA&EU officials? Even Interpol themselves? Lets talk some facts instead of spewing bs.

GladiatoriKS Nap 1,931, 12:02

Falhofnir - No one can change history and historical facts, but historians. So, I guess, you're not biased at all 😉. Try reading other history books but those from century-long serbian propaganda. I recommend you "Kosovo - a short history" 😉
Oh, and regarding UCK (KLA) being labelled "terrorist group". Well... First, wake up. Then, pour yourself some fresh coffee. Turn off the 1997 serbophilic TV channels, and turn on the REALITY.
Regarding Dobrica Cosic - and the fact that you have no idea how highly regarded amongst the ranks of the serbian ultra-nationalist ideologies he was, shows how much of "Balkan history" you know.

Take home message: You might reconsider your ambitions in studying history. Better late than never...!!!

Oh, and by the way, I'm not an ex-UCK soldier, nor a historian. I'm just an current scholar who had the misfortune of living in that Dark Age of serbian dehumanizing and demonizing ruling in our lands, and had to live seeing children of my age being massacred, and going to bed praying to God I will wake up to live another day. But yeah, I guess you know how that is - because, well, you're a historian 😉

falhofnir Nap 1,931, 12:29

Ah i see, evil Serbians wrote Enciclopedia Britannica etc. Get real...

With reality check, KLA is terrorist group. Labeled like that by CIA, Interpol, White House officials etc. I can see Dobrica Cosic and his ideology on all Serbian national sites, his ideas everywhere. Oh wait i cant? Funny if we take your words for granted? Obviously they do not have much touch with reality.

I am really sorry for your tough childhood, it was not your mistake and you did not deserve it for sure, not a single kid in this world deserved something like that. But why do not you have the same empathy for other non Albanians living on Kosovo? Almost every day we have attacks on non Albanian kids and I do not see any of your officials comment on that or do any single action to stop that. And war is over for more then 10 years.

GladiatoriKS Nap 1,931, 16:15

falhofnir - What Encyclopedia Britannica? Source? Oh wait, I have it: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/322726/Kosovo/296728/Local-government?anchor=ref1090294

If you have trouble understanding in English (you're having me believe you do), I can translate it in Servian for you.

And regarding the "non-Albanian" children that are being attacked in Kosovo. When is the last time you heard a non-servian brain-washing news channel? When is the last time (if ANY) you were in Kosovo? I'm sorry to burst your bubble but you are being badly misled, and living in a pathetic denial.
As my friends from meme-center would (fittingly) say: Sources of your crap or GTFO...!!!

falhofnir Nap 1,930, 17:19

So you are quoting Haague list for warcrimes, even their ex judges admitted that that court is political court instead of justice court. Please get serious... As i already mentioned an example of Haradinaj`s case. 15-20 Albanian/Kosovo`s witnesses of his war crimes either died or got missing during the trial. 15-20 people dead for that, dont you think its a bit too much for a coincidence ? and he got freed, while Haague holds Vojislav Seselj for over 10 years in prison and yet they cant find him guilty for verbal delict ? 😃

falhofnir Nap 1,930, 17:22

And none of this people here is even involved in Kosovo war ? Why mention that ? You will not build credibility by quoting irrelevant stuff...

C E M I C A L Nap 1,930, 16:56

Do you want more :

Suva Reka massacre — 48 Albanian civilians killed, among them many children.[2]
Operation Račak — 45 Albanians were murdered by a Serbian Anti-Terrorism Unit. The subject is controversial, with some Serbs claiming either that those killed were actually Albanian militants who were later moved to give the appearance of a massacre, or that there was no massacre at all.[69]
Podujevo massacre – 19 Albanian civilians were killed, including women, children and the elderly.[70]
Massacre at Velika Kruša — According to the ICTY, Serbian Special Anti-Terrorist Units murdered 42 persons.[71] There were also allegations of mass raped.[72]
Izbica massacre — Serbian forces killed about 146 Albanian civilians.[73][74]
Drenica massacre — there were 29 identified corpses discovered in a mass-grave, committed by Serbian law enforcement.[75]
Gornje Obrinje massacre – 18 corpses were found,[76] but more people were slaughtered.[77]
Ćuška massacre — 41 known victims.[78]
Bela Crkva massacre — 62 known fatalities[79]
Meja massacre – at least 300 persons were killed by Serbian police and paramilitary forces.[80]
Orahovac massacre — Estimates range from 50 to more than 200 ethnic Albanians killed[81]
Dubrava Prison massacre — Prison guards killed more than 70 Albanian prisoners in Dubrava Prison.[82]
Poklek massacre – 17 April 1999 – at least 47 people were forced into one room and systematically gunned down. The precise number of dead is unknown, although it is certain that 23 children under the age of fifteen were killed in the massacre.[83]
Vučitrn massacre – More than 100 Kosovo refugees were killed by Serbian Police.[84]

C E M I C A L Nap 1,930, 16:58

I'm talling you fella read more.

falhofnir Nap 1,930, 17:15

When i asked for facts i did not ask for victims list. There is plenty of victims among the Serb civilians also. By spamming quotes of dead/missing and refugees we will not be able to get the real picture. War crimes are awful thing and everyone involved should be prosecuted. And that means people from both sides.

But in such cases we can find funny things like the one that all Albanian/Kosovo`s witnesses for war crimes of Haradinaj went missing or got killed during the court process. 15-20 people dead for that, dont you think its a bit too much for a coincidence ?

The difference is that Serbian civilians are getting killed on Kosovo even nowadays when there is no war and there is "some kind of government". They live in ghettos and they are in constant fear for their lives. Why dont you mention "yellow house" where Serbian civilians got kidnapped to and where their organs were taken out and sold on black market if you are going in that kind of "facts" ? Why dont you mention hundreds of Serbian churches burned down and attacked.

Since the war finished there were 1015 attacks on Serbian civilians down there, 25 monasteries attacked, 197 Serbian graveyards, 135 Serbian houses stoned, 48 houses were set on fire, 106 was robbed etc. Even "Visoki Decani", monastery built in 1327 was attacked so hard that KFOR had to defend it or it would be destroyed. Is that the way of your "country and its army" operates?

I do not want to go into "numbers war" as I said as it will be just spamming from both sides. We are discussing justice or better to say - the lack of the same in the whole issue.

falhofnir Nap 1,930, 17:36

My main question is "the right" to steal the land from the original owned. The same owner who let over millions of Albanian people to come and live there after Enver Hodza made Albania bad place to live.

What is going to be excuse for FYROM, we can see the same problems and strategy done there?

What is our excuse to support the terrorist organisation which was funded by Albanian narco cartels for years before they managed to get NATO on their side to help them steal that land.

What is our excuse to support Al Qaeda who was operating on Kosovo against the Serbs also. What is our excuse to support the government which is labeled as organized crime, trafficking and drug smuggling.

Excuse is interest of course, but sometimes I cant find a justification for such unmoral causes like the one in question.

Now pardon me, but i have to go out and finish some obligations, I am more then willing to reply you later but please lets focus on basics and real issues in the whole process. Have a nice day!

GladiatoriKS Nap 1,931, 12:04

Falhofnir - Give us the list. I really want to see that list. Just go home, you're drunk...!!!

falhofnir Nap 1,931, 12:30

Use the google, you are capable of that i guess?

C E M I C A L Nap 1,931, 00:31

Hozzászólás törölve

falhofnir Nap 1,931, 03:43

So you are negating that Kosovo is part of Serbia for almost thousand years? Also you are negating that TITO let over millions Albanians to settle down on Kosovo when they fled from Enver Hodza`s regime?

Also its interesting that you went on with insults, I can understand that you fail to put a single real argument, but raging about it is not good for your health.

You are not independent, you are not part of UN etc. Yes USA is your ally and thanks to NATO you stole that land. Without NATO help you would not stand a promile of chance to do it. Albanians and Kosovo army are on the same level like forever in past - joke level. The question is what will happen once when NATO leaves Kosovo and leaves you on your own? Who will stop righteous owner on taking back their land from your terrorist group?

C E M I C A L Nap 1,931, 03:59

Again you like your serbian friends are dreaming.Nato will never fail and don't worry we albanians are stronger then ever,we will care about our self.
FYI we will be very soon a part of UN maybe the end of this year.
Come if you can and see our great nation development,do not feed with serbian propaganda.
Only Serbian woman are good I agree with you totally.

falhofnir Nap 1,931, 04:08

I`m not saying that NATO will fail. We will just move on after our interests. And you cant be sure for how long your terrorist group will have our support. And what happens after that ? Albanian/Kosovo army will fight off Serbia/Macedonia? Just a thought about it makes me laugh.

Thanks for invite but i prefer caribbean for my holidays. Also not sure how would you know that Serbian woman are good when only option for your terrorist group to get in touch with them was by raping them, which was not rare thing on Kosovo.

One more funny thing is that you blame Serbians for everything yet you murder and torture not just them but all non Albanian civilians. What did they do wrong beside not being Albanian? Or that is justifying reason for torture?

C E M I C A L Nap 1,931, 05:02

Nato mamber can't be touched by,Albania is a member and we Kosova are just not signed in letter,and If you don't know Camp Bondsteel will never leave for their strategic interests,by the way we are winners.
About serbian women we have a lots of serving us at night clench if the master downstairs say so.

Hail Albania
Hail US

falhofnir Nap 1,931, 05:17

I am sure that you are winning a lots of sympathy of american citizens by your comments. I would be ashamed to even think to say something like that, let alone say it in "public". But I guess its cant be different when you live in a 3rd world country run by terrorists group.

Bondsteel was of course our main interest in Kosovo, also some resources but mainly geopolitical position. But as I said our interest change over time and sooner or late Kosovo is going to be left on their own. Which means going back to Serbia.

You are the winners for sure, but its funny your credit for that victory is next to none. We did it all (NATO).

C E M I C A L Nap 1,931, 05:56

Kosova wil go to Albania soon that's so true,by entry of EU we will go together as a nation so who cares,By saying in public HAIL USA,not just in public but even in Belegrade I do couse they diserve.

Hail Albania
Hail US
Hail Canada

falhofnir Nap 1,931, 06:26

No offence but ROFL at the though that EU might take you in. Hail Albania/Usa/Canada for sure, I never questioned that. My whole point was aimed at Kosovo itself and the way we supported the wrong cause.

C E M I C A L Nap 1,931, 06:40

Not at all,you did a right thing.We just got from terrible war,things will go on the right place,serbians that did'nt commited crimes can come back,and everything goes perfect.

falhofnir Nap 1,931, 07:00

Why would anyone non Albanian come back when they see crimes being done on daily basis to all non Albanian people who remained there?

C E M I C A L Nap 1,931, 08:30

Ok they can choose their future.

falhofnir Nap 1,931, 12:47

What kind of choice it is, if they come back they dont know what tomorrow will bring? Will they survive another day or them and their families, children will be tortured, killed etc ?

C E M I C A L Nap 1,931, 06:52

Almost forget it, thank you for saying Hail US in public.

falhofnir Nap 1,931, 07:01

I`m US citizen of course i will Hail my country lol

C E M I C A L Nap 1,931, 08:38

I hope in a short future you'll see the truth,and in future I strongly recomand to not insult the Albanians with word "terrorist"eye to eye becouse you'll be gifted somehow.

GladiatoriKS Nap 1,931, 12:06

Falhofnir - Even a blind person, living in a dark room, at night, and with no moon around, can see that you're a servian...!!!
Nice try. Try again

falhofnir Nap 1,931, 12:44

@Albteflondon - I hope that the whole world will see the truth as soon as possible. I do not insult Albanians with word terrorist, KLA are terrorist not whole Albanian nation. And for that "gift" - if i was scared of mice i would carry a cat around.

@GladiatorKS - Servian? Not sure if this is try of insulting due to your lack of arguments but if I was Serb i would be servian as much as you are. As "Servians" owned Albania also. Now you can go and deny Catholic Encylopedia, its probably written by those evil Serbs 😃

Also term servs which you try to use in insultive way was used for people who got "imported" by Roman empire through Montenegro, while Serbs, Croats etc were Slavs who migrated in from the east. I understand that you were not able to attend school due to the war, but at least do not make yourself look stupid in public...

C E M I C A L Nap 1,931, 12:55

When you do so for KLA you are insulting whole albanians,about gift don't go so far even in US you will be gifted,you can insult behind bars.
As I see you hate albanians so we don't wanna comment anymore,the truth is we are winners we will always be,we are pure as gold.
Over and Out.

GladiatoriKS Nap 1,931, 16:05

Falhofnir - Ooops, sorry, did it hurt. Show me where is it hurting you? I might be a doctor. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you, I'm actually a Biomedical Engineer (with a PhD). Oh wait, how could it be? I had a rough childhood, and we had no schools. News flash. We did/do/will have one of the smartest youth in the world (and by far THE smartest in Balkans). So, don't worry, just like you can't affect MJ by telling him he can't shoot balls, your sarcastic insults doesn't affect us either.
On the other hand, your reaction to "servianism". Well....

C E M I C A L Nap 1,931, 12:08

Po e kom dite po me ja bo bajat.

falhofnir Nap 1,931, 12:45

No hablo Albanes...

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