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New Defense Shield protection AFTER Epic Warfare contest

Nap 2,129, 00:43 Megjelenés helye: Netherlands Egyesült Államok által Yfke van de Zand

I thought of doing a quick data dig and compile a ranking of countries according to their available defense shield protection, considering the new shield strength that many countries got after the last tournament (Epic Warfare)

So here they are (in millions)

20.000 Ireland, Saudi Arabia
18.810 Pakistan
16.000 Netherlands, Japan, Denmark
14.172 Moldova
14.141 Germany
13.947 United Kingdom
13.301 Latvia
13.290 Thailand
12.000 Singapore
10.000 Switzerland, Norway
9.245 China (People's Republic)
9.184 Greece
9.000 Czech Republic
8.134 Slovenia, Finland
8.000 North Korea, Cyprus
7.654 Portugal
7.506 Turkey
7.190 Estonia
7.074 Poland
7.000 Egypt
6.450 Croatia
6.085 USA
6.000 Paraguay, New Zealand, Montenegro, Malaysia
5.666 Belarus
5.000 India, United Arab Emirates
4.750 Israel
4.267 Slovakia
4.233 Lithuania
4.030 Serbia
4.000 South Africa, Russia, Macedonia (FYROM), Canada, Bulgaria, Brazil, Belgium
3.847 Spain
3.814 Mexico
3.686 Indonesia
3.643 Sweden
3.503 Chile
3.457 China (Taiwan)
3.266 Iran
3.157 Hungary
3.000 Philippines, France, Austria, Australia
2.593 Albania
2.920 Italy
2.459 Venezuela
2.086 Peru
2.240 Uruguay
2.000 South Korea, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina
1.227 Colombia
1.160 Argentina
1.000 Bolivia

It will be interesting to observe the dynamics next days. Extra energy replenishment lasts 5 more days, extra energy centers 2-6 more days.

I predict that countries with hostile small neighbors might well start some worn-off war to reduce the shield protection of these neighbors, even if they can't win some serious war there. However, some of them are out of the map and can't be "worn off".



odan Nap 2,129, 01:34

if only we had a use for the shield 😛

djirtsdew Nap 2,129, 02:21

We do, after the next 48 events where we build up our shield, there will come a great day where we liberate one region. And that will be protected by an epic shield. 🙂

odan Nap 2,129, 02:36

so in 8 years we will finally have a region? 😛 good to know 😉

djirtsdew Nap 2,129, 04:53

Indeed. The new strategy is to lie low for 8 years, only work on strength, wait until the Polish players quit from boredom, and only fight in events to build up our shield. 😛

It's an absolutely fool-proof plan 🙂 There is one slight issue. Our own players might also quit from boredom... So they should be very well aware we've got a brilliant plan for our liberation, and that we're on a perfect course to do so.

And in 8 years time, we'll have acquired so much strength, especially in the lower divisions, that we're an unbeatable force anyway. I don't see how the Polish could win a single round in division one if we turn up with 100 players with 100k strength. And similarly in division 2. 😉

Driekske Nap 2,129, 02:21

Does it last until it is used?

djirtsdew Nap 2,129, 02:25

Shields last forever, unless a region a country owns is attacked.
In that case, part of the shield is used up defending the region.
If the country has one region, the whole shield can be used up.
If there are several regions, only half (for 2), a third (for 3) etc. of the shield is used. Just as if the shield is spread out evenly over all regions.

A spread out shield effectively is weaker. So the shield is to the advantage of small nations. 🙂

djirtsdew Nap 2,129, 02:26

Great work Yfke!

Walhallah Nap 2,129, 03:29

Bropact ftw

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