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Nap 1,850, 04:56 Megjelenés helye: Bosnia and Herzegovina Horvátország által mdjole

High officer of EDEN HQ, specifically aSC Nenya, has told a few nonsences in this mini interview :

1. First, she tells that the biggest problem in EDEN alliance is a indifference of country presidents, which has consequences on the EDEN HQ.

How is even possible that CPs are indifferent for a few months already, which indicates that they do not want to ensure congreses for their countries? As an example, I’m giving You a fact while I was CP of BiH in May of this year. During period before congres elections, I was very active, with our government members, in seek for a help from members of EDEN HQ. It is important to notify, that eBiH in that time was just a proEDEN country, not even the trial member. I sent ingame messages, I have chatted for a long time and none of EDEN HQ members have gave me an answer regarding my requests. Although, the answer came on the day of elections, a it went something like this: “There are EDEN members who are also fighting for congress, and they are our top priority.” Ok, I understood that. During thath period, Nenya was also in the EDEN HQ. Now I’ll be going back to the recent history, to the October during which eBiH was also without free regions and fought for congress. The main difference was that this time eBiH was a full EDEN member, and during that month top priority of EDEN for a was a eColumbia for a long time. How it is possible to state that in the same position as eBiH in May suddenly have an advatage over a full member of EDEN?

2. When asked about leaving eIreland from EDEN, responds: “Mice first, leaving the ship, right?”

I have to say that calling loyal members of alliance (which You are representing) is nothing but outrage. Why should she insult them like that? Irish players are highly respected by their allies and eIreland has provided help for their allies many times. Issues between eIreland and EDEN started in period in which the same occurred between eBulgaria and eTurkey. During that period EDEN itself broke its own statute and Nenya was part of EDEN HQ then and even then it seemed clear which way EDEN was going – to its end.

3. When asked what kind of activity in EDEN and is satisfied with the HQ, she said: "Activity of each country and their commitment to the alliance depends mainly on the elections for the CP." , "Is HQ could do more? How? I'd love to finally all troll who does not want to accept any job, definitive answers to this question. None of us can enter to the acc of CP, put CoD, give orders units in these countries. We can only appeal and appeal and appeal.”

Does it with this she means that it is questionable loyalty to the alliance, if so much depends on the CP election, I do not understand. But again, I will give a concrete example, that not everything is on the backs of the HQ and that CP do nothing. In October, I was MoFA eBiH, therefore a member of the Government and as such, I took part in asking for help in our RW. We were all organized, allies decided to send all their forces to help us that day because they were all free, they had no their important battle, and then comes Nenya as HQ member, and she was herself stated that she participates in almost all important in HQ, and commanded to my CP that is not going to RW that day, but rather next day, and we will have much stronger help of EDEN. Do I have to mention that from the help was not nothing?! Because the next day, all those who would have helped, had their important battles, and promised help from EDEN, and I talking about the 100's call for help eBiH on the military channels of EDEN, there was no word. As for the second part of this, it turns out that nobody respects the orders set by EDEN. It is not true. For months, members of command my MU every day set DO, new priorities set by HQ of EDEN. And for example today that active HQ EDEN has not done update priority, therefore it is not known which we should help. And these are the CP's wrong too?

4. When asked if EDEN threatening to collapse, the answer is this: "Yes, Eden threatens to collapse."

Good Morning Columbus. Of course, that he was facing unraveling. Because HQ tossed the ball to the CP's, CP's to HQ, and we lose all the battles squads and there are no indications that it will be different in the near future.

5. When asked what the role of HQ in the mechanism of EDEN, the answer is: "EDEN HQ has an executive role. Summit CP's is the one who creates policy of alliances, HQ is executed it. If you have a disagreement on the level of creation, HQ can not do almost anything except swim between the two sides and presents evidence and the conclusions of the summit that ultimately has to make a decision. But as I have already noted the problem is right there. Summit refuses to take responsibility and insisted that leaves HQ wrestles with tons of unresolved business. "

It is not untrue that the summit is inactive, but it is not true that HQ has only executive role. HQ is far more than that. There is enough examples that may indicate where shows that the HQ is above the CP's, and that shows how perky HQ. If any CP, disagree with members of HQ, HQ act like that these CPs are trolls, like they retarded, as CPs want them removed from the position in HQ. Members HQ in those moments act extremely irresponsible and do not pay attention to that what CP's say. How CP's can take responsibility for the actions of HQ? How can one CP explain to his players that he was responsible, that his country has no Congress, because HQ did not want to pass his request, the priority for the day?




Pary Magnificent
Pary Magnificent Nap 1,850, 05:13

Potatoes first gone to waste

BNK RIMTUTITUKI Nap 1,850, 05:13

When we talk about "ally eIreland" pls take in considuration this post :

I was ICA memeber and I had high opinion about eIreland .
After this, YES ! "Mice first, leaving the ship"

No back, only Forward !

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Nap 1,850, 05:55

SEXONAC to mos zahvaliti ovom trollu u prvom komentaru. Svaki eBosanac zna da je ICA i Irska uvijek bila tu kad je trebalo, ako zelite dopustiti ovakvima gore da narusavaju tak nes onda se nemoj cuditi ak ti se odgovori.

To sto ovaj govori je najveca uvreda za Irca koju mozes dati, aludira se na izgladnjivanje Iraca od strane Britanac u kojem je umrlo 4 milijuna Iraca ;😉)

BNK RIMTUTITUKI Nap 1,850, 06:50

ma da, nama je aplauz nož žica srebrenica...

Također i konstatacija da smo država koje nema...

HVALA irČe što si nam oči otvorio


Tomislav Diablo
Tomislav Diablo Nap 1,850, 07:08

best zomg je Hrvat-škutor iz Hercegovine. Verujem da je kao i svi škutori samo pod krinkom varta avatara želeo prikazati fašističku Varta tvorevinu u što lošijem svetlu pred svetom... : )

Živili škutori! Sloboda Hercegovini!

I za kraj da citiram drugog hrvatskog kolegu, ambasadora Hrvatske Republike Herceg-Bosne u Irskoj The Psych0a:

"irony is when u live in country that doesn't actually exist ;__;"


Nedo bog bana 2 acc
Nedo bog bana 2 acc Nap 1,850, 07:32

neka te tomo bas nam falio ovim comentima,da nisi nedaj boze imo zdravstvenih problema ? 😃
o7 djole istina...jebu nas ko budale koji EDEN? 😃

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Nap 1,850, 07:48

SEXONAC, ja samo uvredama vracam na uvrede ;😉)

Ahileuss Nap 1,850, 09:04

potpis, fail eden hq!

A State 0f Trance
A State 0f Trance Nap 1,850, 09:44

Smells like illuminati conspiracy!

Ezio Auditore da Bosona
Ezio Auditore da Bosona Nap 1,850, 09:45

Eden failes, not Ireland ! Why should someone give their asses for damn alliance, when all that alliance can do in count-favor is bragging and shiting

Dio Wolf
Dio Wolf Nap 1,850, 09:51

What did EDEN HQ about Turkish backstabbing to Iran and Israel?

ofc nothing!

EDEN = High damage countries can do whatever they want

Don Milli
Don Milli Nap 1,850, 09:55

Jaooo koja sikeracija zbog igrice...
Ima ona stara poslovica :
Ne mogu Vam dati recept za uspjeh, ali Vam mogu reći formulu za neuspjeh:

I idemo dalje : )
Nema nazad!
Samo naprijed!

b u c a
b u c a Nap 1,850, 10:24

true story

radovlje Nap 1,850, 10:26

this is bullshit.EDEN HQ will change but members never.Long live brotherhood.

Shouldnt be like this??

we are doing opposite things,shame on all of us.

@psycho ti si čorav ako ne želi vidjeti,gluh ako ne želiš ćuti i glup ako ne želiš shvatiti.Komentari za genocid su ti primitivni jer dokazuješ da si životinja koja nema ni razuma ni osječanja.Kakav to čovjek može ubiti svog brata čovjeka?Takav kao ti jer gubiš humanistički osječaj.Sreća pa nisu svi kao ti.

PretenderHT Nap 1,850, 10:37

Ireland is a great ally! One of the best, with no fear and always willing to support, i can testify this.

Shameful words from Nenya regarding them...

I have to agree with many things in this article and i can also say that the portuguese national army, always had their orders set according to EDEN prios, even when facing constant wipe, and facing the multiple national citizens complaints about always being wiped and still fighting for others.
So the true is that may MUs are following the

PretenderHT Nap 1,850, 10:39

orders, but maybe the most influent and powerfull don't, we can see it many times in battle.
Sometimes EDENs top priority has the bars around 40% or less, it is not hard to figure why...

Mete Arhan
Mete Arhan Nap 1,850, 10:47

Turkish pls

Hollmes Nap 1,850, 11:04

You will understand one day the fact that EDEN was collapsed many time ago

Leeooam Nap 1,850, 11:10


El Senso
El Senso Nap 1,850, 11:30

fail Eden fail Damagehood
remember Turkey traitorous acts about their alliances like Iran, Greece, Israel
Eden is turkey puppet they don't care about any country
they do whatever Turkey wants and whatever Turkey says
fail Eden...fail Turkey

Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis
Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis Nap 1,850, 11:38

Eden has F%$ked up.

Unfortunately, HQ had grown into a group of extreme arrogance, and lost the plot where the member states are concerned.

Twice they looked away in MAJOR situations.
1) The sellout of Bulgaria
2) The turkish unprovoked and unannounced attack on (full member) Israel and (trial member) Iran

After these two incidents, it was obvious that EDEN was no longer a BROTHERHOOD
It is a few friends trying to play dictator-god.


Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis
Kapetan Markos Vafeiadis Nap 1,850, 11:44

I am not attacking against Turkey. They have PROVED that they are great allies (to some of course, and to others NOT).
EDEN needed to take action is such situations, KEEPING IN MIND that they talk to a group of BROTHERS. Not naughty children.

Their arrogance, prevented them to act in such a manner, and now, we are back in square 1, where EVERYONE either wants out, or is looking after themselves first.


FreeGigi Nap 1,850, 11:58

nenya does what she knows best blame game 🙂

But sadly she aint the best at this (sad but true)

Ante Tony
Ante Tony Nap 1,850, 12:01

Eden needs to go back to old school tactics. They need to stick to there word .

They also need to support all Eden member countries ... all countries need to be treated with high priority.
Punishment and breaches of law should be harshly dealt with and swiftly. All member counties have given an oath... and if the leaders can't handle it anymore.. they need to step aside.

New blood needs to be inserted in our leadership ...Change or step aside.

The people want CHANGE... NOW

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Nap 1,850, 12:21

"Mice first, leaving the ship, right?"

Bloody neck on her to say this, the amount we did to help EDEN over the years and to turn around and say this.

Tbh if EDEN had any kop on they would have been releasing articles in Ireland (like I said they should do) to say why they wanted us to stay but they didn't release anything.

They are a joke, look at Turkey. They let Turkey do what they want just because of damage they do, well they are causing damage but its on their own allies in EDEN.

ZmajOdPosavine Nap 1,850, 12:43


Nightwolf123 Nap 1,850, 12:52

fail and vote

Aquilamk Nap 1,850, 12:56


Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Nap 1,850, 12:56

Pa nisam ja holokaust spominjao xD

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Nap 1,850, 13:03

This proves we were right to leave this so-called alliance if that's the pig-ignorant attitude the people at the top have. I'd advise any of the members left to consider their position seriously. Why be part of an alliance that isn't going to support it's members?

Wildrunner Nap 1,850, 13:13

why does it take you to be beaten really bad on the battlefields to notice how rotten from the inside EDEN is? Where were you some months ago when our people were fighting an epic battle with the same people from the never changing HQ in an attempt to save this union?

Regele DECEBAL Nap 1,850, 13:14

Hardly voted!


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Nap 1,850, 13:24

It's usually rats that leave a sinking ship. Not mice.

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Nap 1,850, 13:30

No self respecting nation would take orders from a HQ that acts and thinks like this.

Wallachian Nap 1,850, 13:35

why would anybody care what nenya has to say about anything

Tjutg Simzb
Tjutg Simzb Nap 1,850, 13:36

Guys stop blaming Turkey because of your butthurts please, we didn't begged EDEN to join, both EDEN and Terra jumped on us while our conflicts with ONE is on its climax. Nearlly all the EDEN and Terra countries sent MPP's in the first night we considered changing sides, so just shut up.

CaMoMuHaBaM Nap 1,850, 13:37

@El Senso Day 1,850, 11:30

fail Eden fail Damagehood
remember Turkey traitorous acts about their alliances like Iran, Greece, Israel
Eden is turkey puppet they don't care about any country
they do whatever Turkey wants and whatever Turkey says
fail Eden...fail Turkey

We told you, " Don't trust Turkey" but no one wants to listen............
Now face the consequences.....
Fail EDEN HQ morons

Taekov Nap 1,850, 13:43

I need nachos for the beer...

dark.templar Nap 1,850, 13:45

We will come for all of you, one by one. Romania was the first to pay, Greece and turkey are the next to fall!

Sad story, I really thought we had a bond with EDEN, gues it was more of a damagehood..

K.Fitzpatrick Nap 1,850, 13:45

with all due respect , EDEN is around for ages now and yes, it may seem that we are all allied, but EDEN has lasted so long , a collapse is inevitable , we should just prepare for it by binding all our countries closer together.

And maybe a military command council consisting of all member states that actually co-ordinates attacks would be useful! ..

VelikGogov Nap 1,850, 14:08

I need nachos for the beer...

Dio Wolf
Dio Wolf Nap 1,850, 14:28

@Tjutg: That's not the point, it's about the backstabb to Iran and Israel instead of helping Ukraine. That EDEN did want you isn't a secret, that's why Bulgaria left, I can understand them. For Albanians and Argies you're a good ally, that's true. But to some of so-called allies of course not. Without any honor.

Emir Ribic
Emir Ribic Nap 1,850, 14:54

pogledaj sta Nenya kaze za Brazil i sve ce ti se samo rec , odgovori na sva pitanja ...nije lako biti u EDEN HQ vjeruj mi hehee i jos nesto , de shvati sta je htjela rec u prvom pitanju i kazat ce ti se ostalo sto nije..hq ima moc koliku clanice i predsjednici zele da ima, izuzetni su ljudi kao Shoot ili Lavanche ili Lilla_T koji su se na neki nacin nametnuli pa je njihova rijec svugdje bila "Zakon" ali ni to nije potrajalo zbog ego CP-a(Cerber)...CP su kljuc, been there done that

Fanaxidiel Nap 1,850, 17:02

I remember that when a building is falling, rats maybe leave it, but jackals enter it to steal all they can.
I quote this article and every single word of the comment of Pretender HT.

Eden HQ, anyway, is not just Nenya. And Eden alliance is not just Nenya.

I hope this long hard period will be teaching us to choose people that really know what friendship and brotherhood mean.

Tjutg Simzb
Tjutg Simzb Nap 1,850, 21:55

Elagabalos, first learn some history, Bulgaria left EDEN just because they put their interest over alliance's, Turkey did nothing wrong in trial period.

We signed a training-war treaty with Israel and pay money for their loss. While they are not blaming Turkey for anything, who cares what others think? We are cool with them.

Iran is not EDEN and we don't like them. But we are not that selfish and let them to come closer to EDEN if and only if they give us a path to Arabia and we got.

mdjole Nap 1,851, 00:13

Ribicu, mislim da ne igras u posljednje vrijeme toliko aktivno da bi znao o cemu se radi... ja sam uzeo stvari u kojima je rekla besmislice i to pise u prvoj recenici... ne mogu da vjerujem da CP, bar nasi, ne zele da se bore za kongres, a znam da se svaki borio, odreda, da imamo kongres, a to znaci i da se kontaktiralo sa HQ EDEN-a... i ovaj primjer sto sam naveo kad je dosla i rekla mobsteru da se ide na RW kad ona kaze, pokazuje koliko zapravu ima moc... i koliko je to bio fail...

Emir Ribic
Emir Ribic Nap 1,851, 02:08

pa ima moc na onim koji je prihvataju..a bore se CP-i za kongres (kao i uvijek) al za SVOJ kongres,ti za svoj,ja za svoj, rumunj za svoj itd tu je sva srz problema, sto se rumunj ne bori za nas kongres.Nema zajednickog cilja,ganja se vlastiti interes i slabo sta ti tu mozes kod uticajnih drzava,nema ona pristup acc-u CP-a da postavlja DO,ako oni nece da suradjuju ne mozes ti tu nista.izbacit ih iz saveza?ja sam za al nismo u poziciji za to.Vidis koliko Rumnji uvazavaju sta im se kaze oko Brazila

Emir Ribic
Emir Ribic Nap 1,851, 02:11

glavno u HQ ti je nac balans prvo izmedju interesa svih velikih, onda izmedju velikih i malih.Prije se to lako moglo jer nije bilo ratova svaki dan,pa das pola mjeseca poljake prioritet,drugo pola rumune/grke/hrvate/usa/spance il ko vec napravi dobar plan,umedjuvremenu radis ATO u BIH,Svicarskoj,oslobodis u RW(koji su laksi tad bili) Finsku koja se vazda zrtvuje i miran EDEN. Ali sad su bitke svaki dan,skoro pa nema stajanja dok se neko ne obrise i onda ego pocinje da radi,borba za vlastiti int

mdjole Nap 1,851, 02:14

i sam kazes ima moc nad onim koji je prihvacaju... a ako je ne prihvate, onda se ide sa kickovima i ban sa kanala ili potpuni ignore... i to se radilo o igracima koji su mnogo uticajniji od nas bosanaca...
i najmanji je problem oko DO, na vojnom kanalu edena dnevno dodje oko 100ak zapovjednika i svi kucaju . orders i postavlja se DO na prio...
juce se prio nije update-ovao jedno 12h... bitke odavno zavrsile, za takve stvari se ne mogu kriviti CP...

Zamiir Nap 1,851, 05:06


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