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Congratulations, vingaer and Strozer!

Nap 2,439, 05:23 Megjelenés helye: Sweden Norvégia által Ministry of Foreign Affairs

As a founding nation of The New World, eSweden has lived through many changes. Her people have founded great alliances, fought many epic battles and fostered both uprising politicians and legendary soldiers.

Today, it is time for us to honor one who holds a special place in the history books of our proud nation and the hearts of many oldfags.

In recognition and commemoration of vingaer and her eLife's work, August 2nd, 2014, has been declared a National Holiday in eSweden.

The eSwedish state and her people would like to send our warmest congratulations to former "over 9000" time Minister of Foreign Affairs and her soon-to-be-husband Strozer, whom have both played important roles in the history of this nation.

We expect there to be lots of beer, celebrations, Cake and neighbours fistfighting one another next month. Know that our doors will always be open to you.

With the uttermost respect,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
through Valnad, former eight time president of Sweden
...and A. Skarsgård


Valnad Nap 2,439, 05:31


Ideefix Nap 2,439, 06:47

Räknas det om man skriver det själv?

Valnad Nap 2,439, 07:17

Huvudsaken är att jag hann förde Misho!

Misho Nap 2,440, 09:22

Fördömt också!

Pacheeee Nap 2,439, 07:02


Larm Nap 2,439, 06:49


Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Nap 2,439, 06:53


LaIIe Nap 2,439, 06:54


Misho Nap 2,439, 07:02

Congrats to each other! I'm sure Shoot would salute you as well if he where still around.

Valnad Nap 2,439, 07:18

Me too. He's probably somewhere in the shadows, plotting and scheming.

vingaer Nap 2,440, 00:36

he is still around on my facebook. plotting and scheming! 🙂

vingaer Nap 2,439, 08:31

oh god guys, we (and by 'we' I mean esp me) do love you so much 😉

by the way, sweden shall be our honeymoon destination. just sayin!

Sizzla Nap 2,439, 09:46

Hozzászólás törölve

Larm Nap 2,439, 13:31

If you do come here for honeymoon (even thou there are better places) where will you go?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nap 2,439, 16:34

That is top secret information and a matter of national security. The Ministry has a gentlemen's agreement with Strozer not to reveal any details about travel arrangements, due to the expected number of vingaerians wanting to take selfies with the newlyweds.

However, should you ever decide to return all the Cake you stole from the upstanding citizen V back in 2010, we are mildly optimistic about the possibility of receiving a postcard.

Larm Nap 2,439, 23:46

I have no cake!

vingaer Nap 2,440, 00:34

well I think we can reveal a secret or two just for larm! it will be southern sweden, as in malmo, gothenburg, kalmar, karlskrona etc. and the great inbetweens with a tent in our trunk. I've been watching way too much 'wallander' 🙂
plus, we've been to denmark last summer but sadly had no time to cross the oresund bridge, so we thought 'what the hell, let's cross it this year'.

Sizzla Nap 2,439, 09:48

Love to you guys too!
My hamsterqueen o7

vingaer Nap 2,440, 00:37

aww, sizzla, you are still alive 😃!

Sizzla Nap 2,440, 00:39

I´m alive and kicking ^^

Yosemite Sam01
Yosemite Sam01 Nap 2,439, 10:32


Maze Putin Stalfitta
Maze Putin Stalfitta Nap 2,439, 12:44

brinner bra runt båten dära ring brannkååårn

Sizzla Nap 2,440, 00:40

hur full var du där? 😃

Maze Putin Stalfitta
Maze Putin Stalfitta Nap 2,440, 00:42

alldeles lagom

Persej Fyromski
Persej Fyromski Nap 2,439, 13:41


Prophet009 Nap 2,439, 15:38


James Banana
James Banana Nap 2,439, 16:49

Honeymoon HYPE!!

vingaer Nap 2,440, 00:39

well, I need your jewish mojo before I kill myself in any swedish store :3 oh lord, help me win a lottery somewhere!

Sizzla Nap 2,440, 00:42

Can only help you if I meet you guys 🙂 Hope that the heat and swedish prices don't get you down 🙂

vingaer Nap 2,440, 00:52

oh sizzla, I am rather expecting we'll freeze out butts in our fancy tent. and as for the prices, haha, yeah, we are joking about that all the time, but we somehow managed to live in copenhagen for a week without spending too much money. the entire trip cost us approx the amount we'd have to spend for a week by the polish sea, so...

James Banana
James Banana Nap 2,440, 02:33

Freezing? Right now there are warnings about the hot wheater here. 33 degres and more in large parts.

vingaer Nap 2,440, 08:40

my loves, you know nothing about hot weather!

I remember when we went to durruti's place in southern spain a few years ago. it was like +43 celsius during the day, dropping to +33 at night. man, I swear I've never wanted to kill myself that badly. esp when the wind blew, trying to melt your flesh.

I also remember shoot (as in shoot the swede from erep) got a call from home and had to explain to his terrified family that he hadn't died from some heat stroke or sh!t. they couldn't believe it was possible to stay alive in such heat 😃

Sizzla Nap 2,440, 01:49

Hozzászólás törölve

vingaer Nap 2,440, 08:44

aww :3 I'll save your number, dear, but I doubt we'll go that far north, as we decided to avoid your capital city and concentrate on the lovely southern regions (bbc's wallander, anyone?)

C3H5O3NO23 Nap 2,440, 05:04


SockerConny Nap 2,440, 11:47

I am too young to understand but if the rumours are true and love really has rissen from something in this game, I am happy and things get a meaning all of a sudden.

Congratz to you both! whoever you might be!

vingaer Nap 2,440, 11:54

yeah, the lovestory (oh god) is entirely true, which you may confirm by looking up the photos from the official er meeting in budapest, 2011.
thank you for your kind wishes, take care 🙂

tsakali Nap 2,441, 04:07


Michelle Freebird
Michelle Freebird Nap 2,442, 13:58

when will you merry?

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