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Breaking Political Party News (Part II)

Nap 2,127, 06:20 Megjelenés helye: Netherlands Hollandia által NoTie112

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Dear citizens of the eNetherlands,

In an attempt to reproduce a succesful formula, our previous party president had changed the party into the 'Van Spijck Partij'. To our biggest surprise, however, the party leadership noticed a direct fall of party membership and activity. Party members have reportedly said the ambitions of the party were growing grey, representing the new party image. Therfore the party leadership have seen the signs and decided to return to the fresh and progressive roots of Libertas NL.

I have been elected as the new Party President of Libertas NL and will represent it and it's ideas even more than I ever did, because the events in the eNetherlands have shown the need for progressivism and sane consciousness is harder needed than ever before. For the party itself, I will make sure it functions as the safe haven of progressive forces again, and will attempt to get the maximum political force out of every individual. That will eventually also benefit the eNetherlands, seeing the recent fall of our population to a mere 400 citizens. Of course, that can be partly contributed to the complete lack of a Minister of Recruitment & Coaching in the last two governments. We will now discuss the other, main issues the eNetherlands are struggling with right now:

While the eRepublik mechanics make it seem like the only way of governing a country is by democracy, there is more needed than just the option of voting to be considered a healthy functioning democracy. Several traits of the eDutch state indeed contradict with this.

First of all, the issue of transparency. Politics are not being executed in-game, but on an outside community forum (the eNetherlands.nl). Therefore most of the decisions are being made there, too. While this has functioned perfectly fine for years, recently it has absolutely not. The older, established parties DemNL and I&W are well seated there, as every party should be, what has caused their opponents to completely shun the forums. This is a very dangerous process, to which both sides are to blame. With this, most of the important information stays unseen by the general public. Libertas will nevertheless continue involving new players to our eCommunity at all cost. The fact that the last few months information by the government has been rarely given out, only makes matters worse. Last but not least, the current occupation has caused us to be left without Congress: Therefore the last elected Congress has extended it's mandate on the Forums for months already, without renewal. This results in both corruption and the lack of new eCitzens getting the chance to get involved. Libertas therefore support the current debate on the establishment of a more democratic 'emergency Congress'

Secondly, the issue of personal conflicts. Our small nation has been divided in two extremely radical sides (as briefly explained in previous paragraph). While this is a natural process, which has happened many times before in the history of the eNetherlands, things have gone too far now. Instead of a political conflict, based on political differences, this is a mere personal conflict between several key figures that has gone political and therefore national. We think both camps endanger the continuation of our nation and would like to both sides working towards a solution. In the meantime, Libertas will look forward to form a 3rd, alternative pillar with other individuals and parties who are sick and tired of this political infighting.

Gain a Base
We've been left without regions for months now, and while some of our brave warriors claim it's good for morale to keep fighting (useless) wars against the Polish occupation, cooler heads should work towards a resolution which guarantees us at least one of our regions. Having those is paramount to the survival of every eCountry. It gives us an elected Congress, which should solve at least some of the political problems as earlier described. It will also results in increased activity, as eDutch citizens can now once again do things that the occupation has made us impossible to do so and might keep newer players stick to our eNation. Therefore we support any negotations with the Polish, and are very very worried about the repeated breaked promises by President Van Spijck on this subject.

Interested by the pragmatic and realistic motives of our party? Join now and build the foundations of the progressive movement within the eNetherlands!
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djirtsdew Nap 2,127, 07:38

The last elected congress has not extended its mandate. Our lawbook, which predates said congress has defined that their term lasts until a new congress is elected in-game. We changed this during the current congress term (I believe in May) when the option to replace Congress Members was added.

So, now new eCitizens are able to get involved in politics, but unfortunately only by joining large parties in our current congress. An example is Piet Heyn, who joined the game a few months after the last congress elections, but now is in forum congress anyway. But of course players interested in politics shouldn't be forced to join the large parties.

As soon as we gain back regions the next elections might shift the balance in congress, by finally making it up-to-date with the current in-game party sizes. Whether this is achieved through negotiation or successful warfare doesn't matter. But it definitely would improve the quality of our congress.

But in any case, any non-in-game congress will have to make its decisions on the forum. It is a useful place for debating, and even non-congress members can participate. Additionally, everyone who is interested can join our government, no matter the party they are in. There's always enough to do.
The last (I don't know how many) governments have been mixed governments.

Tim Veltkamp
Tim Veltkamp Nap 2,127, 07:52

Most of the debates/votes these days get thrown in the private section of congress, so not every player can get involved in the congress debates.

djirtsdew Nap 2,127, 08:02

Than that is congress's fault. If there is no reason to prevent participation of our community, it should be in the open.
If it is very sensitive (e.g. relevant to our situation with Poland) it might indeed have to remain in private.

But I don't see many hidden debates, although there are a few that might have been better held in the open, for example number 11705.
I don't see what information is sensitive in there...

djirtsdew Nap 2,127, 08:14

Where do all the votes for this article come from???

Oh, right...

Walhallah Nap 2,127, 08:28

Imo that really has to stop

RayvanB Nap 2,127, 08:50

Let it be, it shows true colours

SKYJACKED Nap 2,127, 14:30

its his own money and if notie wants to put up a order with a votersclub.... thats his choice.....
What is bad about it , just have to keep in mind that not all votes are from NL citizens.....
IMO theres no harm done ....

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Nap 2,127, 13:37

Your talking about "two extremely radical side" , and just looking at the latest Country Presidential elections, Libertas is part of one of those groups. 😉 So no "3rd, alternative pillar" there. 😛

NoTie112 Nap 2,127, 16:35

That's the difference between an ideal situation and the sad reality.

Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Nap 2,127, 17:55

"This results in both corruption and the lack of new eCitzens getting the chance to get involved."
That's far from the truth as far as GPN goes, we have like 4! young members of Congress!
So for all you fresh players in eNL, come and join GPN, and take your place in Congress. 🙂

djirtsdew Nap 2,127, 23:04

I have already replied to that sentence above...

"So, now new eCitizens are able to get involved in politics, but unfortunately only by joining large parties in our current congress. An example is Piet Heyn, who joined the game a few months after the last congress elections, but now is in forum congress anyway. But of course players interested in politics shouldn't be forced to join the large parties."

at your service
at your service Nap 2,127, 23:14

Isn't it completely logical that you can not do politics within the game if you have no congress? The fact that there is a forum where several things are done is only an extra albeit something not at all interesting to me.
Everything that is done to free our country (by the "cooler heads" that is) is fine. As I understand that is being done by a few constant factors in the political landscape. Stating you want things differently or focussing on organising matter outside the real game besides IRC contacts with other countries or developing plans on forum is distracting from that and will only result in slower in game progress. Anyone with a bit of common sence knows a CP period of 1 month is way to short. If you could work on it for 9-12 month, without having to focus on all kinds of side effects (or missions as we have now) then we could build on something. But for that we need unity, not political games within eNL. We're small enough as it is right now....

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Nap 2,128, 14:36

The decline in population is more linked to the fact that the Netherlands hasn't seen the light of day in a very long time. It happens to every country. Look at Canada, their population dropped drastically down to just over 1000 citizens during their occupation by Spain but are now starting to rebound. Hope you can free a region soon, then Im positive your numbers will rise once again!

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