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Nap 2,438, 06:44 Megjelenés helye: Greece Görögország által ARISTOMAXOS

In this article the so called "terroristas" point some facts

first they ask the total surrender of eHungary (dont fight for your friends , dont side with your friends , do what WE tell you to do), today eHungary tomorrow someone else

second they clearly state that they use eCyprus whenever they want (the eCypriots might disagree but i write down what they wrote) , they used them in Eastern Arabia , they used them against eHungary and they will continue to use them until they dont need them anymore ... they use Croatia too selling brotherhoods and friendships when the same people where selling EDEN begging Serbia to accept eGreece to ONE not long time ago

third they REVEALED their true intentions and reasons why they do what they do , aint about the alliance eGreece chose to be , aint about their turkocroatian "bros" , aint about what is right and what is wrong

its abour what they wrote at the end of the article

".... until the political situation changes!!!"

that is all about , the political situation in eGreece where they lost all power to dictate to the people what to do , to run presidencies , to run ministries , to play their game without giving a dime about the others , they think its their right , hell they believe they bought that right , they think they bought eGreece and she is theirs , they dont belong to Greek community , Greek community belongs to them

so my message to the people of eHungary and all people "terrorists" targeted is

dont mind those bullies , aint about you its all about eGreece , they just see you as a victim , somebody who can push around so you turn against eGreece , you and all the others that they fight against , they ll win only when you turn against eGreece and thats the plan , they fight you to win over eGreece

so eHungary keep playing keep your friends and dont fall to ego-bullies



Cerberus Hellas
Cerberus Hellas Nap 2,438, 06:53


coucou22 Nap 2,438, 06:55


Cool Blood
Cool Blood Nap 2,438, 09:24

π@πάρια troll είσαι. Το καλό troll δεν εκτίθεται γράφοντας 1st όντας δευτεράντζα. Για τιμωρία 2 μέρες χωρίς vote

coucou22 Nap 2,438, 09:27

Εσυ επελεξες την τιμωρια οχι εγω 😛

Cool Blood
Cool Blood Nap 2,438, 09:29

Ο αυτοσεβασμός μετά από τέτοια δημόσια έκθεση, οφείλει να ακολουθήσει την αυτοτιμωρία 🙂

Ektonosiakos Nap 2,438, 06:56


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Nap 2,438, 06:59


Shortie Nap 2,438, 07:01

You don't need us. You get self bullied.

Manolis Papas
Manolis Papas Nap 2,438, 07:04


aenaon Nap 2,438, 07:05


I n f 0 r m e r
I n f 0 r m e r Nap 2,438, 07:06


Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Nap 2,438, 07:06

lol lol and lol about eCyprus, all i have to say in fact is in the firsts 3 words to resume , eCyprus never feard to be erased and never bow to anyone.

̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(◕_◕)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ TATATATATATATTATATATA ' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(◕_◕)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿


Shortie Nap 2,438, 07:07


ARISTOMAXOS Nap 2,438, 07:07

.... (the eCypriots might disagree but i write down what they wrote) ...

Didei Nap 2,438, 07:31

Yet u still bow to turks and terrorists .. funny logic

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Nap 2,438, 08:29

wOOt?? mouhahahaahahaha
u really don't know cyprus community Didei 😕
believe me hard that 99.99% will prefer beeing erased than bow to someone, nor turks, nor terrorists, nor anyone in fact.
It happens that our move for ecyprus, decided by ecyprus made them "happy" so they participate wow wow wow it's up to them,, not our job, got it??
if it would have made the happyness of someone else even country else related to their own strategy then hallelujia too as we don't care.
I wouldn't say it didn't arrange our battle result, would be stupid to say the contrary but definitely we didn't agree with any to make it working like that.
They are having their game play, as eCyprus and specifical mixated community we're having our own, that's it 🙂

Nik7deputa Nap 2,438, 09:58

hello kitty what cyprus community? 5-6 and their multies?
i remember many moanings because you were deleted inside Cyprus
I also remember how a myrmidon was not accepted by you, and trolling them for years..now you suck their...

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Nap 2,438, 11:36

Nik7deputa, i won't talk with u, as i have some pina colada waiting for me and u don't worth my time 😉

Didei Nap 2,438, 11:38

Pina colada .. nice 😁 ..but if memory serves me well, the original Hello Kitty was not from cyprus either xD

Nik7deputa Nap 2,438, 14:57

np, your answer proves what i'm saying

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Nap 2,438, 23:55

u wanna be the truth owner Nik?? u'll feel better?? maybe ur neurona will rest in peace if i agree with u??? amen o/
poor poor poor brain, may any gods existing on earth or sky bless u 🙂

Nik7deputa Nap 2,439, 01:34

are men extincted in France? If so, that's the case..

Unregistered Citizen
Unregistered Citizen Nap 2,438, 23:42

Bow, wow, wow. Bow to me eCyprus, bow this pixel -> . <- Here, if you missed it.

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Nap 2,438, 23:53

hahahaha at least u made me laugh ^^

Unregistered Citizen
Unregistered Citizen Nap 2,438, 23:59

Glad to help. 🙂

PRC PRC PRC Nap 2,438, 07:08


manolios 7
manolios 7 Nap 2,438, 07:12


Ehsangol99 Nap 2,438, 07:12

Voted 😉

AlexFran Nap 2,438, 07:13

IDN wich side is the truth... from far outside I just see the "so called terrorist" have an identity, they´re congruent with what they say and what they do. And hell they´re having fun in this boring game 🙂

mavasi usiro
mavasi usiro Nap 2,438, 07:14

voted bro with big V !!!!


Maxymillian97 Nap 2,438, 07:16

Hail Terroristas!
Fail huns!

Didei Nap 2,438, 07:31

"the same people where selling EDEN begging Serbia to accept eGreece to ONE not long time ago"

Old news but still true.

The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Nap 2,438, 07:31

They didn't fight so hard against the huns when Eden still existed. Yeah. They discovered huns recently. Not that Romania was under hun boot the whole last year of Eden. Yeah, true friendship.

Arslan Tegin
Arslan Tegin Nap 2,438, 07:34

Hail Terroristas !

Arslan Tegin
Arslan Tegin Nap 2,438, 07:35

Fail Sausage xd

Thessaloz Nap 2,438, 07:51


Thessaloz Nap 2,438, 08:37

1)aint about their turkocroatian "bros"
2)its abour what they wrote at the end of the article

He need some1 to translate the article 😒

More like its about what he things we wrote in the article 🙂

Thessaloz Nap 2,438, 08:39


CornelB Nap 2,438, 08:17

Stooooooooooooooooooooooop complaining about the Greeks, damnit.

What are we? Children ?
"Ooooh, mommy, the ig bad greek billues stole my toy!!"

It's their money, their time and their choice.

You cannot say "I want this or that" when it comes to things that are not yours to command.
(as i saw some shouts on feed like *I want a united greece* or something).

Take their gamplay options into consideration when making plans and that's it.

CornelB Nap 2,438, 08:18

*the big bad greek bullies*

ARISTOMAXOS Nap 2,438, 08:23

whos complaining ? i point out the true nature of their actions , as i cant command them they cant command me too based in their belief that they own me and my ecountry or cause they blackmail whole countries just to feed their ego ....

BaKaRaS Nap 2,438, 08:50

Why you consider them as Greeks whey they don't consider themselves as Greeks?

CornelB Nap 2,438, 08:55

The fact that they do not consider themselves in-game Greeks does not *suddently* make them ... non-Greeks.
Here or in RL 🙂

Nik7deputa Nap 2,438, 09:52

το άλλο άρθρο μη ξεχάσεις να ψηφίσεις..επιλεκτικέ

Dihenekis Nap 2,438, 08:34


the totally loser player , the one who threatens 15 yo boys for RL life actions came to teach us something .ahahahahahahhahahahaha

with a small amount of gold i will personally teach you strategy and how to make more convinced screenshot from that you will put under that comment

mixail95 Nap 2,438, 08:47

Την τελευταία φορά που ήμουν στο ΕΜ,είδα μυρμιδόνα να τραμπουκίζει τον αριστόμαχο στα feeds.Γενικά,ανεξαρτήτως στρατοπέδου,πολλές απειλές έχουν πέσει αλλά ποτέ δεν έγιναν πραγματικότητα.Από προσωπική εμπειρία το λέω,γιατί έχω πετύχει αρκετούς που έλεγαν ότι θα με έδερναν.

ARISTOMAXOS Nap 2,438, 08:55

ειναι αρκετα πειστικο το δικο σου αρθρο ?

δυο τελευταιες σειρες


μαλλον στην παραδοση μαθηματων προηγηθηκα , οσο για τα βρισιδια εσυ τουλαχιστον δεν μπορεις να δειχνεις αλλους με το δαχτυλο , ασε να το κανει κανεις αλλος για αυτο το θεμα

Dihenekis Nap 2,438, 10:52

αν δεν μπορείς να διακρίνεις την ειρωνεία δεν ευθύνομαι εγώ .μην βάζεις μέτρο σύγκρισης διότι έχεις προϊστορία απείρου κάλλους με πολλά παιδάκια μέσα στο τς . όχι με μεγάλους βέβαια, μόνο με παιδάκια , ξέρεις εσύ

ARISTOMAXOS Nap 2,438, 11:18

ειρωνια ? οκ


ARISTOMAXOS Nap 2,438, 11:24


ειρωνευεσαι και τον αρχο η μονο εμενα ? δεν το διευκρινιζεις 😃

οταν κουραστεις να αυτοξεφτιλιζεσαι σε σχολια και αρθρα η προταση για δημοσιο διαλογο ισχυει ακομα .... λεοναιντας

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