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[USWP] These Workers Need Seats

Nap 2,164, 22:42 Megjelenés helye: USA Egyesült Államok által Kortanul

This is the USWP VPP here, and I'd like to remind everyone to vote on the 25th--you should vote USWP, but even if you don't vote for us, go vote for someone. Vote for whichever party you feel is best for you, your vote is how you tell us what you want.

USWP is running many great candidates for congress this month, and more votes bring more of them in. Do you like seeing newbs climb the ranks and get involved? We have candidates for that. Old and experienced? Got that covered as well--we even have EZC's CO and another unforgettable running. So get ready to throw a vote our way and be confident that, whoever you are, you're being represented accurately.

Who exactly is running, you might ask?



The Wild Card


don hrleone




So why wouldn't you vote USWP? Maybe you don't care about politics, or you feel your vote doesn't matter? Maybe you think we're all old and cranky, with shrines to Pfeiffer built in every home? Well that's quite wrong.

Picking who you support is how you can make sure your voice is heard without running yourself--and if you take part on the forum you get even more say over who gets in, so be sure to head over there every election cycle. Your vote is very important--we've seen elections won and lost by single-digit counts and we've seen parties lose or gain a congressional seat over no significant number, so you can be sure your vote makes quite a lot of difference.

Oh, and nobody uses shrines anymore--what do you think we are, monks?

Now why should you support us at all? We're the oldest party in the eUS with quite a lot of experience running things at every level, and we never turn away fresh meat. Let's see what the party does for you.

Do you need food and weapons? Go check out B4Z and remember that you don't even need to be a USWP member to benefit via food.

Maybe you just want a bigger part in everything? Our PP's have a good history of always bringing new, ambitious, dedicated workers into our cabinet and congress--you need only step up, we're not going to give a series of impossible trials for you. If you don't believe me, I've only been playing since January and now I'm VPP with two terms served in congress and your vote gets me a third. I'm not the only one, either, just look for yourself to see who's in our cabinet, who's in congress, who's running, and so on.

All in all, I dare say we are the very opposite of "elitists" with how much focus we put on giving everyone opportunities to grow and how much we help this country's youngest players every chance we get. So, whether you're new or you've been around long enough to not-so-fondly recall V2's grandeur, if you care about our country's future, a vote for USWP is a good step forward.


Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Nap 2,165, 00:27

Voted good luck to your caucus! Happy election day.

Deepchill Nap 2,165, 05:07

Approved and voted.

SColbert Nap 2,165, 05:24

Voted for USWP awesomeness!

Marko Klis
Marko Klis Nap 2,165, 06:31

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