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[Radens] EDEN - Time for the Brave

Nap 1,946, 14:25 Megjelenés helye: Croatia Horvátország által Atea
This article is written by my friend Radens:

I’m not playing eRepublic anymore and I don’t have any aspirations to change that, but I like to visit this game from time to time to meet some old friends and check how the New World looks like. Months have passed since the last time I logged in eRepublic, but it seems like depressed state of EDEN is still the same, if not worse and as EDEN’s admirer it saddens me.

After I’ve seen and heard what has happened with EDEN latelly I couldn’t logout without writting this letter.

I remember EDEN as proud, strong, and caring alliance with high moral standards and unity others could only dream of. I’m appointing this letter to all those EDEN citizens who remember it as I do and who’d like to see it shining again. I’m also appointing it to current EDEN HQ team (dunno who’s there now) and all the other people in power, because I believe EDEN I remember is still somewhere out there and you just have to find it and show some courage to bring it back.

At last I thank my dear friend Atea for publishing this article in my name and wish you all luck and fun in this game.

Time for the Brave

“Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows; the soldier works out his victory in relation to the foe whom he is facing.”

“Therefore, just as water retains no constant shape, so in warfare there are no constant conditions.”
I’ll start with these two quotes from Sun Tzu as I believe essence of EDEN’s problems is contained in the wisdom pronounced in these quotes.

Alliance is like a living thing dependent of its crucial parts, countries formed by people and conditions these countries face each day. As people are various and conditions people face each day are always in motion, alliance is always facing new, different problems. So as water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows, alliance has to adapt to the needs of people forming it and to the challenges they’re facing.

I have the feeling EDEN lost its track in all the changes admins introduced in the newer stages of the game. The old EDEN was built as the union of equals that committed themselves to help each other in good and bad, to sacrifice personal interests for the higher goal and always work as one.

Most (if not all) changes admins introduced since V1 were directed people into individualism, giving them better chances for personal progress by placing themselves above their companions. (strenght races, hunting BH, CH, RW medals etc.)

As this kind of changes kept coming people were drifting apart more and more, eventually leading to countries placing personal interests over interests of the alliance. (stupid bonus races became more important than survival of smaller companions)

It’s clear to me that right now EDEN doesn’t have the numbers to help all its members and right now its impossible to make everyone happy, but it’s EDEN’s fault the situation is this bad.
EDEN’s inability to adapt to changes introduced in the game without hurting principles it was built on brought EDEN to its knees. EDEN was adapting to new conditions in the game at the expense of losing its indentity and it could lead nowhere else but to its doom.

EDEN is facing one crucial question for a year now and nobody has the strenght and courage to answer it. The question is simple, where to?

There are only two ways EDEN can take now.

1) Disbanding the alliance

This is the easier way, to disband the alliance and let everyone face its problems alone and find their new way.

It looks simple at first, but you should be aware that for most EDEN member there are no real alternatives to current alliance’s orientation, simply because of their interests and the interests of their “main opponents”. Disbanding EDEN would solve problem of disfunctional alliance, but it wouldn’t solve real problems countries are facing.

Let me give you an example on my home country, Croatia.
Croatia is forced to seek shelter in Asia, since it has no chances of surviving on Balkan due to inferior numbers and disfunctional alliance incapable of actions higher level that could provide better conditions of elife.

Without EDEN Croatia could open itself new ways with some new and old allies, but would it work in current conditions?
Let’s see. Croatia’s “main opponent” is Serbia, not because of RL, but because of conflincting interests on local and global level. So we can conclude Croatia can’t really change its alliance orientation drastically.

Neutrality? Could be done, but can it work?
We’ve seen neutrality fail multiple times in eRepublic, actually I can’t remember neutrality that lasted for longer than a month and brought anything good to any country. Neutrality means abbandoning old friends and looking only for personal interests. But what happens when someone with allies decides your field of interests is his too? You usually stand alone and get kicked in the nuts regretting your decisions.

2) Drastic turn in alliance’s policy

This is the harder way, probably the hardest way you can find, but for many it’s the only way that guarantees success.
Making drastic changes in alliance in order to bring the old EDEN back at the cost of losing people and countries that can’t follow that way.
Drastic changes require true will of people believing in that changes, leader that has the strenght, knowledge, time and courage to start those changes and push them till the end, till they’re done right.

Those who know me, know what’s my stance on this subject and I believe those who don’t can read it out from this text, but it’s not about me and my opinion is irrelevant.
It’s about every single EDEN citizen making this decision for himself and when all make it and you can find majority, you can push your leaders into doing it, carrying out the will of the people.

Time to make this decision passed long time ago, it passed because there was no courage to make it, but there will be no changes untill it’s made and things will only get worse.

It’s about YOU people, you have to stop nagging around doing nothing.

Make the decision, start the change, be the chance!!!
New age needs new men, this is the time for the Brave.

No matter what the decision is, make it quick and stop this madness. It’s hard, a bit disrespectful to see this situation, this constant staining of once beautiful ideal known by the name EDEN.




papazijan Nap 1,946, 14:26


Excelsior.HMA Nap 1,946, 15:52

Subpole. (?)


marinnovak Nap 2,066, 00:24

aww ja nezam di sam

Josx Nap 1,946, 14:27

fikus has spoken \o/ ; )

Gyurak Nap 1,946, 14:27

drugi.. xD

Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Nap 1,946, 14:27


Gyurak Nap 1,946, 14:28

Ipak ne.. xD

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aristomaxos +1

Domago Nap 1,946, 14:30

fikus, opet se pravis pametan xD

mcmoox Nap 1,946, 14:30


MCMOOX je bio ovde!!!

GreekStallion7 Nap 1,946, 14:32


antrak Nap 1,946, 14:32


Ntaikos Nap 1,946, 14:32


Alliances may change but people will be the same.

ARGUS CEYX Nap 1,946, 14:33


NOTLD Nap 1,946, 14:34

madness will continue, you can be sure of that

F@nis Nap 1,946, 14:34


myrmid0nas Nap 1,946, 14:34


Admiral  PAC
Admiral PAC Nap 1,946, 14:35


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Iaswn Nap 1,946, 14:38

Victoria aut mors

Wise words from a wise soldier of EDEN

R4ger Nap 1,946, 14:38

Victoria aut mors!


Panikk Nap 1,946, 14:39

"No matter what the decision is, make it quick and stop this madness. It’s hard, a bit disrespectful to see this situation, this constant staining of once beautiful ideal known by the name EDEN."

lovric505 Nap 1,946, 14:39

united we stand, divided we fall o7

raoulito Nap 1,946, 14:39


oDdkID Nap 1,946, 14:39

Radens is the man.

Olivaneksa Nap 1,946, 14:40


iCask Nap 1,946, 14:40


Victoria aut mors

Blacksat Nap 1,946, 14:41

Yeah ok, cool, drastic measures.

What are those drastic measures then?

metalikcry Nap 1,946, 14:41


ktmakias Nap 1,946, 14:42


Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Nap 1,946, 14:42

Voted o7

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Nap 1,946, 14:42


k0llht0s Nap 1,946, 14:42

united we stand, divided we fall o7

BinHex Nap 1,946, 16:44

and then u ask money for your dmg 🙂

k0llht0s Nap 1,946, 22:48

whenever i fought for Cro, Rom,Gre,Aus was from my own pocket

Cruk Shino
Cruk Shino Nap 1,946, 14:43


Atea Nap 1,946, 14:43

Victoria aut mors

Wise words from a wise soldier of EDEN

Cro Ronin
Cro Ronin Nap 1,947, 01:13


Dellodas Nap 1,946, 14:44


Touche Awaay
Touche Awaay Nap 1,946, 14:44

so we choose 1 because there are no more strong and braves for 2?

KOSOVA Batoa Nap 1,946, 14:44


III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Nap 1,946, 14:44

Lets face problems ....

so Greece and Turkey will sacrifice BiH and Albania so their MU's can have 10/10 in Serbia
and china doesn't want to give any cs cuz they are afraid of some pto by romanians and croats

if this is brotherhood im Roger Federer

III Pocetnik Krivobarac III
III Pocetnik Krivobarac III Nap 1,946, 14:48

Stop closing your eyes in front of the truth
face problems and try to solve them otherwise this ''Hail Eden'' won't help alot

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