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Nap 1,795, 18:30 Megjelenés helye: Romania Románia által dromi

I have monitored the evolution of erepublik population - in 17.10 were 229731 active players – in 19.10 only 229458. In this 3 days joined the game 9865 players, but 10138 ( aprox. 4,4% from active population) left it. A simple computation said that daily 3300 players left the game ( dead or clones). Situation is not so bad as I thought - daily we loose 0,12% citizens that never come back .

New babies in every country – latin countries are very active (Argentina, Brasil, Mexico, Spain have over 600 babies). For Iran, Columbia and Mexico have a positive increase of population – Spain and Serbia a decrease of population.

Country : New players last 3 days : Evolution population :
Lost people

1 Iran 238 124 -114
2 Colombia 432 111 -321
3 Mexico 665 93 -572
4 Turkey 505 86 -419
5 Portugal 210 75 -135
6 Argentina 752 50 -702
7 Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 239 30 -209
8 Slovakia 48 27 -21
9 Peru 142 25 -117
10 Hungary 183 19 -164
11 Brazil 734 17 -717
12 Republic of Moldova 29 11 -18
13 Belarus 63 9 -54
14 Russia 194 8 -186
15 India 45 8 -37
16 Egypt 41 7 -34
17 Switzerland 20 7 -13
18 Bulgaria 201 6 -195
19 Bolivia 33 5 -28
20 Denmark 24 5 -19
21 Singapore 20 5 -15
22 South Korea 19 5 -14
23 United Arab Emirates 14 5 -9
24 Netherlands 18 4 -14
25 Montenegro 18 3 -15
26 Japan 39 2 -37
27 Czech Republic 24 2 -22
28 Belgium 23 2 -21
29 Philippines 21 0 -21
30 Paraguay 20 0 -20
31 Norway 11 0 -11
32 Thailand 10 0 -10
33 Australia 51 -1 -52
34 Pakistan 21 -3 -24
35 Saudi Arabia 18 -3 -21
36 New Zealand 8 -4 -12
37 Romania 179 -5 -184
38 Finland 34 -5 -39
39 South Africa 13 -5 -18
40 Republic of China (Taiwan) 24 -7 -31
41 Latvia 16 -7 -23
42 Venezuela 128 -8 -136
43 Austria 14 -8 -22
44 Cyprus 11 -8 -19
45 North Korea 10 -8 -18
46 Israel 28 -9 -37
47 Ireland 14 -9 -23
48 Canada 59 -11 -70
49 Estonia 12 -11 -23
50 United Kingdom 67 -12 -79
51 Albania 158 -13 -171
52 Bosnia and Herzegovina 58 -16 -74
53 Croatia 89 -17 -106
54 Sweden 18 -18 -36
55 Indonesia 247 -19 -266
56 Germany 113 -19 -132
57 France 92 -19 -111
58 Lithuania 42 -21 -63
59 Uruguay 66 -25 -91
60 Italy 112 -26 -138
61 China 122 -34 -156
62 Malaysia 23 -38 -61
63 Chile 490 -43 -533
64 Slovenia 27 -43 -70
65 Greece 350 -48 -398
66 Poland 269 -58 -327
67 USA 431 -69 -500
68 Ukraine 378 -98 -476
69 Serbia 395 -136 -531
70 Spain 643 -140 -783
Why Iran players are more motivated to remain in game? Or what happen with Serbia and Spain motivation ( they lost over 100 players in 3 days )?

I made a quiz and I send it to players from all e-countries – not all of them send an answer. I want to thanks to the people that took some time to express their opinions.

The questions:

1) what is the motivation to play this game?
2) how many regions do you think that your country will have in 45 days?
3) name 3 countries that are good allies. which are the countries (3 names ) that you like to fight against it?
4) what do you think that can be improve in game?
5) do you think romania is a good ally?

1 Albania altinks
1.One of the motivations to play this game is that you make many friends here, i personally meet many of them also in real life.
And with some of them i drink coffee everyday,we talk about game,about strategies,and the most important thing you release your everyday stress.
In this game we are like "ambassadors" of our countries,and as long as we play we learn about each other,we share our cultures,mentalities,we share...
and later we see that we are the same,we are people of the world,we are the humanity.
And here there is just one exception,real life "politics" , that's the only think that we shouldn't care about.
I would like to thank PLATO for the first time,Thank you,and o7 MR.Plato 😛
2. That is hard to guess,we see much border shifts everyday,but i guess we can have near 3 regions until that day.
3.I would like to name more than three and they counted by last wars we had:
1.USA - *They got balls
2.Turkey -*We declared them "Natural friendship" 🙂
3.Argentina -Night guards,while we sleep they kick asses
4.Romania - 2 months ago our biggest Allie
5.Bosnia,my favorite,my small Bosnia,True allies.They cant do much DMG but they fight with heart,and that's all we ask from an Allie.

3.b We like to fight against 1.Serbia,2.Serbia,3.Serbia

The improvement should be in economic module,you earn nothing whatever you do!!!
If you work,and you get the nothing payment
If you produce,you sell it for nothing
You buy a company to produce something to sell it for nothing
You have a big company and you work alone its weird
Market is the only place to earn if you use itrade or erep.trade
You can find even some garbage in market like if you search to buy companies,tickets,hospitals, defense systems...
Economy is down..

5.I think yes,Albania owes Romania a lot,while i was country president Romania gave a lesson to all EDEN how an Allie should be,they where much organized than now.Id like to thank Mihail caucazu and freegigi.

2 Argentina levi

1) what is the motivation to play this game?
Friends, I’m absolutely sure about this. Without friends this will be boring, boooooring 🙂

2) how many regions do you think that Albania will have in 45 days?
Their original regions and Montenegro’s regions 😉

3) name 3 countries that are good allies. which are the countries (3 names ) that you like to fight against it?

My personal top allies:

a) Colombia, brave warriors and brothers.
Romania, The eagles are coming, when you see romanians you know that you will win.
c) Brazil, sexy dancing womens and old brothers.

I like kill Chileans in the morning, also we can put some Bulgurs and Spain guys 😃

4) what do you think that can be improve in game?
I think they can put more airplanes, I’m fan of aviation, q8 will be B-52 bombers 😃

5) do you think romania is a good ally?
Ally? Nah. Brothers? YES! Without Romanians this isn’t a good game 🙂

3 Australia
4 Austria
5 Belarus
6 Belgium BrunoCND

1) what is the motivation to play this game? Just waste some time 😉
2) how many regions do you think that your country will have in 45 days? Still 3 regions 😃
3) name 3 countries that are good allies. UK, Venezuela and Chile.
which are the countries (3 names ) that you like to fight against it? France, Colombia and Serbia.
4) what do you think that can be improve in game? That would be too long to say it. 😛
5) do you think romania is a good ally? I don't know enough about Romania.

7 Bolivia el pibe

1)To have a distraction of RL
2) One, maybe two
3) Allies: Argentina, Brasil and Colombia; Enemies: Chile, Peru and Paraguay
4) Restore economic module to what it was after eR rising
5) Can't say I know how they behave with their allies

8 Bosnia and Herzegovina SokoBiH

1) what is the motivation to play this game?
My motivation to play this game are my friends, my MU DRAKE.

2) how many regions do you think that your country will have in 45 days?
Realistically I think it would be 4 regions, but I hope so that we will have some "bonus" regions in eMontenegro, and One eSerbian - Kosovo, just to have trol party with our eastern friends 😃

3) name 3 countries that are good allies. which are the countries (3 names ) that you like to fight against it?
Good allies are: eCroatia, eTurkey, eArgentina . We like to fight against eSerbia, eMontenegro and FYROM 😃

4) what do you think that can be improve in game?
Hm... Good question 😃 Briefly, the game desperately needs a renaissance, in all aspects. 😃

5) do you think romania is a good ally?
I honestly think YES, but we still work on it harder.

9 Brazil Bic deWille and Kongha CAT

1) motivation is werry low for the moment
2) 5 moore
3) good allies- South africa, Spain,
3b) Fight against- Indonesia, Serbia, Colombia
4) Moore taktik like in V3
5) Dount now yet

have been here from day 21 in the game ...and see so many people come and go dount

1 - My MU CAT Brasil (), we are the top 1 in our beloved country for more than 1 year
2 - Will keep only the current 16
3 - Allies: Argentina, Croatia and USA. I like to fight against Romania, Hungary and Indonesia
4 - The game is fine to me by now. I wish I could upgrade my towncenter to Q6.
5 - Romania is my enemy, since about 100 romanians are in eBrazil trying to PTO us and they still are here.

10 Bulgaria
11 Canada
12 Chile
13 China juzheng

1) i don't have any motivation atm, i may AFK soon.
2) in 45 days, we will have the same as what we have now.
3) Croatia ROC & greece. no idea
4) n/a
5) yes or no. some of them are friends, some of them are .....

14 Colombia clorofila

1)to meet and talk to people from different places from RL WORLD
2)i have no idea, but i expect we could get back all our original regions back.
3)it's totally unfair to name only 3 good allies. it's very funny to fight against spain venezuela & mexico.
4)market, political module, military.
5) they have been totally cool so far. I am grateful to romanians.

15 Croatia Asklepije
1) Chasing medals. :PPP
2) I thinks eCroatia will hold their eAsian colonies.
3) Good allies: Greece, Croatia, POW, Brazil, Republik of Macedonia, ...
I like to fight against BH stealers. 😛
4) Military module should be improved! Divizions should be organized per strength and not by experience points. Also double energy recover should be undone! Last RW change should be undone as well! Plato is doing everything in his power to make it harder to catch BH medals and to eLive from catching medals. Doing that he will not make people to buy more gold... he is just ruining the game. 😐
5) I think it is, by most of time. But I also have one serious advice and plea for Romanian players in eUSA: don't support AFA & Serbian PTO-ers!


1) That you asked me this when I was a young player, I would say that I'm in the game because of advances..then I am constantly thinking, when I'll be strong as some players whose avatars have provoked fear and respect.
Now, I'm here mainly because of friends. Some friendships are stronger some less. Behind all of these pixels we are we .. still sentient beings.

2) You know that owning regions of Croats do not mean much..
important are: events .. embers of the game .. passion for it .. challenge,
this is what begins to miss 😕
Croatia will have enough regions to do riots around the map^^

3) What it means to be a good ally? Until today, many things have changed,
but Croats continue sending the entire nation into battle.
On whom we can always count? Ungrateful question.
Who comes to help with no questions asked? All! that we call when needed 😉
and now, the Poles should be lowered to the ground.

4) Should take care of the economic part of the game..admin wants to force you to earn more money. The game persistent focus on personal development rather than on community development
Also should finally settle the question of MUs,
they are promising all kinds of things, didnt fulfill.
However, our behavior .. constant purchasing gold
admin is lazy and for the foreseeable future, I dont think he will surprise us with some important changes.

5) Romania is a great ally!
Although, lately, I notice that Romania is ignored by the rest of the alliance.
(imho,reasons would have to look for the greed of some individuals)

for the end.. We are all EDEN and we have to act like
I saw some people in the responses addressed objections to this or that country.
I do not approve of such a thing..

16 Cyprus Kostoulas

1. I play this game because is social strategy game and because also here in cyprus the euro original state Republic of Cyprus 1960 we keep have problem with the Turkish army who invated since 1974 and divited our island..it is away to prove our opinion.
2. 2 maybe
3. Good allies 1.GREECE2.IRELAND3.SERBIA..i like to fight 1.FYROM 2.FYROM:)3)UK
4) In game it can be improve the chat ..a live multichat like irc will fast the game facts ..also to add navy and airforce.. another ideas that can help is to see the model of c&c red alert 95 and try to mix graffix in the battles a good mixture with c&c95 will give a second dimension to the game..the dimension that games need ..the battle dimension.
5) Romania is good ally but not stable

My opinion about eCyprus facts is here in my last article
we get last election a PTO from inci ...if you want shout it to help for votes

17 Czech Republic
18 Denmark
19 Egypt hamada khattab

1- I hope resist egypt from PTO
2- with the PTO's we will take one reigon before the congress but after that egypt will haven't any regions
3- the allies are 1- bulgaria 2- Italy 3- turky
i hope we fight aganist grecce, israel and cyprus
4- I don't know
5- I hope

20 Estonia
21 Finland
22 France AlexMCS182

1) I don't realy know if you want a personal answer, or an answer for the whole eFrance.
In case it is for eFrance, I guess we are just used to the game and playing for our friends since eFrance is spending most of its time wiped, so no real fun here.

2) In 45 days.. well things move often, but I bet on like 3-4 regions ? ^^

3) It is hard to only pick up 3 country names.. but let's tell those we are very close to, I think Germany, Croatia and Portugal. And here we fight against Poland, kravenn and Spain, but I only assume it.

4) I know that soon we will get a new very big update, so let's just wait for it and see 🙂

5) In my case, Romania has been a very good ally until here and still is. I never experienced any issues with them and they always responded to my calls when I needed help.

23 Germany Freiheitskaempfer

1) The motivation is kind of hard to explain as the game isn't offering much that is worth playing it. But I like the the community, I met great people from all over the world and hanging out on IRC is definitely the best part of the game.
2) Most probably we gonna have the same amount of regions as the geographical situation is kind of stuck at the moment in most parts of the world.
3) Remembering history I have to say Russia, France and USA. I enjoyed to fight against United Kingdom, Italy and Slovenia as the balance of power was kind of equal - this has nothing to do with our current foreign affairs.
4) The game definitely needs improvements in the economical and military module, I miss epic fights (no, the 94th conquering of region X in Y is not fun).
5) We've been enemies back in the days but after the downfall of Phoenix we've met great friends in romania. Romanians are always loyal and a real balkan powerhouse, i enjoy fighting with them.

24 Greece Cris 99

1) what is the motivation to play this game?
Depending on the lvl (or the div) has someone in erep there are different motivations for playing this game.
The players who join for first time, the game helps in quick time to earn gold and lvl.
So in div1, 2, must set up the way for the development of players (companies, training etc)
On medium lvs, dominate war and political module.They have few months in game, there is a good "experience" in that, so they can take the reins of the country
Div 4: What can I say? especially if you are in the game from 2008-2009, have seen everything. Great motivation to thatlvs, is that they can turn any battle
and on the other hand, with their advices, they can prepare the next generation of players, who will lead in each country

2) how many regions do you think that your country will have in 45 days?
In 45 days; We will have at least three times the regions, since we attack China k Usa.
haahha, yes it is a joke.
Honestly in 45 days, nobody knows how many regions will have Greece, maybe the same , 8/10 bonus, as has now.
Τhat is worth someone to see, is the period between 45 days,andhow many wars would have opened,to get to the point to have the same bonus,as now.
So,time and intentions of neighboring countries will show everyone.

3) name 3 countries that are good allies. which are the countries (3 names ) that you like to fight against it?
e-Greece, as you know, is in eden from many years ago and all the countries that are there, are our allies.
But, because of our borders, Romania, Turkey and Croatia is more closely to us.
We have borders with Bulgaria,FYROM, so it makes sense for us to attack ,first, these countries.
4) what do you think that can be improve in game?

I think,the admins can improve all the modules of the game.From the financial and party until the war part of erep.
This would provide incentives, not only for new players but for old guys.The older player must stay in the game also.

Of course Romania is a good ally of Greece in erep, but we have and others, good neighbors, near us,also.
Here, let me remind you, when Greece joined the "erep", Romania was among the first countries that helped us to liberate ourselves.
That, especially from the old players will not forget it. And it is good to remember that the younger players ,too.

25 Hungary mobra

1. dependence. i've almost left it a few times.
2. 20-25. i don't expect big changes. we might give back some regions to ukraine which we don't need. and we might get into some new wars which will cause some kind of expansion but not too much and only temporary.
3a. best allies? we have a lot, it's impossible to name 3 of them. only in europe we have poland macedonia and serbia ast best fighter allies, but we have slovakia, austria, slovenia and bulgaria the kibd of allies which practically kill themselves for us when we need it. and we have indonesia which is not in europe but our old big brother.
3b. romania was the only one. i entered politics with the hope to erase romania from the map. and that dream became true when i became CP. but this is the past. romanian-hungarian war is really muzzy and i don't want it any more.now we are started a campaign to the west to beat out the US from europe. i'd love once to go back into china, heilongijang. nothing more, just hellokitty.
4a. better and extended politics and government.
4b. reintroduction of orgs, but with changed/extended functionality.
4c. eventually instead of orgs, the MU's might have theese extended functionality, but it'would be better with orgs. it would be more complicated to synchronize economy and organizations with military, just ike in real life, and this would give better game experience
4d. balanced economy. admins resolved pretty nice the weapon market, but this has to be done on the food market tooo. and eventually could enlarge economy by introducing some new products. increasing q levels for a lot of money seems to me pretty stupid. economy is too simple and still not profitable.
5. definitely it is. but not for us. at least not yet.
26 India

1) My motivation to play this game? I just wrote about it here http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/response-to-gloveislove-2140259/1/20, but to put it in short here - we often complain about how badly our leaders do their job, or how badly other citizens perform in their life - cheating or doing illegal things or even immoral things. eRepublik offers you the opportunity to take control and see how good, bad or ugly you'd be. My motivation in playing this game is to do as good a job as possible and carry out all my responsibilities as I would like to believe I would in the real world.
2) As many as they have now! eIndia is rather safe from most forms of attack as of now. Of course, if the airstrike rule is still in force, I expect attacks - but I'm pretty sure with the help of our allies, we shall be more than successful at fighting them off.

3) Hmm, this is an interesting question. We have many good allies with whom we have a close relationship, but I think the countries we feel closest to would probably be Croatia, Ireland and the Netherlands. The three countries we like to fight against are simply Indonesia, Poland, and Serbia/Thailand.

4) So many things! Plato stinks. 😛 For one, I think you need to fix the economy and make it possible such that non-gold buyers can survive. The gold requirements are such that only Q6 and Q7 companies are profitable, and only gold buyers can afford them - so allow companies or Orgs again so we can band together and run them once more.
5) Romania is a great ally! We have a long history in this new world, and at a time when Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania used to be allies eIndia always looked up to these countries and would think of them entirely as brothers. We've become a bit distant now, but I hope we can change that!

27 Indonesia Demon War

1. My motivations to play this game is to study, study for how to manage something, how to make something and become gov itself so i can understand in RL what will i do when i have a same problem in eRepublik.. I play for community not for game..
We Indonesian player more think about community than game, game is just formality, Community is more necessary..

2. Well its hard questions, basicly if i wish i hope i can get 9 regions..

3. Macedonia, Serbia-Hungary, and Bulgaria-Chile is our most good country for allies..

Romania, Croatia, and Brazil is country that i like to fight against

4. Fun 🙂 "if you know what i mean"

5. I respect romania, when Indonesia lose the battle i come to #mro and say "congratz its good battle" no one troll me and insult me they respect me back.. When indonesia win, i come again to #mro and said "good fight soldier".. For me, We are all friend in community and just an enemy in battlefield dont think hard about all..
This is game, we need fun not emotions..

28 Iran Public.Enemy

1) for fun 😃
3) USA & Greece & Poland
5) y i think

29 Ireland

1.hard to say ,when i started game everything looked better ,economy module was worthy to take care.Constant change of the game ruined that module pretty much.I like the most battle module but introduction of division is big failure because they are divided by players level and not by players strength which creates big dispropotion between many players,smaller amount of players gather much easier medals then others which means this solution is far from ideale.When you spend some time in the game it's always harder to abandon I guess but i am thinking time to time to leave..

2.hmm hard to say i came to Ireland 10 days ago for 1st time so have no precise idea ,i think we might have our original regions in our possession hard to expect more regarding the number of fighters and situation with current allias.

3.well that's not easy to detect because alliances change often.The strongest countries tend to make alliance with stronger allies and to forget loyal services of smaller countries.Basically the strongest alliances evaluate their potential allies toward their capacity to provide the biggest dmg possible.For me it's more about interests then about loyalty which is appreciate it .If you are small but willing to fight for bigger country that's not very appreciated this is reason i cannot be sure to give good answer to that question.personally i prefer smaller ecountries because they are not in position to have imperialistic goals and cheat on their allais ,countries like France,Irland,Finland i think i like the most like place where i will play this game.But i am eCroatian and if would be different game mechanics i would prefer to return there where i started this game.
Countries that i like to fight against are definetely Poland,Serbia for 3rd one i have no preferencies mainly depends of latest events which i can like or not 🙂
4.Lot of things ,latest battle module divided by 4 divisions is no good.Instead to divide by exp points divisions need to be divided by strength.That would give a chance to everyone to fight with more chances for medals against more and less equal opponents.

next i would add civil war module in main battle module (this idea isn't mine but i think idea is great and would create revolution in erep game!!) because all big countries have their elites who steal money without any control and there is no mechanism for other players can do something about it because these guys control everything.basically You have 2 choices you are with them or they will be against you.And if you push a bit harder against they will be ready to do anything to eliminate you ,consider you as terrorist and all other dirty methods they will use against you.So if other citizens who don't like their elites could initiate civil war in their own ecountry that would change many things and whoever would be in power should be very careful the way how they rule the country!
I think many players are in same situation as i think and being in one of 2/3 main alliances loosing purpose for all of us when we look things from this point of view.because if i cannot accept always same masters to rule my ecountry how can it be expected i will fight for same alliance which is chosen by these guys and to have same sense of patriotism as they have ofc i cannot have it^^ Unfortunately admins look everything through profit and i have doubt this module would be introduced someday cause probably wouldn't satisfy them in terms of earned money.It's always easier to keep same style of fighting and expect people spend money buying energy bars & other goodies,no need for them to change formula which provide profit ^^
5.Romania probably have same kind of problems like many bigger ecountry ofc elites will say everywhere this guy saying lies we have no problems at all don't listen to him ! ,i suppose dromi you might experience same problems in your country if you would say same things against your elites that's more and less logical event to expect 🙂 I don't know exactly what are relationships between elites and ordinary citizens in Romania this is reason i cannot be sure about my answer but what I know Romania is long time in Eden and they collaborate very well with all other Eden countries they are real brotherhood between them.The thing is Romanian elites decided to be part of Eden just like in other eden countries small group of people decided how country will be represented through their foreign policies.So from eden's elite point of view Romania is for sure very good ally,no doubt about it.But if you want real answer to find out you got to ask your own citizens what they think about your administration .Do you have all the time same old people in important positions and similar things...because i see and heard that many Romanians left eRomania and established their mini colonies in other ecountries ,i think this is because they don't like their own elites maybe i am wrong but i know how ecitizien from my ecountry think.Hope you could understand my uncompleted answer and the reason why is like that 🙂

30 Israel Rickolas

1) Helping my country to grow and succeed, to learn about other cultures and meet people from all over the world.
Also I'm an addict, so even if I wanted to quit I couldn't 🙂
2) Same as we have now or very close to it; our core regions and some Saudi regions for bonuses.
We don't really have where to expend to, as we are surrounded by our allies.

3) I don't think it'll be fair to name only 3 good allies, we have a lot of good allies in the eworld, and each have helped us a lot.
But I can say Israel's biggest ally ever is Greece no doubt, besides that it just won't be fair for our other allies.

As far as enemies go, I remember Israel fighting against Iran, that was a hell lot of fun.
Also fighting against Turkey in RW when they wiped us of the map several months ago brought our community together, everybody were joined together by the same cause (a thing the we lack in eIsrael at the moment).
I personally really like fighting against Poland, it's always fun to fight against such a empire, especially one who occupies so many of our allies.

4) Plato should stop being so greedy, only than starting to make the game better can begin 😉
5) I do, Romania and a lot of individual Romanians have helped us whenever they could.
I also have a lot of great Romanian friends, so I'm kind of "bought" 😛

31 Italy
32 Japan
2) 3 regions
3) Bulgaria, Indonesia, Chile
4)economic module
5) No : (

33 Latvia
34 Lithuania
35 Malaysia
36 Mexico Dnoktis
1) what is the motivation to play this game?
Almost I have 3 years playing...Im waiting to hit harder (20k) and to be a GoW, after that... probably start a "clicker mode"
would like to see a stronger eMexico, we are (almost) in the right way...but some internal divisions prevented it 😕

2) how many regions do you think that Mexico will have in 45 days?
I guess 8 or 9 regions (hope so) xD

3) name 3 countries that are good allies. which are the countries (3 names ) that you like to fight against it?
Venezuela, South Korea, Bulgaria.

to fight against:
Colombia, Portugal, Italy.

4) what do you think that can be improve in game?
Political module, some geopolitical names, less regions for some countries, admins to think more about the players and less in their pockets

5) do you think romania is a good ally?
Im not sure, because Im mexican RL and now Im epolish; only what I can read in the international press...

37 Montenegro GavroMadafaka
1. addict
2. dont know. may be 3 may be 0. not more than 3
3. serbia, macedonia.. fight against: japan, usa, some south america country
4. add all countries. if admins can't add contries by names, they can make only regions for this grey part of map, so we can make colonies xD If some people want their contry, this will be easy for admins, they just need to change colors of region and give it to this players. (may be to make some elections for independence of this region 🙂

38 Netherlands
39 New Zealand
40 North Korea
41 Norway
42 Pakistan TheJakal
1) The challenge to build up a small country is the motivation to play.
2) Probably still 1.
3) Serbia, Chile, USA
4) Better economic module, political module and deport citizens
5) Romania isn't our ally.

43 Paraguay
44 Peru
45 Philippines
46 Poland saltcracker
1. Motivation 🙂 lol i really like this endless clicking mode... not really i have efriends here that is the main reason.
2. Lol i'm not a polish in RL but poland is like a baloon expands it shouldn't get too big or it will explode we have seen this before but there is new alliance we will see so 5 less or 5 more
3. Allies ePoland have lot of non polish people so my top 3 would be eHungary, eIndonesia and 3 good question eSerbia... have friends all 3 ecountries
They like to help always... Too bad eIndo is f***ed
Against??? i like to watch poland conquering new lands but i have no certain dislikes
4. What can be improved in game everything at the moment there is only war module and we have some kind of economy... Not my job to think i don't get salary 😛
5. Maybe but it takes time to get to used that idea we (ePoland-eRomania) are allies mpp is only contract people make the country some hate the idea some like it and some will never fight for this new allie people just need time to get used to new changes. Trust does not come easy sometimes you have to earn it

47 Portugal tobago
1 - Above all are the friendships. There comes a time (after 4 years) that no matter much the flag. The world changes quickly (which is also cool). So ... what really matters is the friendships. I am proud to have friends in almost all nations. Even some being my "best enemies" in game, I managed to build friendship and respect out of the game.

2- I do not know. The way things are will not have any. Zero. The Central Europe and the allies of EDEN this field have been forgotten long ago. While some countries are concerned about having another region remain so. And Espoland controls the world. But never give up. We rock. Nobody can say that Portugal has not helped the allies. We are small but we ALWAYS were present and authentic and good allies. When we were PEACE, TERRA, PHOENIX and EDEN always fight for our allies. When we sacrifice our territories attacking a country 10X larger and more powerful. Be to drain damage. Helping or historical allies or for funny. Many may call us whiners. But they should remember that call as we sacrifice for them.

3 - I really like Croatia and Greece. Both the group of "power". We also Argentina. The Romanian people - by distance and cultural difference - may not know, but once you come in contact will also see that Colombia, though small, are great allies. Canada is another country that helps us without asking anything in return and without fear of losing territories. I like A LOT of fighting "against Spain, Poland and Serbia (and also Hungary).

Everything can be improved. game is good (otherwise I would not be here for more than 4 years). The module economic needs improvement (Investments, actions, and creating other mechanisms). The Political also needs to be expanded. Another action is to make hospitals and defense systems have better value and how to use. This is not hard to do.
5) At this particular moment is having problems diplomáticosA Portugal Romania is a world power. It has a population active and very good fighters. If Romania wants, are the best allies anyone can have. Unfortunately Romania looks often to his own nose. If looked allies would not open - TWICE - war against Indonesia in a moment that a brother needs more help. That to have ONE region. And not ONE MORE region. I also remember the problems with Brazil - who departed this of EDEN.
This is the big difference with Croatia, for example. Neither enemy nor ally of Croatia never complained. That's because they are not afraid to sacrifice.
I repeat. If Romania wants, are the best allies anyone can have. You are a powerhouse. You have great fighters and organizational skills. Simply just want you to be the most respected nation in the world. But this requires sacrifice. Allies and brothers are "in moments of joy and sadness. In sickness and in health." To my friends in Romania a big hug, best regards and good game

48 Republic of China (Taiwan) rommelTaiwan

1) what is the motivation to play this game?

進來之後三擊(three click)了很長一段時間,一直到跟南韓的戰爭爆發(the war between eROC and eSK),開始為了eROC而戰的人生(the life which fight for eROC)

2) how many regions do you think that your country will have in 45 days?


3) name 3 countries that are good allies. which are the countries (3 names ) that you like to fight against it?

good allies: eC, eCroatia ,eColumbia

fight against :eSK, eindonesia ,eserbia

4) what do you think that can be improve in game?

it's a good game(?)

i like talk with other country's people in this game

i have some friend in this game,

but we need some chang in Economic

5) do you think romania is a good ally?
yes, i like rominia,
but we need more attention form EDEN when we need u ,
I always fight for EDEN, u can see the battle bwtween eROC and emexico

49 Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
50 Republic of Moldova
51 Romania oboj
1)Hope for better times and probably the habit as well.
2) 9
3) preferred allies: Croatia, Greece, China. Preferred enemies: Polan, Spain, Hungary
4) I really hope one day strategy will come back. I would like the game to have both flavors (the one for 2clickers and Plato's pocket; as it's now) and the one for active players (something where brain and discipline could make the difference)
5) Yes, it is.

52 Russia ollger
1 Communication with people
2 This depends not only on our country. We are not the strongest.
3 Bulgaria. America. Finland. / / Turkey. Poland. Baltic countries.
4 stupid question. The administration of the game said that my response is not needed.
5 No

53 Saudi Arabia
54 Serbia Vladislav Milovanovic 83 and zigazaga

1) People and strategy
2) Same as now + Croatia
3a) Romania, PERSIA and Russia
3b) turkey, BiH, Albania
4) Return to V2 military module
5) YES, I have so maney Romanian frates
6) We wasnt never realy unite, and we will never be, thats only reason

1) Well, tbh, my main motivation is 3,5 years of playing, and all the people I've met, and I believe I'm not alone with this thoughts...
2) Think we'll have 15-20 regions in 45 days.
3) Hungary, Slovenia and Poland. Hm, 3 countries I like to fight against... maybe Croatia, USA and Romper. 😛
4) Admin, add Africa, just for the lulz!! 😁
5) One of the 'bestest', for sure.

55 Singapore Arbryn
1) Honestly I don't know anymore, this game used to be a lot more fun then it is now.

2) 1, 99% of the time we just have our 1 region. We have taken Malay or Indo lands before but usually not for more then a few weeks.

3) 3(4) allies: Historically Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey & USA have all been pretty good allies. 3 Nemesis nations: Historically would probably be Hungary, Romania & Serbia have caused us the most trouble.

4) I think this game needs to bring back more reason for social interaction, financial game play & bring more importance back to political game play. As it stands this game is nothing more then a hack n slash war module now. Everything else is secondary and pointless nearly.

5) No I think Romania is not a good ally, in the 3 years since we existed eRomanian citizens have brought more hurt and pain to eSingapore then any other nation in this game including the current 4-5 month Romanian PTO occupation. They are the only country to succeed in PTO us(twice) even though many have tried and they have stolen much currency/gold from our nation in these actions and most recently practically vacated the nation of locals because of this long tenured PTO. Not to mention eRomania is one of the few nations that has captured Singapore City and occupied us and often they fight against us in wars. No other nation has done so much to work against our little nation, so I would have to say they are not a very good ally, nor have they tried to be, lol. Having said all that there have been a few eRomanian individuals who came and did great things for eSingapore but they were not affiliated with any group like the ones that have done harm and in doing so became eSingaporeans themselves.

56 Slovakia
57 Slovenia Solinar
1.Friends that I found in Erepublic
2.I will be glad if you keep the region we have
3. Good alies: Serbia, Hungary, Macedonia: I do not have any desire to fight
4.Improve project economics
5. Romania is may be a good Ally

58 South Africa Zagarius
1- my motivation to play are the ppl I know in my country, the camaraderie.

2- honestly, i do not know... 5?

3- good allies? Brazil, but s our list is so short and I do know how active they have been for us. I cannot anymore.
3- enemies... Indio (always fun there), Spain (they have been both a friend and enemy) 3rd? UK just because.

4- Power to the Party President, they are more like figure heads than ever now with the new voting rules.

5- Romania? Hmm, well in my long time here they have been both bad and good country to eSA. If they are an ally now I would say that it is good to have them as they are big and powerful. I just hope they can help us if there is need of their military support to protect or even help us out in the future.

59 South Korea yhpdoit

1) my motivation south korea's revival
2) one
3) macadonia,indonessia,Bulgaria
4) communication
5) no. many korean think romania is bad ally.we don't forget pto group,FSR

60 Spain otakuar

1) mostly social interaction ofcource
2) hope there will be over 30 of them
3) Argentina, USA, Greece // Portugal, Russia, and maybe ... Romania
4) well, I know it's impossible, but I'd like to restart all from Beta)
5) maybe it used to be, but now - NO.

61 Sweden slirus
1) the community ONLY. and thats on IRC so i dont really know why i keep login on erepublik anymore.
2) same as now ( day 1795 )
3) finland is the only country i see as an good allie atm.
4) i dont know. to much shit to fix to make it fun again
5) no idea 🙂

62 Switzerland
63 Thailand
64 Turkey
65 Ukraine imamradyk

1. Friends... social component
2. All Ukrainia and some of Hungary.)
3. Turkey, Argentina, Greece and Belarus
4. Units and parties have to have their newspapers and factories
5. Old Romania - yes. New Romania - think of your own ass and Moldova. But there are still chances of us all .. Still have a chance

1.The game has many Ukrainians from different regions, political life like this in our country.
2. We must liberate our lands from invaders!
3.Greece Argentina Belarus, were once Croatia, Romania ...
4.I would back the different currencies, would add strength to the side of the uprisings, which released.
5.In Romania, we have always been a good relationship. But I remember that there were agreements with Russia on the occupation of our land. Remember the war against Hungary when Hungary was not able to capture us, and Romania occupied Hungary. Now Romania is looking for something in Asia. Gave their regions of Bulgaria. Romanian soldiers fighting for Moldova against Ukraine.

66 United Arab Emirates
67 United Kingdom Niemand

1) Stay in contacts with my eFriends
2) 12
3) Serbia, Poland, Macedonia
4) Less importance of gold, more interesting economics and politics
5) It can be (have some friends there), but not for UK. Long time on different sides.

68 Uruguay
69 USA Henry Pfeiffer Arundel

1. I enjoy the political side of it, congress and elections...except the new election rules for congressional elections are terrible, there is absolutely no strategy needed.

2. No way to say that.

3. Brasil, China, and Croatia have long histories of standing by us. Serbia, Hungary and Canada are always fun to fight.

4. The Admins could decide not to focus so much on living off of a series of gold buying bubbles, and actually improve the mechanics, but that's never going to happen.

5. Romania was historically an ally of the USA, but from my experience always hard to work with. Right now we're not MPP'd, but I still talk to the Romanian government every so often just to keep in touch.

70 Venezuela

Please ignore grammar or translation mistakes.


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Community keeps us here. And after years, we can be all friends 😉

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Ca sa trag io o concluzie: multi sunt diplomati si ne considera un aliat bun, da' pt. nimeni nu suntem printre cei mai buni aliati - nici macar pt. croati. Si PTO-urile ne-au facut multi dusmani inversunati. Concluzia cre' ca se imppune: ne-am facut-o cu mana noastra, si nu ne spala nimic prea degraba.

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Hail Croatia
Hail Argentina
Hail Greece
Hail Moldova !!!

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Motivatia tancurilor de a ramane in joc.?cred ca mai bine urmareai ce lvl au avut jucatorii care au plecat. Sincer tare ma bate candul sa plec si eu.

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