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[POTUS] Update for the last couple of days

Nap 1,999, 13:34 Megjelenés helye: USA Egyesült Államok által Artela

Good day eAmerica.

I’d like to start this update with an apology to the eAmerican people for what transpired yesterday. A combination of things (including my RL and waiting on word from allies who would be affected by the NE) meant that I waited too long and missed the window for declaring the Natural Enemy for Aquitaine before the Serbs declared theirs. Mea Culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa.

However, the last couple of days have not all been bad. We proved in the Aquitaine RW just how badass the eUSA can be when we all pull together with a common goal. All militaries in USAF and US-Aim committed fully to the battle and it was joyous to see all those people working together like that on the battlefield! I hope we can all continue on like that and I thank US-Aim for pushing so hard to help take that region.

As a result of yesterday we now have an active Natural Enemy against France. I ask that you do not push too hard in the battles against our French friends, but instead help in important battles as set in the Campaign of the Day and your MU Daily Orders. The executive will continue to work together with representatives from US-Aim to try and improve communications even further. There were always bound to be a few teething problems with a brand new co-operative set up.

And I hope that in the next few days we can have another demonstration of what a truly awesome force a United States of America can be when we all work together and push toward a common goal.

Let’s Continue to Have Fun!

All the best

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Kooguy Nap 1,999, 13:37

I'm dirty Dan

SColbert Nap 1,999, 17:02

No, I'm dirty Dan!

Colonel W Kurac Nap 2,000, 04:37

Hozzászólás törölve

Lorcema Nap 2,000, 08:24

Hozzászólás törölve

Jude Conners
Jude Conners Nap 1,999, 13:47

Good stuff, Artela. Way to step-up and accept responsibility.

For everybody, the NPR show archive for Last Night's show- http://www.blogtalkradio.com/enpr/2013/05/06/enpr--friday-10th-may-2013

Romper Nap 1,999, 14:05

You will have a chance to RW Aquitaine again soon.

Arrlo Nap 1,999, 14:06

What Romper said. There's lots of time, see you on that battlefield!

Ashkoort Nap 1,999, 14:13

Next chance we get, we'll liberate Aquitaine and kick Serbia.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Nap 1,999, 14:16


Ivanherbec Nap 1,999, 14:17

artela te hago un hijo

Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Nap 1,999, 14:18

Better luck next month

Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Nap 1,999, 14:19

Or next year

Arrlo Nap 1,999, 14:20

Keep up the good work defending RWs.

Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Nap 1,999, 14:21

You can bet that we will

Mr.Cypriot Nap 1,999, 14:31

Are you drunk?

Artela Nap 1,999, 15:01

Unfortunately totally sober... you offering to but the next round?

Argrob Nap 1,999, 14:37


Norbengo Nap 1,999, 14:56

This is why Pfeiffers puppets make bad presidents. You are a good follower but lousy leader.

You had the opportunity, but you simply didn't know what to do, to do the NE or listen to the Croats...

Artela Nap 1,999, 15:01

Go away and come back when you know what you're talking about.

Romper Nap 1,999, 15:01

Delusional Serb is delusional, no matter how much he tries to hide it xD

Norbengo Nap 1,999, 15:15

I'd figured Croats would come to defend our puppet POTUS... No one else can after this debacle...
Last time someone let Romper in charge of EDEN it just died... Gold buyers cannot into strategy, just sayin'...

Romper Nap 1,999, 15:47

More delusions, you are just burying yourself in your stupidity more and more. Btw, I was never in charge of EDEN, just sayin' to make you look even more delusional. You really have no idea what you are talking about, do you? Just blabbing randomly, hoping to get something right? It doesn't really work that well for you.

Gnilraps Nap 1,999, 16:52

Actually Romper is one of the better strategists I've met in this game.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Nap 1,999, 17:04

Ya, Romper managed to strategize himself in to a trust fund

Norbengo Nap 1,999, 18:08

Romper traded Bulgaria for Turkey, then theres this NE just as a last example, it eve took him awhile to figure out the 1999 air strike on Belgrade.
All Romer has is RL money and RL hatred, he's too blinded by them to actually be any good of a strategist...

Duh sa Sjekirom
Duh sa Sjekirom Nap 2,000, 00:45

Norbengo you are a bad troll. Your comments makes only you laugh so you might wanna try something else. Just sayin'...

Colonel W Kurac Nap 2,000, 22:54

Hozzászólás törölve

Winter Night
Winter Night Nap 2,001, 08:12

Look, Romper the Indian is here. : ) ) )

Lord Oli
Lord Oli Nap 1,999, 15:04

next time will be better..

Bucephalus92 Nap 1,999, 15:13

The end result may not have been what we were looking for but the coordination between AIM and the Executive was a great thing to see.

Raguzeos Nap 1,999, 15:26

v 170

Spite313 Nap 1,999, 16:14

One Empire

Gnilraps Nap 1,999, 16:50

This is why I supported Artela

Tiamati Nap 2,000, 09:17

Agreed; tis better to embrace the least evil of the candidates on Election Day but frankly this type of greenhorn behavior is ultimately inexcusable.

Gnilraps for PotUS?

Cubby Nap 1,999, 17:03

Thanks for owning it.
Please keep communication high, for America's benefit.

Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Nap 1,999, 17:38


ElvenCRO Nap 1,999, 17:40


jadiv Nap 1,999, 17:42

OK, I was angry over the events. Now I am resolved to the next attempt.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Nap 1,999, 17:45


Skorpion 35
Skorpion 35 Nap 1,999, 17:45

o7 Good luck in Aquataine o7

Covijek Mrcina
Covijek Mrcina Nap 1,999, 17:45


Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Nap 1,999, 17:48

RL? What do you mean RL? The POTUS doesn't get a freakin' RL! Fall in line...

Deepchill Nap 1,999, 17:55

Apology accepted.


Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Nap 1,999, 18:01

Respect for owning up to it.


stewy Nap 1,999, 18:16

It would of been nice to see this before the WHPR played it off as "Not bad for a Thursday afternoon", but props for issuing your own statement and apology on it.

While any surprise element is definitely gone, I'm pretty sure everyone's more then game for another shot at it o7

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Nap 1,999, 19:19


fingerguns Nap 1,999, 19:44

I think we all wish this would've gone differently but it's great to see real effort to coordinate

Jakov Mikhailovich
Jakov Mikhailovich Nap 1,999, 19:58

Remember I made an 11th hour push against you in the primaries? What's the opposite of mea culpa? That one.

Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Nap 1,999, 21:04


Anytime Israel Stevens is trolling someone, they automatically take a bump in my book. I remember the rigors of being POTUS, and RL has a way of screwing things up. It's good to see someone take responsibility for a screw up, rather than passing the buck.

As Jadiv said, I was angry, but having seen this I'm simply resolved for next time.

LordRahl2 Nap 2,000, 07:46

Well said BR.

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