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[Liberal arts contest] Civil Wars and New Governmental Systems

Nap 1,998, 22:58 Megjelenés helye: Romania Kanada által New Faustian Man

This is my entry to the Liberal arts contest being run by the Partidul Liberal, details of which can be viewed here.

I'm entering in Category 1: "I - What would you like to see in eRepublik - game mechanics related - compared to other online games?"

My ideas in brief: The introduction of a Civil War module and extra governmental systems added to the game. How all this would work is the purpose of this article.


The first change would be the addition of civil wars added to the game. These would function as follows:

{i} Civil wars can be started only by a presiding congressperson of the country the civil war will take place in;

{ii} The fee to start a civil war will cost 1000 Gold, payable from the congressperson’s private account;

{iii} The civil war will either be fought over:

(a) whichever region the instigator is located in when he pays the fee, the aim being to establish this region as a ‘country’ in its own right, with its own system of government;


( the nation as a whole, where the civil war is a means to overthrow the current government [automatic impeach should the civil war be a success] and/or system of government and replace it with a new model;

[Upon completing the payment of 1000 Gold the instigator will be asked the official objective of the civil war, which he can specify, the details of which will be accessible to view by all combatants.]

{iv} when all this is completed, the instigators of the civil war and their supporters will then fight to ‘liberate’ a specific region/ the entire country and will fight against the government and their supporters.

If the civil war is won by its instigators everyone in the region when the campaign is won will get to choose whether to join this new country, i.e. receive it’s citizenship, or remain with their present nationality.

The instigator of this new country will receive access to all the tools any other president possesses and will from thereon rule the country.


Should a civil war be successful under condition (a) i.e. a civil war to establish a region as a state, its within the instigators remit to re-name the region to either, for e.g. if it was fought over Ontario:

- Republic of Ontario [Formerly Canadian region of Ontario]
- Autonomous Zone of Ontario [Formerly Canadian region of Ontario]
- Democracy of Ontario [Formerly Canadian region of Ontario]
- Dictatorship of Ontario [Formerly Canadian region of Ontario]
- Communist Republic of Ontario [Formerly Canadian region of Ontario]

And operate by these governmental structures {details below}.

For a civil war to be successful would require a majority or just under of the populace to be behind it, any less and its more than likely to fail. Its also likely the MPP stack will be behind the current government, so anyone organising a civil war would probably require international assistance to ensure its successful, in other words pretty much as it is in real life.

The 1000 Gold starting cost ensures people don't start civil wars wily nilly and ensures only the most convicted opponents of a ruling regime are going to revolt.


The second part of the civil war module is the addition of new governmental systems. These new forms of government will ensure civil wars can be genuine ideological conflicts, something that could ultimately replace the norm of players importing their nationalism to their e-nation. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with that, but this new motivation behind war would make for much more interesting conflicts and whatever countries ultimately emerge from them.


Systems of government can be changed in two ways:

{i} Country president changes the political model by which the country functions by proposing a new system of government [see below] to congress, which will require congress to vote in favour;

[ii] The instigator and victor of a civil war can install a new governmental system automatically upon toppling the presiding government;

Currently we operate with an executive and a congress, the ‘republic’ model, the following are potential additions to in-game governmental structures with a short description of how they would impact legislature and the executive:


- We have a form of democracy with the current government mechanics, but a lot of people will attest to the fact that the current edition often has submissive legislatures as the executive attempts aggressively executing its electoral plans in the short window it has in office. The Democratic model will seek to redress some of this balance not by augmenting or adding to the power of congress but by introducing referendums, whereby all congressional or presidential proposals are determined in part by referendums of the country’s populace. So that every proposal requires a certain percentage of the populace to vote YES on it, as well as the standard YES vote in congress.

- Any government that enacts this model would have to have a lot of faith in its populace, but it would be an interesting spectacle.


- If this political model is established will mean NO executive/CP, NO congress, NO elections, and NO taxes. All the apparatus of government will be removed and people will be able to buy and sell without their products being taxed, and come and go as they please.

- Wars could be started via a referendum that any citizen is able to propose. The same would apply in MPPs and alliance membership. With anyone able to propose an MPP etc. [though each citizen will have only 2 proposals per month in total].

- Immigration would be open-door, with each citizen able to grant cs to a certain amount of new citizens per month.

- No government in the traditional sense, also means no treasury to steal.


- This form of governance would permanently suspend a country’s congress, in its stead the self-appointed dictator/CP will determine every facet of the country, from taxes, alliances, natural enemies etc.

- The presiding dictator can appoint the next dictator when he/she feels the desire to retire. At which point a civil war would be started automatically which the next dictator must successfully subdue, if he doesn’t the country returns to a republic.

- A dictatorship could emerge from and be motivated from all manner of ideology, i.e. extreme rightwing, fascist, or some manner of Stalinist-brand leftism that seeks absolute power. However they brand themselves will depend on the political party from which they emerge.

The cost of starting a civil war will be halved in dictatorships.


- This will operate as a one-party state. The party from which the CP who proposed the change to communism belongs to will become the "official party", and it will be from amongst their ranks ALL congresspersons are elected. This will render all other political parties impotent and demand violent revolution to topple the regime.

- The rights of congress are reduced to either voting YES or NO on the proposals made by the CP, they CAN NOT [irrespective that they're Communist Party members] independently propose anything. All power will reside with the leadership of the ruling party, the Communist Party, in determining taxes, wars, alliances, etc.

- As in dictatorships, all national elections will be permanently suspended. Whoever wins the monthly Communist Party election assumes the reigns of national power.

The cost of starting a civil war will be halved in communist republics.


The original republic structure affords the most flexibility and would remain, after the democratic model, the best defence against tyranny. The democratic model presents possibly the most interesting potential as it allows the populace direct say in governance via referendums on all important government decisions, so as a social experiment it could prove interesting.

The remaining three models, Anarchy, Dictatorships and Communist Republics would be a real c-change from what we’re used to, but just seeing them operate with any level of success would be interesting. If people could set aside the ego-poiltics, all three could prove interesting social experiments. Plus the drama would be epic ofcourse.

Please check out the other articles here

And if you think it deserves it, vote for my article here

Thanks o/



Candor Nap 1,998, 23:51

I voted. Holy shite that's a long read lol! A Judicial somehow would be useful imho.

Mr. A. Smith
Mr. A. Smith Nap 1,999, 07:30

Vive la Revolution

NigelFarage Nap 1,999, 07:54

Also asistem of colonisation for grey spots would be great.

totMarius Nap 2,000, 08:25

nu e in romana nu primesti vot

Acornion Nap 2,000, 14:42

războaie interne. asta ar mai lipsi. nu merci.

SpikyJade2700 Nap 1,999, 00:00


SpikyJade2700 Nap 1,999, 06:15

btw - if a region is under foreign occupation, can civil war start?

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Nap 1,999, 23:40

Yes, but new schism states would always maintain a relation with whatever country they originally were part of. Its the only way to guard against complete fragmentation. So, for instance, say Spain holds Ontario and Spanish players start a civil war there to break Ontario away from Spain and establish a Dictatorship or whatever. This state will remain a satellite of Canada, not Spain.

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Nap 1,999, 00:00

this is awesome. im just slightly pissed on how this only has 9 votes in an hour when it should be like a trillion. Good article as always

Tiamati Nap 1,999, 00:06

Excellent ideas NFM; hopefully they will consider your suggestions to improve the political module.

RaccoonGoon Nap 1,999, 00:09

People have kicked ideas like this around for years, but this may be the most well thought out version of it I've read.

Voted and subbed.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Nap 1,999, 00:13

where the heavens is religious model....a warrior Pope to rule worthless heretics..

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Nap 1,999, 05:48

A theocracy would likely come under the dictator model, I'd think. Then the dictator could apply rules concerning following worship in that country.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Nap 1,999, 06:14

Fair enough but something must be done with an actual fighting model.
An actual strategy in battle where even a weaker player can best the strong one.
Just clicking and watching that damm wall is so annoying...

A want a map ai can move around....some better version of v2...

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Nap 1,999, 09:28

something that would reward a player with good tactics, instead of just the strongest would be nice. You can have the strongest tank in the world, but if you put it in the wrong place, it's useless and a weaker weapon system can destroy it if used wisely.

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Nap 1,999, 09:30

Soldiers for a theocracy would also get some kind of a bonus, I'd think, as they have the motivation of fighting for their deity. They'd also have some weakness, I'd imagine, as they would be more willing to rush into hopeless situations if the leader commands it.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Nap 1,999, 10:03

Time ago while playing C&C i ended up with one trooper......
Everything i had was detroyed but i forget that one on another side of the map so he survived.
So i spent next hours using that one against a full army of 3 opponents.

Funny side of it was those 3 were too busy destroying eachother while i was making my little partisan attacks and running aways after.

Best fun ever...

The Warior of Jochhism
The Warior of Jochhism Nap 1,999, 00:15

v + s great idea 🙂

Dogpyle Nap 1,999, 00:16


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Nap 1,999, 00:19


Pasok na goustaroume
Pasok na goustaroume Nap 1,999, 00:19


KOSOVA Batoa Nap 1,999, 00:22

voted nice.

Al Punk
Al Punk Nap 1,999, 00:24

Like we had enought problems with PTO, such a system would split the world in pieces by Poland and the likes. Imagine what they would do to America, to France, to Italy... NO! Don't give Plato ideas to get more gold from the playwers.

lancer450 Nap 1,999, 00:26


Archfeldspar Nap 1,999, 00:53

100 gold should buy freedom, not just the 'right to fight', In the latter regard the 1000 $ per person cost to start a resistance war is now astronomical due to the current gold rates (same goes for moving costs). Bring back the v1 economy module....it worked;

turturica Nap 1,999, 01:15

I am not sure that all of them can be implemented, but you have some nice ideas there.

Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Nap 1,999, 01:31

I would have won a lot of these.

Jan Karal Chadkievicz
Jan Karal Chadkievicz Nap 1,999, 01:39


eQuBit Nap 1,999, 02:38

Interesting read

Boris The Communist
Boris The Communist Nap 1,999, 02:41

fantastic ideas

HonoreDeBalzac Nap 1,999, 02:44


GSmyrlof Nap 1,999, 02:47



Prim Imperator
Prim Imperator Nap 1,999, 04:13

You are correct. The communism would not be near reality if it were to be implemented like that. All the companies should be nationalized, we would have to work in those companies, but all the goods will go to the country leaders, There will be no more free market, we will buy what the leaders will offer, there will be no more gold for us, all the gold we get from medals will go to the state and so on. Now that would be really fun! 🙂

Mr. A. Smith
Mr. A. Smith Nap 1,999, 07:06

Possible work around to nationalizing companies would be to let the government set all market prices.

Prim Imperator
Prim Imperator Nap 1,999, 08:59

@ Mr. A. Smith
I know there are a few work arounds that can be done. I was just explaining the gentleman above what a communist state is because I doubt he lived in such a state.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Nap 2,000, 08:27

now calm down mr. clever. If you are talking about applying RL communism to a game concept, all the wealth would not go to the leaders for them to give us what they want to. Sounds to me like you speak of a capitalism game concept , where it all goes to the the business owners. Now if you mean that's what would happen if the players in charge were allowed to control distribution, then i could agree. But saying that's the concept or intention of communism is absurd.

If it were to be applied correctly, the wealth would be distributed evenly, still coming from a central source. Personal achievements like medals would still be ours however, as marxist communism still encourages people to work harder to gain more in return, rather than to work harder to put food on the table while a fat CEO gains more in return from your work. This is still unlikely to succeed if it were operated like this, because humanity (and that includes gamers) are still not socially mature enough to handle the distribution without getting greedy. (and not mature enough to handle communism in that sense either)

Prim Imperator
Prim Imperator Nap 2,000, 08:44

Raven, I guess you have never lived under a communist regim. All the theory is nice but it was or will never be applied in practice. Just ask, let's say the hungarians, or the bulgarians,or those from Belarus or someone else who really lived under a communist regim and they will tell you what that really means. RL communism is not what you may have read from the books or what others wanted you to think. Try to visit North Korea and you will see how savage the communism is in there. 🙂

Koratos Nap 1,999, 08:29

Let's call this "popular democracy" and that's fixed 😮

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Nap 1,999, 23:50

I have some idea what a Marxist state would be like. I wasn't going to suggest nationalising our companies or anything because I just don't think it would happen. Government getting to set the prices of all goods would be great though, as would blocked export, so your foreign Market Licences wouldn't work if you had cs in a communist state. There are a few other tweaks you could make, but anything too drastic I can't see happen.

Gooffree Nap 1,999, 02:54

Oh my god, this is quality work! 😮)
The thing is that bringing some costs of gold into this change proposal might make our "makers" take this into consideration 😮).
Voted and shouted ofc 😮)

Prim Imperator
Prim Imperator Nap 1,999, 04:05


Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Nap 1,999, 04:06

This is something that would be great to see implemented.

Emerick Nap 1,999, 04:12


Naboal Nap 1,999, 04:25

I'm pretty sure that for the Catalan community it would give us some really interesting objectives to fight for at least.

Good ideas!

klop123 Nap 1,999, 04:47


Grapho Nap 1,999, 04:49

V+S, this is AWESOME!

Strength and Honour

NueveOcho Nap 1,999, 05:39

Vote 111 😃

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Nap 1,999, 05:47

Interesting concept. On thought on the Anarchy, tho, if there is no treasury, how will MPP's be paid for? Not that a group of anarchists is likely to be looking for MPP's.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Nap 1,999, 23:58

Something like the Airstrike fund maybe, where anyone can contribute cc to a central fund which can then be used to sign MPPs? If there is more the one Anarchist state, they might lol.

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