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[Josh Frost] & [Federalists] The Value of Community

Nap 1,976, 09:59 Megjelenés helye: USA Egyesült Államok által Josh Frost

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First and foremost I would like to thank my new Federalist friends for the hospitality that they have shown me by accepting me into their party and allowing me to help them to continue the amazing success they have experienced. I would also like to extend a thank you to those who have helped me in the past regardless of party or military unit affiliation. Just because I am playing for a different team does not mean that I am not your friend. This is not a question of loyalty. This is a question of priorities. It’s a different circumstance, a different time, but most of all a different Josh.

The Federalists provide me with a different opportunity, but most of all a different atmosphere to do things that are important to me in this game. I am here to enjoy myself and have fun. Some people might play this game to fill some deep rooted psychological need and feel powerful..... I don’t. I want to help build something and have fun in the process. If you want to be involved with a political party that is genuinely active and easily has the best community atmosphere then the Federalist Party is for you. I assure you, Proud and Horny is not just a catchphrase, just come see us on IRC:

If you are a new or even older player the Federalist Party is going to provide you with the best opportunity to contribute not just to a party but to the nation as a whole. It has countless programs dedicated to the instruction and growth of our newer players, opportunities for others to lead and do worthwhile work for a good cause, and it provides a fun filled wholesome atmosphere where you can really express yourself. I encourage you to follow the links I provide and become a member of our community and our Party:

Join the Fed Forums: FederalistForum

Get Free Stuff: A Helping Hand

Join Our New Military Unit S.H.I.EL.D.: S.H.I.E.L.D.

My Plans:

As of this moment, my only plan is to serve and to serve humbly. As I said before I came back to have fun and I am doing that. Whatever is asked of me by the Federalist Party I intend to do and do it with vigor. I intend to help the Federalist Party with S.H.I.E.L.D. and I also plan to help with new player recruitment and retention. I’m interested in helping to build something and watching it grow. I am once again building from the ground up. I’m going to enjoy being just a cog in the machine for a while, but don’t worry this cat always has a plan to set the world on fire.....



Josh Frost
Josh Frost Nap 1,976, 09:59

First for excellence!!!

tdwester Nap 1,977, 22:03

Who is this Josh Frost person?

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Nap 1,977, 22:04

A great guy I have been told. Dunno!

Malarkey83 Nap 1,976, 10:02

Voted for...P/H and awesomesauce

fingerguns Nap 1,976, 10:04

lol this is great

Glad to have you on board!

fingerguns Nap 1,976, 10:10

Was better with the cat porn.

Malarkey83 Nap 1,976, 10:11

Agreed FG

AlexJ1890 Nap 1,976, 10:20


Tiacha Nap 1,976, 10:24

\o/ I remember when you were a wee little kitten and Claire and I put conspiracy theories on you about your election tactics. Now you've come full circle to the Feds. I could cry with happiness.

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Nap 1,976, 10:26

I forgot about that. Except the Claire part. BRB... Need to go kill somebody.

Tiacha Nap 1,976, 10:27

Lol. She's long gone and dead now. 😛

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Nap 1,976, 10:30

I know... Fortunately I have an alibi... Or do I???

Tiacha Nap 1,976, 10:30

The world may never know. 😉

Petey Alazar
Petey Alazar Nap 1,976, 11:16

Legendary kitty. Legendary party.

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Nap 1,976, 11:35

I am so in the right place!

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Nap 1,976, 11:37

I voted, because this article was pretty damn cool~

Cubby Nap 1,976, 12:16

Frost is doing what Frost does.

One Sky
One Sky Nap 1,976, 12:38

Glad to have you here

chickensguys Nap 1,976, 13:10

That cat image in the middle makes me lol

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Nap 1,976, 13:12

Legendary kitty. Legendary party. x2


Molly Emma
Molly Emma Nap 1,976, 14:52


Bucephalus92 Nap 1,976, 14:53

A comment! \o/

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Nap 1,976, 16:31

(Well, you bought enough votes, for 20 of my best articles. ) "Thanks for spreading the love. "

Coyote99 Nap 1,976, 16:57

ST6 then SHIELD, what's next for Catmando 😮

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Nap 1,976, 17:41

So awesome to have Frost back!

Jakov Mikhailovich
Jakov Mikhailovich Nap 1,976, 17:41

Is Pfluffy going to respond?

Jakov Mikhailovich
Jakov Mikhailovich Nap 1,976, 17:41

Yeah, you go Jakov!

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Nap 1,976, 18:00

Your comments get so many votes \o/

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Nap 1,976, 17:56

I agree 100%. 😁

Emerick Nap 1,977, 15:42

I totally read that article

KOSOVA Batoa Nap 1,978, 02:48

Good luck man o/

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