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[DoE] Acronyms all in a row

Nap 1,946, 13:34 Megjelenés helye: USA Egyesült Államok által Department of Citizen Affairs

eRepublik is a game full of many terms, titles, and more that we players typically shorten down to acronyms. These acronyms aren't difficult, but there are so many that it isn’t hard to forget some here and there. This article is purely to help everyone reference acronyms. From the new player straight through to the old. I'll be borrowing a list off of the forums. Which.. if you haven't checked out the forums get to it! 😉

In case you don't know - CTRL+F will bring up the search menu. Just type the acronym you're looking for in the bar, and BOOM!

General acronyms
PTO = Political Takeover
ATO = Anti-Takeover (blocking a PTO)
MPP = Mutual Protection Pact
RW = Resistance War
TW = Training War
NE = Natural Enemy
RM = Raw Materials
FRM = Food Raw Materials
WRM = Weapon Raw Materials
WAM = Work as Manager)
MM = Monetary Market
MM = Mass Message
DO = Daily Order, The Battle a Military Unit can/has selected.
MU = Military Unit.
multi = multi account
Admin = Erepublik staff
Tank = someone doing a large amount of damage and usually has a high strenght
Goldbeasts = People who buy insane amounts of gold.
2 clicker = someone who stopped playing actively and just does his work/train clicks
RL - IRL = Real Life - In Real Life
PDB, PPDB= Presidential Daily Briefing, Party Presidential Daily Briefing
eNPR= eRepublik National Radio
eFPR= Federalist Party Radio

eUSA government positions
POTUS- President of the United States
WHPR = White House Press Release
DoD = Department of Defense
OMS = Office of Militia Support
SF = Special Forces
CO = Commanding Officer
XO = Executive Officer
SO= Senior Officer
SoD= Secretary of Defense
CoS= Chief of Staff
VP= Vice President
CP= Country President
SoS= Secretary of State
SoI= Secretary of the Interior
SoM= Secretary of the Media
SoE= Secretary of Education
EC = Economic council (non-governmental group of econ-gurus who advise congress and the exec on various fiscal and economical issues facing the country and eWorld
CotD - Campaign of the Day
SoH= Speaker of the House
NSC= National Security Council
PP= Party President (not to be confused with Paul Proteus)
VPP= Vice Party President
PAC= Political Action Committee

Cabinet positions frequently used in other countries
CP = Country President
PM = Prime Minister (term used for CP)
CoS =Chief of Staff
MoF = Minister of Finance
MoD = Minister of Defense
MoFA = Minister of Foreign Affairs
MoE = Minister of Education
MoI = Minister of Information
MoImm = Minister of Immigration

USAF = United States Armed Forces
FT - Flight Training (formerly Boot Camp [BC])
eUSMIL or JCSF - Former government military, now militias
JCS- Joint Chiefs of Staff, the JCSF leadership body
CJCS- Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
eUSMC - Marines
AB- Airborne
SHIELD- Fed Party MU
MI- Mobile Infantry
NG- National Guard
TC- Training Corps
EZC - Easy Company
SoL - Sons of Liberty
C4 - Cannon Cockers

Government Orgs
CBO - Congressional Budget Office
DoCO - Department of Civilian Orders

Help Programs
MoW= Meals on Wheels
B4N= Bewbs for Newbs
TU2RU= Tank Up to Rank Up
AHH= A Helping Hand
FTW= Feed the World
FF= Fast Forward

PTO Affiliation
Ajay= Ronald Gipper Reagan(RGR), Pthut (Pizza the Hut - all 3!),General Cartman Lee(GCL)
AFA= American Freedom Alliance

eUS - parties
Feds = Federalist Party
BSP = Black Sheep Party
USWP = United States Workers Party
WTP = We The People
AMP = American Military Party

TP= True Patriot
SS= Super Soldier
HW= Hardworker
BH, BHM = Battle Hero Medal (Highest Influence Total in a given Battle)
CH, CHM = Campaign Hero Medal (Highest Influence Total in a given Campaign)
MM= Media Mogul
RH= Resistance Hero
TF= Top Fighter
FF= Freedom Fighter

Alliances (more info: check wiki)
NA = Northern Alliance. first alliance ever (former alliance)
FIST = (former alliance)
PEACE GC = People of Earth Associated under Common Excellence: Global Community (former alliance)
ATLANTIS = (former alliance)
FIST = Formidable International Security Treaty (former alliance)
ONE = Order of New Eworld (former alliance)
PHX = Phoenix (former alliance)
ENTENTE= (former alliance)
Brolliance = (former alliance)
FORTIS = (former alliance)
Terra = (former alliance)
SOL = (former alliance)
CTRL = Came To Rock, Literally (former alliance)
ABC = Alliance of Baltic Countries (former alliance)
CoT = Circle of Trust (former alliance)
EDEN = Erepublik Defense & Economic Network (former alliance)
GEA = Garden of EDEN alliance (former alliance)
TWO= The World is Ours(former alliance)
Asteria= Asteria(currently active alliance)
Sirius: Sirius(currently active alliance)

more information : http://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/Alliances



MazzyCat Nap 1,946, 13:36

Let me know any acronyms you feel need to be added. Thank! ♥


Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Nap 1,946, 17:59

FIST = Formidable International Security Treaty

One of the early greats. ; _ ;


Hale26 Nap 1,946, 13:40


Haselrig Nap 1,946, 14:08


Gervaz Nap 1,946, 14:10

Voted o7

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Nap 1,946, 14:12

-Ajay (All his alternate names)

Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Nap 1,946, 14:20

and an explanation how horrid he is to the "enation"

While I don't disagree at all - this is purely about the acronyms. Naturally I can't control the comments though.

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Nap 1,946, 14:35

I agree... he is a special case. Maybe a hyperlink to THE article about him?

Grocsev Nap 1,946, 14:17

TWO is somehow missing from the alliances.

Thank you!

Grocsev Nap 1,946, 14:27

you're welcome :)

Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Nap 1,946, 14:20

voted o7

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Nap 1,946, 14:26

You should add DLS and BB xDD

Will do. 🙂

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Nap 1,946, 14:36

You missed a BB... There are two: BeachBunny.

mzCielly Nap 1,946, 14:28

boated o>

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Nap 1,946, 14:29

Spell check needs to be added.

WTF is Sectary or Libery?

United Independent's Party Apostrophe?
USWP United States Worker's Party ?

You're the Secretary of EDUCATION are you not?

Thank you Chance. So very glad you're here to help the eUS!

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Nap 1,946, 14:38

Wooow... Way to be an asshole.

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Nap 1,946, 14:42

Pointing out grammatical errors isn't being an ahole. Wait let me guess, your next statement would be "we all know what she means anyway". Right? Our education system is such a failure.

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Nap 1,946, 14:49

No. Pointing out spelling mistakes is fine. Saying, "You're the Secretary of EDUCATION are you not?" is where you show your colors. It's an online game... gimme a fucking break.

Simulare Nap 1,947, 11:02

Your error is in the assumption that the "eSecretary of Education" is actually educated. When you consider that the first paragraph of this article is written at a 5th grade level, these punctuation and spelling errors really aren't all that consequential.

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Nap 1,947, 12:24

In all honesty, I actually blew right by that first paragraph.

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Nap 1,947, 12:21

So because it's an online game means spelling doesn't matter?

::face palm::

Yes if someone is going to "play the part" of Secretary of Education they could use proper grammar and spelling. At least spell secretary correctly ffs.

I hope you feel better by thinking you hurt my feelings somehow. All I was doing was pointing out the obvious. If you don't like it that's just too damn bad. I wasn't looking to score brownie points with anyone. Cry me a friggin' river.

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Nap 1,947, 13:23

L.o.l. No. The funny thing is that you phrased it the way you did with the distinct intention of hurting feelings, not just "pointing out the obvious." Quit masking your just being a jerk with "trying to make a point."

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Nap 1,946, 14:31

iNCi = inci = INCI (pronounced in-gee)
SCUO = South Carolina Ulku Ocaklari
SCI = Special Committee on Intelligence

Shall add them - thanks! 😃

fingerguns Nap 1,946, 15:06

Are those first two still relevant? I mean no offense, but once the majority of iNCi left, I didn't hear anymore about it.

MazzyCat Nap 1,946, 15:06

They are still talked about though.

fingerguns Nap 1,946, 15:14

Not really complaining, just curious. I mean HR is on this list ffs. Clearly there is no 'relevance' requirement. lol burn.

This was copied from forums (most complete list I found) and added to. It's not perfect, but perfection is not the goal here. I debated removing the names, but they mattered to someone at somepoint.

Simulare Nap 1,947, 11:29

Let me see if I understand this, party numbers equate to relevance? Good to know your position on that topic as it seems to be popular as of late.

Speaking of misstatements.. that's kind of a slap in the face to our inci benefactors to learn that a former POTeUS has deemed them "irrelevant".

fingerguns Nap 1,947, 12:24

poor mccvii

Simulare Nap 1,947, 20:32

Hmm, I don't feel poor. Poor as in you pity me? Poor from a financial perspective? Kindly explain as I am certain that you are well versed in the subject.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Nap 1,947, 21:58

I can call those who remain from eTR to here if you'd like

Evil.Elvis Nap 1,946, 14:32

QM, CO, XO, etc.

I thought I had those on there. o.O but! will get to them.

Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Nap 1,946, 14:39

GQM ,Pvt Pv1 Cpl Sgt Lt Cpt Col Maj Gen etc

Evil.Elvis Nap 1,946, 14:39

i see them now in the government section, my fault, i looked in the military section. great job though!

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Nap 1,946, 14:41

Whoa, no Vox? 😕

Also no HOOD? 😛

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Nap 1,947, 19:57

You know who came up with the name Vox Populi for the party right? Yup you guessed it. Moi....

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Nap 1,946, 14:41

Also iNCi is a secret

KOSOVA Batoa Nap 1,946, 15:04


fingerguns Nap 1,946, 15:07

Oh snap, we just posted this on the Fed forum a couple days ago!

Great minds think alike *wink*

ligtreb Nap 1,946, 15:11

This is a great list.

Also, DW = Dan Wang = CerbisWar (and NOT the real Cerb).

MazzyCat Nap 1,946, 15:11

Got it!

fingerguns Nap 1,946, 15:15

Might want to update the 'currently active alliance' part.

Yea - I copied this from forums. So I missed a few corrections. 😃

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Nap 1,946, 16:10

Bias is not education.

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