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[Artela]&[USWP] The Value of Loyalty

Nap 1,975, 12:38 Megjelenés helye: USA Egyesült Államok által Artela

For those who have been around the USA for a while my name is probably synonymous with that of my party, the United States Workers Party (USWP). For a little while I have been less active than I should have been within the party, taking some time out to sit a lower tier party for the ATO effort and letting others take the lead within the USWP. Last night I handed off that lower tier party so that I could fully return to the USWP. It is no secret that there have been a few problems with the party for some time, and our slide from our glorious first position party of the past has been a slow decay that now must be halted and reversed.

USWP is my party. For better or worse, I will not abandon it while hope for its survival remains.

Those who know me know about my loyalty.

…Loyalty to friends

…Loyalty to Party

…Loyalty to Country

Consequently I will not be among those who have decided to abandon the party. I will stay loyal to the party I have loved ever since I set foot on the shores of eAmerica. And so I am taking steps to make sure that everyone knows that I think my party is something valuable, something worth fighting for, something worth keeping to ensure a strong, safe and diverse political landscape in America.

I will fight for USWP.

I will fight for it to survive and thrive, and I invite all with USWP in their hearts, all USWPers past, present and future, to join me in doing the same.

Forget your differences. Forget past grievances. Diversity should make us stronger, not pull us apart! Help preserve something worth keeping. Help make USWP something to be truly proud of again.

The USWP has a long and proud history. We have had 16 Country Presidents lead this country from USWP since it was formed, and between them they have led the country for 24 months. We were the number one party in the USA for the longest time. We regularly punched above our weight in Congress elections, and had more than 50% of the seats there at one time.

So, what went wrong? How did a great and proud party who had it all lose it?

A large part of what went wrong was a tendency as a party to concentrate on national politics to the exclusion of party politics. While concentrating on national politics we, as a party, forgot that we still need to concentrate on the party itself, on the people in the party, on the new people who join, and even on the old people who have ‘been there, done that’ but that still have valuable contributions to make. We devalued the worth of those who wished to be involved only at a party level and did not give them their deserved support or recognition. We need to acknowledge that without the people there *is* no party, and people need a reason to stay.

As a result of all that we have also suffered from general apathy, with those who remained quite content to just let a couple of people carry all the burden of doing everything. While this is sustainable for a short time it gives no opportunities to educate the next generation of party members, it gives no room for growth of individuals in the party, and it is counter-productive in the long term. And if we don’t allow people to grow *within* the party, how will they learn and grow to then move on to the national politics stage? We need to recognize that a party is built on collaboration, not on dictatorship, and certainly not on the laziness of the majority. And we *all*need to contribute in whatever ways we can for our party to succeed. We need to educate our people in the mechanics of both the game and the politics involved, and we need to create future leaders through encouragement and support to rise up through the party ranks.

So, what is being done to fix this mess we have gotten ourselves into?

What is the way forward?

We have new party programs that have either already started or that are in planning to help new party members, like the free food and weapons program: tinyurl.com/BR4iNsf0rz0MBi3s . We have people eager to make these programs work. We have many members being active in the media (some links below to their most recent efforts). So we have active people who just all need to pull together.

It is my hope that with everyone working together we can stop the slide, that we can make this the party of awesomeness that it used to always be, that we can make a strong party full of capable people who can help not only secure the future of the party but also continue to keep this great nation equipped with capable potential leaders for the future.

USWP Media

"Energy Use In Erepublik" by Squantoo

"Not again..." by Stalinov

"Why USWP?" by Ryan Fisher

"This is not a Fairy Tale" by Agent ballerina

"*Shore Leave* Star Trek: The Motion Picture Review" by Dauntless2000

"Tips for new players & other" by Thern alpha

All the best

Artela’s wiki

It is traditional for me to end my articles with a bunch of links for you, hopefully with information you'll find useful...

Recommended Reading:

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Dept of Interior | White House Press Room | Pony Express | eNPR Radio |

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ElvenCRO Nap 1,975, 12:43

voted o/

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Nap 1,975, 12:44

Awesome article.

This would DEFINITELY motivated me if I were still USWP.

I wish you and the party nothing but success.

By the way.... hawt pic!

The Mike
The Mike Nap 1,975, 12:44

voted o/

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Nap 1,975, 12:45


I admire your loyalty to the USWP, Artela! Glad to see you taking the reigns on a movement to revitalize it.

fingerguns Nap 1,975, 12:53

Honestly and sincerely, good luck to you guys. So much of what the Feds built in the early days was inspired by the USWP. You can do this!

Othere Nap 1,975, 21:04

The Feds serve as an inspiration for me as a newer eMerican. We're all in this together!

Strength and Honour

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Nap 1,975, 13:40

Seriously good luck with the USWP Artela, I remember when you guys were an insane Zombie Hoarde to be reckoned with, feels wrong otherwise

Rican Nap 1,975, 13:45

voted !

biaxident Nap 1,975, 14:12


Thedark ace
Thedark ace Nap 1,975, 14:48

Should prbs have a [USWP] tag

But I like the use of the TUP/VfVendetta slogan : P

Artela Nap 1,976, 11:18

Wondered who would notice that one 😛

Colonel W Kurac
Colonel W Kurac Nap 1,975, 15:49

Артела нема гаће.

Norbengo Nap 1,975, 17:21

We are here to help get you back in that no. 1 spot :😁))

Dogpyle Nap 1,975, 17:53

This is the kind of article I am happy to vote for.

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Nap 1,975, 22:25

Voted hard.

USWP for life!

costin1989 Nap 1,975, 23:04

good luck Artela!

BeachBunny Nap 1,975, 23:05


ligtreb Nap 1,975, 23:22

I wish I saw this earlier, had a crazy day in real life.

Most of my e-life in the USWP came before Artela, but I'm just as proud of my party as she is.

The USWP, while not nearly as great as it used to be, still stands for quality, doing what it can for the country and helping its members grow.

I too will fight for the USWP.

The USWP is my party.

Artela Nap 1,975, 23:25

I voted this comment so hard!

ArchAngel 70
ArchAngel 70 Nap 1,976, 00:56

v47 🙂

cLaw eagLe
cLaw eagLe Nap 1,976, 05:08


Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Nap 1,976, 06:06

Lots of respect and good luck Artela!

Josper23 Nap 1,976, 06:26


Leotrim93 Nap 1,976, 07:09


RU Mad fer IT
RU Mad fer IT Nap 1,976, 08:41

why u make soo much political propaganda? u r going to be TO-ed anyways... soo sad 'murica

Artela Nap 1,976, 11:17

Not while there's still a breath left in my body we aren't

Pfeiffer. Nap 1,976, 14:26

ditto this

Gnilraps Nap 1,976, 12:53


Lord Krauser
Lord Krauser Nap 1,976, 15:21


Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Nap 1,976, 15:49

Voted. Best wishes. 😁

Jakov Mikhailovich
Jakov Mikhailovich Nap 1,976, 17:44

The party of scrabman? Nothanks.

Jakov Mikhailovich
Jakov Mikhailovich Nap 1,976, 17:44

Yeah, screw scrabman!

Kortanul Nap 1,976, 18:14

The thought of there being another active party pleases me--something more than just what seems to have become Feds vs. AFA with every other party just being the brass driving a slowly fading army of two-clickers.

Pfeiffer. Nap 1,976, 22:19

What you observe isn't in fact the reality of things. Doubt you take my word for it, but that's par for the course.

Arrden Nap 1,977, 10:14

No Vote for Hypocrisy.

Arrden Nap 1,977, 10:28

The only Loyalty you speak of, is loyalty you had to the very few friends that you kept. Most of the Bad things you speak of in this article, were done under your direct watch as a USWP President multiple times. And when you were not Party President, your best friends were, and you did Nothing to change the way the USWP operated and conducted itself. And you certainly did NOT encourage "Diversity". Members opinions weather Old or New were Not valued at all, or even considered. To be quite honest Nothing or No one was viewed with any value in the USWP. Except Pfeiffer, Inwegen, and you Artela. You 3 have ran the Party for well over year. All 3 of you have Voted and Nominated the same exact way since I started in the USWP. Who ever you 3 would nominate is how your Zombies would Nominate and Vote month after month. You encouraged NONE of the good things you speak of in this article since I started playing 2 years ago. And the worst of all, you sat idley by while Pfeiffer drove this party at 100 MPH off a cliff. The time for saving has come and gone, and your a day late and dollar short.

Artela Nap 1,979, 06:33

Things have changed Arrden. Rainy Sunday has now been PP for a couple of months, new people are coming through and helping pull the party together, and this is my way of giving them as much support as I can. Things can get better, are getting better, will get better...

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