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How do we bring people to this game (and country)?

6 Dan 531, 11:50 Objavljeno u USA USA

There are two main ways to make this country stronger:

1) Make our citizens more active
2) Grow our population

We still have a lot to improve, but we are getting better at #1. The efforts of organizations like Meals on Wheels and the National

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Congrats to Aang Airbender

3 Dan 523, 00:23 Objavljeno u USA USA

Aang Airbender has defeated me in our congressional race in Colorado, 17-14.

It was a close, competitive race and I applaud Aang Airbender for running a good, clean campaign.

Here's hoping Aang Airbender does well in Congress and represents

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Election day is just the beginning

0 Dan 522, 01:25 Objavljeno u USA USA

Election day is finally upon us.

The last week of campaigning has been nasty and hateful at times. That is to be expected in any kind of democracy, even a virtual one.

But in every democracy, campaigns end, and the real work begins.


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How I would have voted

7 Dan 517, 11:58 Objavljeno u USA USA

As many of you know, I am running for Congress in Colorado and in my platform, I stress the importance of transparency and making votes public.

So it's only fair that

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Country Unity

1 Dan 515, 11:33 Objavljeno u USA USA

There has been some bickering between members of different parties lately. This is only natural, it's congressional election season, and every party wants to win the most seats possible. If they didn't, they wouldn't be much of a party.

But let's

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