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George Griffin Says Good Bye

3 Dan 802, 18:17 Objavljeno u USA USA


As you have read above... I am saying good bye to everyone and turning a new page. I have enjoyed every second of this game. I have met some very nice people. I know it early in my elife to quit but it's that time.


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Avatar Vote

2 Dan 800, 20:26 Objavljeno u USA USA

Hello everyone...

The past few days I have been commented on my theme towards George W. Bush. the reason I picked him is because I have always liked his ideas and his personality. But I will agree it is leaning towards one political mind. Since

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Beaches of Normandy

1 Dan 799, 19:47 Objavljeno u USA USA

I came across a video that made me chuckle.

<a href="">

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Why PigInZen... READ

2 Dan 799, 19:26 Objavljeno u USA USA


After the elections I am buckling down and getting serious with my articles. I am coming out and being blut with who I want to be the next POTUS. My voice or opinion might not count to you but I believe here in America we have a right to

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Why Am I Conceding?

7 Dan 797, 18:49 Objavljeno u USA USA


Tonight I come and write a little speech to every eAmerican. I am not upset one bit or downed by this loss in New Hampshire. I am great full that eAmerica got Devoid back into congress! I was talking with my PP a few minutes ago and we we'

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