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World Dynamics: Stagnant Super Alliances

Dan 1,905, 10:32 Objavljeno u Canada Španjolska od Tokerr

Hey Admins, this ones for you:

Normally I don't care enough to bother with an article, normally a quick comment on the friends feed is all I need for a little validation.

But this idea is too important for just the friends feed.

I like eRepublic and I want it to be a better strategy game. So it bothers me to see the world community fall into stagnation due to the fact that everything is run by 1 or 2 super alliances.

Stagnation is bad and Super Alliances are not fun.

So my idea is to cap alliances at 3 nations each. Think about it!

Think of the world strategies that would come!

Instead of 1 or 2 over powered alliances, lets have MANY dynamic alliances.

So to recap:
Super alliances = not fun and stagnant.
Many dynamic alliances = fun, exciting, NEW!

Although it is unlikely, it is my hope that these words reach someone important who has a say in the future direction of erepublik.

Community! Please discuss this idea in the comment section below.



I-Bleed-Blue-93 Dan 1,905, 10:39

An interesting concept, however 3 is a little tiny, and it would only end up with all of the superpowers joining into Trios and picking on the smaller alliances. They would also just be friendly with other super-trios and would result in a similar place to where we are now.

Nice concept though and welcome to the world of public media. o7

Tokerr Dan 1,905, 11:00

this is true, Trios would align, however at least they cannot add their damage together in battle, which can make a world of difference.

and I think due to the human condition of greed and lust for power, Trio super alliances would eventually break down into the vision that i have for erepublik.

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Dan 1,905, 11:26

well alliances changed alot since they became cheaper (50 gold it used to be, now it's 10k local currency), when the bots produced heaps of money, even tiny countries had 15-20 MPP's. The currency has been devalued, and smaller countries can't buy as much. Bigger countries with larger populations can however buy more because of increased tax increases. A cap nevertheless is an interesting concept.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Dan 1,905, 12:20

Limiting the number of MPP's would create a larger number of "teams" or "alliances" which would create more interaction.

Another interesting change along these lines would be changing the cost of MPP's so that it varies with the population of the countries involved. The cost would be 1 CC for each citizen of the country you are allying with. eCan would have to pay 10,000 or so to ally with the eUS while eUS would pay 1,000 or so to ally with eCan.

Crock Crosby
Crock Crosby Dan 1,905, 15:59

Addy your idea does not exactly level the playing feild and make the game more fun.

Ogruto Dan 1,906, 02:03

This is a very good idea!

Pants Magee
Pants Magee Dan 1,906, 05:57

So What would be stopping 2 or 3 trio alliances hooking up in IRC or forums and just forming out of game agreements to fight certain countries and avoid certain ones? The problem is the player base of countries is more lopsided than the amount of people in game who play for different countries than their RL one.

If 25000 Latvians up and join next week and fought for their country then they would be a national power in a short time despite alliances.

P. Magee

Tokerr Dan 1,906, 10:08

So basically unless this idea was implemented from the very beginning, its destined to fail!

We are too far into world politics for things to change now.

Ok I gots a new idea, see the new article!

Blood Hearon
Blood Hearon Dan 1,907, 06:22

o7 Love the idea it would really take great leaders then.

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