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Who am I Challenge, Oinyo edition

Dan 1,897, 09:28 Objavljeno u Canada Kanada od Oinyo

Who am I? Well I am Oinyo. I first started playing 5 months ago in Aug 2012.
I like playing this game because it does not require me to sit at the screen for 5+ hours at a time. I can get up and do other things then come back and continue on.

My religion is probably closest to Agnostic. I am one of those people that will be assigned into a group and instantly shake everyones hands trying to get to know everyone. I love public speaking and I love helping others out and contributing to great ideas or goals.

I have a cat. I box on Wed, I play cards on Tue. I work 2 jobs that I love..

Not too much else about me you do not already know...

My RL politics change depending on who is the leader that term and how badly they or another party screwed up the prior years.



Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,897, 10:38


This oinyo guy is quite annoying on IRC. Find (or avoid) him on #eCan lolol ;P

chewytaz Dan 1,897, 10:53

"I have a cat. I box on Wed,"

You have three I remember that on IRC from yesterday ^.^

When I'm not in an arm cast (ex. now) i love boxing.

yeah not much else, just wanted to say hi : )

Oinyo Dan 1,897, 11:22

Lol Mary 😛
Chewy I have 1 cat. My wife brought her 2 cats into the relationship so 3 total 😛

But I still only consider the one cat mine 😃

yeah boxing is a huge passion of mine. Very excited for tomorrow 😃

Oinyo Dan 1,897, 11:22

oh and hello!

chewytaz Dan 1,897, 12:37

I remember kickboxing being mentioned. Do you kickbox, box with gloves (didn't know how to phrase that differently) or both?

Oinyo Dan 1,897, 14:50

Used to kickbox years ago 😃 Now I box (With gloves) 🙂

what about that you walk your cat?
to bad I'm banned from eCan IRC since I like talking to you on it

Oinyo Dan 1,898, 08:27

Ha ha yeah I walk my cat in the local cat parks 😛

Sabzii. you can talk to me in the #liberty channel 🙂

klop123 Dan 1,898, 16:16

hey hey love all of your cats equally, no discrimination ^__^

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Dan 1,898, 19:31

oinyo is the man

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