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What is your goal?

Dan 1,899, 11:56 Objavljeno u United Kingdom Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo od General Marley

I'm writing this article so everyone can tell each other about their goals here at Erepublik. So what is your goal? To have a sucsseful news paper or business or just to simpley fight for your nation.

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Saiwun Dan 1,899, 12:21

I want to be PP of the day!

Delete acc
Delete acc Dan 1,899, 12:34

Improve my english. Friends. Head of MoD. 😃

CptChazbeard. Dan 1,899, 12:38

Hopefully have a bit of fun and, as of yesterday, start an eUK folk-punk band with lots of cowbell o/

Wyatt Earp 74
Wyatt Earp 74 Dan 1,899, 13:02

I want to be CP PP and anything else i can get

But thats just

lancer450 Dan 1,899, 13:12

To stop f*cking around and finally quit playing this game. But, that's just me. : )

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Dan 1,899, 13:54

1,000,000,000 True Patriot Damage (=

FightAndProduce Dan 1,899, 13:56

Have a ton of strength,win 100 BH's,get PP,I wouldn't want CP,too much pressure.

Samoss The Great
Samoss The Great Dan 1,899, 14:07

My goals are slightly modest ,
Have enuff strength to be effective in battles ,get a few medals
and enjoy playing this game and make a few friends along the way

Voted o7

surferdude Dan 1,899, 17:11

To be King after the current one has died

Massacar Dan 1,899, 19:11

I would like to hold a congressional seat, preferably more than once so that I might get to learn the system and adapt to it.
I would also like to be able to produce enough of my own product so as to help provide for others rather than have to ask for weapons.

WayneKerr Dan 1,900, 04:52

5g and a medal...

Cygnus X1
Cygnus X1 Dan 1,900, 11:11

To have enough money to bathe in it, alongside my hoes

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