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USWP Quiz Nights

Dan 1,544, 14:13 Objavljeno u USA SAD od Pfeiffer.

OK people, time to do that whole 'wake up the zombies' thing again...or at least try.

To start, the USWP will be hosting quiz night twice a week from now on. To start, it will be held on Sundays and Thursdays. Questions will be pulled out of whoever is hosting the event's butt. It can be random stuff they know or they can spend time building a diverse list of categories and levels and whatnot. Personally, I'm hoping for the most random crap possible...because that makes for the most frustrating results.

Prizes will be tiered, in rounds. Three rounds a night, three winners per round.

For each round the prizes are as follows:

First place - 25 q6 tanks and 250 q5 food
Second place - 15 q6 tanks and 150 q5 food
Third place - 5 q6 tanks and 75 q5 food

Now, these nights are open to all...but if you're a member of the USWP, your prize doubles.

Should any player win all three rounds in a night, I will personally send them 5 gold. (I'm not doubling this one for members...sorry, that's a lot of gold)

I'll be hosting the first few of these, live in #uswpchat on the Rizon server. Everyone should drop in and give it a try, starting at 1900 server time.

I hope to see you all there, I'll be doing my best Stephen Fry impression.

QI is master race of quiz shows




Pfeiffer. Dan 1,544, 14:13

That really is quite interesting.


Jude Connors
Jude Connors Dan 1,544, 14:17


eShades Dan 1,544, 14:19

Damn, that's somewhat late... How long will these rounds last? and can I slide you a couple bucks to rig me a few rounds?

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,544, 14:22

It has to be later for the east coast or nobody on the west coast could play. 1900 seems to work for /most/ people for things, so I've set it then. If we need to move it, we can.

As to rounds, I expect they will be 20 questions each...but the host could change that if they really wanted.

Cthulhu.. Dan 1,544, 14:44

I am trivia.

GoddessOfDesire Dan 1,544, 14:48


Nosyt Dan 1,544, 14:50


Plout Dan 1,544, 15:15

How do you pick who the host is?

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,544, 15:17

It'll be various USWP guys, Plout. Me, Rock, Artela, Alex, etc. Hopefully Inwegen Cerb and Lex will want to do one at some point.

Clydeo Dan 1,544, 15:25

11 eastern are you crazy only weirdos and addicts and pervs stay up that late

SycroN Dan 1,544, 15:48

Sounds cool.

General Cartman Lee
General Cartman Lee Dan 1,544, 16:01

How about half of your yearly supply of alligator?

Lord Krauser
Lord Krauser Dan 1,544, 22:03

I missed this one but well try for the next.


Arrden Dan 1,545, 10:15


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