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UP Congress

Dan 1,768, 09:39 Objavljeno u South Africa Južna Afrika od Alfredo The Sauce

(Special thanks to Enriche2Ribeiro, may his profile rest in ePeace.)

So, congress elections are coming up and I'm sure everyone's excited and wondering who to vote for. Well before you vote I'd like you to take a look at the Union of Patriots! Over the past month or so we have successfully gained some new immigrants and citizens as well as an older citizen or two. As for those who are running, we have a healthy mix of congress veterans and new guys who want to dip into the congress waters.

Anyways, vote eSouth Africa, vote UP!



Jimakos-Thess Dan 1,768, 13:18

Voted UP \o/

kuckuck Dan 1,768, 15:08


Wacky368 Dan 1,768, 17:29


SM333ZA Dan 1,768, 21:54


Lara May
Lara May Dan 1,769, 00:08

Vote for a dead party?
No thanks, vote IA or DB people!

Skiet111 Dan 1,769, 00:49

UP ... dead .... LMFAO, you haven't been around much have you 😉


Brenda Black
Brenda Black Dan 1,769, 02:57

V o7

Dule87 Dan 1,769, 03:34

UP is not dead, we are comming back !

Vanessa1309 Dan 1,769, 05:17

Good luck UP, maybe you can give IA a little competition?

Mad Johnson
Mad Johnson Dan 1,769, 06:43

Well UP is in danger of falling a place in the party rankings soon.
Maybe you can turn it around Alfie! Good luck guys!

George Silver
George Silver Dan 1,769, 06:51


Let's give the other parties a run for their money!

Alfredo The Sauce
Alfredo The Sauce Dan 1,769, 07:32

Thanks everyone.

Man do I wish I just kept my mouth shut when Lara May's app was about to expire and no one was noticing, well we all make mistakes I guess.

Rexdeus Dan 1,769, 09:00

good luck UP !!

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Dan 1,770, 01:14

Good luck guys!

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