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Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece, 3rd eRepublik International meeting

Dan 1,902, 10:34 Objavljeno u USA Cipar od Mr.Cypriot

My erepublik name is Thermaikos.
Thermaikos is a gulf of the Aegean Sea located immediately south of Thessaloniki regional unit.
I republish this article from Makedonissa

Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece
3 words, 3 names, 3 ideas that since 2500 years ago have marched hand in hand through history, during all periods of Greek history, both good and bad.
This is the city that was chosen for the 3rd eRepublik International meeting, by the players themselves, following a tradition established in the previous 2 meetings.

Details about the event and the team behind it, you can find in this article which officially announced the meeting.

Some people have been saying lately that Greece changed the city names recently or right after the liberation of Macedonia from the Ottoman Empire in the 1910's or during 2nd World war and so on. I listened carefully to those arguments and I was very much intrigued by their persistence, so I searched for the truth. Not in any biased source, like Greek books or the kind, but in Europe. So let's see how European cartographers used to call the city:

click on the map for larger image

This is an image from the Great Mercator Atlas, published in 1569 a.D in France (not sure about France though). In the red circle you can clearly see the name "Thessaloniki".

click on the map for larger image

A map by Jodocus, taken from Hondius, drawn around 1610 a.D. describing the path Paul took to spread the Gospel. Again in the red circle you can read "Thessalonica".

Without describing anymore, in the next few antique maps, you can clearly see in the red circle the name "Thessaloniki" written in English, German and French.
Also you can click on the maps for full size view.

Map of 1697

Map of 1845

Map of 1856

Map of 1878

Map of 1899

What is my point, you will wonder... Well, my point is to share the knowledge with all of you and to give you an even bigger incentive to visit Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece for the 3rd eRepublik International meeting.
I will not post modern photos of the city since you can easily find them online, this article is only a crash course on the name of the city as it is recorded on maps from the 16th century until our days.
Soon another article with more historical facts about Thessaloniki will be published, so stay tuned.


Black Sonia
Black Sonia Dan 1,902, 10:54


mide13 Dan 1,902, 11:34


Plainswalker Dan 1,902, 22:23

The name of that city was given when it was founded by the Eastern Roman Empire (which you renamed to the Bysantine empire in the 19th century, what is 5 centuries after it seized to exist) and the original name is Salona. The Greeks rename it to Thessaloniki while the Macedonians rename it to Solun.

Makedonissa Dan 1,903, 04:35

And what about Apostle Paul's letters and preaching in Thessaloniki? Did he also live after the 19th century or was he also a Greek and he named it so by himself?
Man, seriously now...dont swallow it at once. Chew it first, taste it and then swallow ; )

Georgelakeland Dan 1,918, 07:07

voted poli oreas sillogi charton.

Ro4ko Dan 2,910, 07:54

Macedonians are Greeks, right? Then how come only half of Greece has human rights. only northen "Greeks" don't have human rights. Particulary Macedonians, Turks and Vlachs? After 3 days the poor man gets fired because he isn't a Greek. I suggest you go to "Florina" and "Kilkis" (Lerin and Kukush) to take a look and talk to people. not just from there, but the whole region.

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