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The State of the Malcom: Day 1,892

Dan 1,892, 09:26 Objavljeno u USA SAD od Jon Malcom

Dear Friends and RvR,

The current situation is quite dire. We have some new Roman Legion fantasy league, we have Fingerguns as president, and we have too few articles by me in the top five.

Something must be done. Perhaps I can post headless chicken porn, or webcam pictures of Bia Pandora, or maybe bring out the big guns and get the Authentic Katy Perry nudes we all want to have. Either way this game is like a case of diabetes. Pronounced dya-bee-tays.

How does this game work? It's simple. You click work, train, and kiss butt to the higher ups. Basically it's like my job plus actual work and depression. Now I know that some of you are thinking "Jon this is a scathing article about blah blah blah..." To Pig In Zen I say "jump off a cliff".

I remember HelloKitty. I remember the good times. Isn't it odd how the past generation always say's that they had the good old days? And that the next one doesn't know what it's been missing out on? I say that every day can be a good time as long as it has (Insert favorite player here) and (insert porn link here).

To the fantasy Roman soldiers and their leader who just now has woken up. What is it? Publius.
Next month it will be a WW2 themed fan club and the month after a Socialist, Star Trek, and maybe even a Sims fan club.

Are we not just reinventing the wheel here? Perhaps that is the only way some believe they can survive is to live on through others.

May I make one suggestion?
Live on through yourself and others will gladly follow.



Jon Malcom
Jon Malcom Dan 1,892, 09:27


Goxi HN
Goxi HN Dan 1,892, 09:34

headless chicken porn > katy perry nudes

Rick von Ruger
Rick von Ruger Dan 1,892, 09:39

i thought you quit, noob

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,892, 10:00


Very happy to see you : )

pure_evil Dan 1,892, 10:28

headless chicken porn > katy perry nudes

Iamnameless Dan 1,892, 11:04

It's not for Jon, Bia - it's for your eNation!

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,892, 12:00


I remember Hello Kitty and Lion King!

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Dan 1,892, 13:12

>> as long as it has (Insert favorite player here) and (insert porn link here) << Oh, Jon! (blush)

heheh... no, but srsly.... a socialist star trek month?: YES!!!

Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache Dan 1,892, 13:23

Yo this shit about the social club themes might just have been the most logical stuff I've read in a while. Been saying this role play in a role play (ROLECEPTION!!!!) is stupid as hell for atleast a month now.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,892, 14:27

"It's not for Jon, Bia - it's for your eNation! "


Marsylianka Dan 1,892, 16:51

Komentar izbrisan

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Dan 1,892, 18:37

Hummmmmm headlesschickenporn.

Angelo Oliva Jr
Angelo Oliva Jr Dan 1,893, 09:15


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