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The new badass party-November/December

Dan 1,827, 10:09 Objavljeno u Israel Izrael od Roni Rubin

Today day 1,827 the badass party stands at 58 members,and is still the second biggest party in eisrael and among the most active ones.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you first of all for being supportive to me,also for choosing to be a badass and helping those newbies who keep joining the party.

We will continue with our unique supply routine to all party members.

Congress elections are ahead and I want to refresh the party's policy regarding that.

* All people who wish to run for congress must be ready to donated their medal at the very same day of the elections results,no delays will be tolerated this time.

*If you wish to run you should do so as soon as you decide,and not a day before elections please,this will help figuring out what our list will look like as early as possible,in addition to that,many people wish to run this month,some of them are new to our congress,which will fill the list earlier than the usual so save your spot run fast enough.

*Same for last time,we do want responsible KMs and only those shall be on the list,the rules are : you do not make your own choices regarding law proposals,you propose no law without communicating with other KMs and reaching agreements.
This applies for all of us old and new,KM are here to help the country and act in its best interest.

*Voting on laws that are proposed is not less important than proposing them,if you're not sure don't vote before you ask,there are plenty of people who can help you and answer your questions in the party at the channel and in eisrael .

Please respect the party's congress policy,if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask any of the staff and the members.
Join the party's channel at irc #Badass no password needed,channel is opened to all.

I wish us all a good congress month,and the best of luck.
At this time of war please take good care ,may we all know peace soon enough.

Your Party President Roni Rubin



Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Dan 1,827, 10:22


SandalaiM Dan 1,827, 12:05

Badass rocks!

HaMeTuRaF Dan 1,827, 16:23


John TG
John TG Dan 1,827, 18:22


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