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The Economist ~ Welcome Home?

Dan 1,818, 07:58 Objavljeno u United Kingdom Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo od Spite313

Dear friends,

Today I left Poland behind, and returned to my homeland in the eUnited Kingdom. The reasons I chose to do so are many, but the one which stands foremost amongst them is the desire to defend myself from the almost constant insults and accusations thrown my way by certain players from the New Era and UKPP parties in the UK.

Most of you reading this today, from all over the world, will have been subscribed to my newspaper for a long time. Some of you have been with me more than three years now, but the one thing I’m sure all of you will agree with is that I have been a loyal and faithful person my whole life, and despite my many flaws I’ve always supported the UK through thick and thin.

Over the past six months a few individuals, expelled from the UK community for cheating, theft, racism and a host of other reasons have taken upon themselves to try to regain power through manipulating the UK population into an orgy of hate against the so called “established” parties. This propaganda basically centres around accusing the people who have worked hard and quietly for years for the UK of being elitist and excluding new players. Nothing could possibly be further from the truth, but truth is not really a priority for these people.

The past two months the UK has been led by Talon Karrde, who is a member of my party- TUP. He would make a wonderful scapegoat for these individuals to attack, but unfortunately he’s a relentlessly nice person and his presence in the UK means everyone knows who he is and knows he is always out there to support new players. So instead the focus has switched from him to myself- away in Poland there is little I can do to counter their claims. Some even went so far as to suggest I was in Poland because I was actually ePolish. Despite the fact I think the Poles are great guys and I did live there for a while, I was actually there firstly for my newspaper and secondly so my companies would produce more weapons for the UK.

This personal attack on me usually takes two forms. Firstly accusing me of limiting opportunities for new players, and secondly for secretly controlling the country like some sort of spider-like figure. In the last four years I’ve launched numerous new player help programs. The original Ministry of Home Affairs was launched under the first government I served in, by a TUP President. Since then I’ve supported programs to provide cheap food, then free food. I’ve supplied weapons and money, loans and grants. In my last Presidency I spent more than 1.6 million gbp of my savings on supplying weapons to players, the bulk of whom weren’t in the actual UK armed forces but were ordinary citizens.

Those who shout constantly about the "truth" of the UK are in fact the biggest liars of all.

Since that time when I stood down as CP, I’ve only held one official role in the UK government- citizenship minister. Basically my job was to use my contacts and foreign affairs knowledge to decide who should be granted citizenship. That job will soon be over, after a year of service. The reason that I’m stepping down is that UKPP and New Era congressmen are simply ignoring me- or in the case of Goku Jones (aka Sage Goku), Spokesman of New Era and prolific vote buyer, actually approving people I reject to try and spite the UK.

It’s actually disgusted me to the point where I feel that I have to physically come back to the UK so I can challenge this rubbish in person. No doubt the comments will be full of whine from the same old people. What they don’t like to tell you is that the actual reason they hate me isn’t because of anything I’ve done to ordinary players, but because of things that they’ve brought on themselves. Whether it is Nick Griffin, named after (and supporter of) the infamous BNP leader, or Hugh Jardon who after being banned from the forums for abusive behaviour is on a personal crusade against them, they all have their reasons to hate.

But those reasons aren’t your reasons. The lies spread by these people don’t only affect me, they affect all of you as well. The people who suffer most are the normal, sensible players in UKPP and New Era. These parties accuse TUP of being an oligarchy, a dictatorship. Yet their own leadership is static and has been since their foundation. They aren’t run as political democracies at all, but rather the personal fiefdoms of their founders. They swoop in on players when they’re hours old, tell them lies about the evil old parties that stamp on new players and try to suck them in early. There’s nothing positive about it, it’s all negative. They even insist on their members not taking part in the UK Forums, a community with nearly a million posts and historically the best national forum in the game. They do this to stop people realising that the other parties are actually normal, cool people who just enjoy playing the game.

I don’t mind taking criticism. But I’m not going to stand here and listen to the likes of Goku Jones, self confessed multi-accounter, PTOer, thief, cheat and destroyer of communities lecture me on how I should behave. The temerity it takes for someone who - at the time of writing- had no less than three multi accounts active in politics (two party presidents and a congressman) to lecture on democracy is breathtaking. Need I remind you that Goku himself- like many of the other individuals leading the assault on hardworking players- was granted citizenship illegally and should never have been allowed back in the first place.

New Era and especially UKPP are far from beyond redemption. Both parties have hard working, honest and reliable members. Both parties have impressed me in the past. But both parties have elements which are destroying the community and the country as part of a personal feud. Talon has extended to olive branch time and again to “bridge the gap” between parties, but until those people are no longer leading from positions of influence, there is no hope for any settlement.

Fight for your party, fight for your country.




DaJoXTeR Dan 1,818, 07:58

good article, voted, !

Astora Dan 1,818, 07:59

Great to have such a valuable TUP member back in the UK.

ePocalypse Dan 1,818, 07:59

Welcome home to a great servant of eUK : )

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Dan 1,818, 08:00

Welcome home Iain, we are all enriched by your friendship and talent. Nobody has done more for the country! Dan 1,818, 08:07

Welcome back : )

My national rank is going to fall now : D

Gmarsanu Dan 1,818, 08:08


Sigfred Zachariasen
Sigfred Zachariasen Dan 1,818, 08:13

Welcome home 🙂

Alex.L Dan 1,818, 08:16

Hi Iain : 3

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 08:18

provocation ? hate for the opposition? wants more? banged his head against a pillar ?
community manager stirring the waters of boredom? dizzy sunday morning ?

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 08:19

Hugh Jardon is a honest person 100%.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Dan 1,818, 08:20

Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin.
{Níl aon tóin tinn mar do thóin tinn féin.}

Niemand Dan 1,818, 08:23

Welcome home!

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 08:24

New Era has impressed you in the past ? Which past ? New Era is one or two months old....: The typical glitch to be expected in a Keers' article. Not the brightest guy EVEN in TUP.

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Dan 1,818, 08:28

Oh Iain, check my last article, you used just same picture I did...

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 08:28

eramos pocos y pario la abuela.

Spite313 Dan 1,818, 08:32

Alphabethis- all you've ever done is complain in bad English about me. You actually LOVE me I'm sure. I'm thinking about getting a restraining order on you, you mention me that much.

And for all your criticism, it didn't stop you running away to an enemy country did it? And despite attacking me at every turn I still approved your citizenship when you returned.

You're truly a nutter.

mwcerberus Dan 1,818, 08:37

Well i don't think you should let these people change your behavior you have very good economic reason for being in Poland and the extra money ends up helping the uk in the end (all money ends up helping one countries in the end)

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dan 1,818, 08:40

Oh dear...Iain throws the toys out of the pram...yet again.

You okay Iain? I can see your pretty stressed by your outburst at elected players in this game playing by the games rules...go submit a ticket about Congressmen admitting people to the eUK without checking with you first and then show me a screenshot where they say it is illegal.

Anyway...bed time you because your getting grumpy 😃

Arrlo Dan 1,818, 08:41

Iain Keers is my ideological opponent; he is my polar opposite in his foreign loyalties, and we have had bitter arguments in the past about it.

But it turns my stomach to see people attacking him on the grounds listed above. This is your chance, members of New Era and UKPP who are insulting Iain, to stop and consider on what basis you are attacking him. Compare the histories of service of the player you are insulting, and those you allow to lead you in your parties. Then make your minds up.

Romper Dan 1,818, 08:46

If you want to attack Iain attack him for being Lolish puppet. I know I would, lol.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dan 1,818, 08:46

Iain prefers to turn this into something personal. Thats the problem. Nobody has issues with him being in Poland to my knowledge, Top citizens who run MU's go abroad for the benefit of the eUK and her armies...nowt wrong with that. New Era and UKPP wanted a democratic committee to decide citizenship's made up of all the top five parties...of course if TUP wanted Iain on it as their representative then good for them. Sadly iain has tried to make this out to be a with hunt.

Spite313 Dan 1,818, 08:47

Hugh, you have the ingame right to ignore me and grant citizenship to traitors, thieves and enemies of the UK.

You also have the ingame right to move to a foreign country and fight against the UK, whilst remaining a congressman.

In fact I would rather you did that than grant citizenship to players who are determined to destroy the country. Because we can always recover from a wipe, but we can never recover from a PTO.

But sure, put your babyish feud ahead of the UK...again.

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 08:47

if he changes his behaviour, as often his avatar or his nationality,....anyway, glad to see how you ever answer the questions ( even if they're written in poor english). And yes, you approved my return to eUK, the key point is that you shouldn't have that exclusive power and in such manner. And yes, your style always so...gentle: nutters, infamous, abusive behaviour of hugh, thief,...
Deciding on the lives and facts of other people.... At least , you don't hide behind a mask of nice person.

Spite313 Dan 1,818, 08:48

Romper, you may have missed the last few articles where I kind of strongly disagreed with everything the Polish government did re: Poland. Your idea of puppet might differ from mine though, let me know how those admins strings feel (:

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dan 1,818, 08:50


Christ Iain I once joked that i bet you sit in a suit playing this game as you seem to get off on power trips..sadly I am thinking their is truth in that joke.

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Dan 1,818, 08:51

LOL ^^^

Welcome home old friend o7

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Dan 1,818, 08:51

There is only one attack article in the media at the moment and it is this one. Please don't restart the media war.

I think that we all realised last week that attacking each other wasn't the best way to get our messages across, so we stopped. There hasn't been a negative thing in the media all week until this.

I am now in Sage Mode where I only do and say wise things!

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 08:51

TUP political debate is always PERSONAL, they never debate on ideas because THEY DON'T HAVE IT, except, unlimited submission to Poland and blackmarket in noons.

BigAnt Dan 1,818, 08:52

Iain You should perhaps talk to a select number of TUPers who troll.

I agree mostly with your points, being a reasonable and honest person that's natural but its not fair to aim all the hate at just a select few from NE and UKPP. They are some from TUP who do the same.

To be honest its getting rather old, and I share your frustration.

Spite313 Dan 1,818, 08:52

Goku the only "attack" articles were yours, and the reason I'm publishing this is because I'm sick of you attacking me.

Hugh, I don't think you understand what a game is. It's a competition that people enjoy to play. A game of skill. And being an MMO, this is about communities working together to compete against other communities in a game of skill. When one person tries their hardest to undermine the rest of the community, and make the team lose, they shouldn't be playing.

Romper Dan 1,818, 08:53

You still do as told by Loland, thus you are he puppet. If you lead UK, you will sign MPPs Loland tells you to sign and act according to Loland orders. That is called being a puppet.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dan 1,818, 08:54

How am I making this personal? To my knowledge everything has calmed down since the election and peace seems to have settled...this is the only negative attack in the media in the last week. I don't see why you are trying to drag the eUK down like this Iain.

Spite313 Dan 1,818, 08:55

Every policy the UKPP has is "whatever TUP says, the opposite" Alphabethis. I think you're getting confused as to who is actually setting policy here.

TUP comes up with ideas, you make articles saying how they suck. Now look at who is actually pushing the UK forward based on that.

BigAnt if you really believe that you'll amend your last article. It seems a bit ridiculous that you're attacking the "old parties" for their ideas when you were only recently elected by them as President!

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 08:55

Piccolo is among us. Keers, you should watch the 200 chapters of Dragon Ball series,... It'd be a mental change for the high politics you are constantly involved at. You know, talking with 19 years old but God of Wars of what Serbia did ten months ago in a campaign that even the cats of the french city of Lyon still remember.

Spite313 Dan 1,818, 08:57

Hugh, it's the actions of people like yourself who are dragging the UK down. So far TUP and the mainstream players have just focused on the positives and tried to ignore the constant attacks. But it's really grinding on me, so I'm going to keep hammering this home until you lot sort your act out.

You CAN'T just do what you want in a team game. You want to create a situation where whoever wins the election the other half of the country ignores them? It's completely stupid.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dan 1,818, 08:57

I echo what Big Ant said. look at the calls for his impeachment and the excuses offered for it. There are people from ALL sides who have fueled the recent media war. I was hoping it had settled.

And how is changing location in game going to help defend your name? You fail to grasp that it doesnt matter where you are in the eworld that you still do the same functions for TUP, Forums and the Government with your keyboard...comedy gold tho 😃

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 08:57

romper, glad you are here, be nice and TRANSFER ME 100 gold or so. Davor Suker was a great football player. (trying to gain some empathy to get the gold).

Niemand Dan 1,818, 08:59

So many times the words "foreigner" and "Polish" are used in the attacks on Iain Keers doing the citizens applications for the CP I think nobody could deny that that was an issue. Dr Hugh Jardon seems not to have followed the debates on this issue or has problems with his memory. Any ways, Iain Keers is back in UK.
Several members of congress do not follow what the government asks of them. Nobody denies the right to obstruct UK government, but they seem not loyal and makes PTO easy.

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 09:00

Keers, latest news, THE CROW OF THE TUP LOGO has gone on STRIKE, it says :"I'm fed up of those guys using my image and don't feed me, I'm movin to New Era". Don, you know, buy corn for the crow.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dan 1,818, 09:00

I repeat Iain...this week (and since the election) only one negative paper has come on naming party names and making accusations. That is yours sadly. Now who is dragging the eUK down?

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 09:01

Keers, don't write articles here, there's a huge debate on the FORUMS and IRC right now, as a matter of fact, I'm joining in a COUPLE OF EONS.

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Dan 1,818, 09:03

I pretty sure Alphabethis is a bot, scripted to comment random words on articles related to TUP members.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dan 1,818, 09:03, but unlike yourself I do not blindly jump into any argument like a sycophant. Why would new Era attack Iain for being in Poland when our founder Don Dapper was at the time...DUM DUM DUHHHH - A POLISH CITIZEN!!!!


*end dramatic music*.

Spite313 Dan 1,818, 09:04

Hugh, you're not even consistent. Your last New Era propaganda was that there was a POLISH CITIZEN in charge of citizenship. Apparently now I can perform my duties from anywhere?

Hugh so what? It's because your liar-in-chief Goku, who as I said is a multi-accounting thief, got so frustrated with the last election defeat he gave up on propaganda. Simple as that.

Can I ask Hugh:

Do you support multi-accounting?
Do you support theft from other players?

Simple questions.

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 09:04

you know that poem of the chinese that dreamed he was a butterfly,.... ( well, I stop here, perhaps too profound for you).

Spite313 Dan 1,818, 09:04

As for Don being ePolish- I did say that at the time. It didn't seem to bother Don though, he was happy to be a hypocrite about it.

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 09:06

Keers, I don't support multiaccounting, I don't support theft, even I don't buy votes for articles (unlike TUP), and I am not Hugh, (being negative again?)

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Dan 1,818, 09:08

Again Iain, the last time I posted anything negative was 7 days ago and for a personal mention of you... you may have to go even further back. The only person flaming right now is you and this will only serve to create flaming back at you in comments here and responce articles which will just revive the media war.

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 09:09

Keers, frankly speaking, my bet was that you were moving to eSerbia or eSlovenia, it's just such a big surprise you of coming here. The next step can be THAT YOU RUN AGAIN FOR CP. (as usual, Alphabethis nails it down).

Alphabethis Dan 1,818, 09:14

surprise of you coming here* , I understand now.... Talon has promised a war, you are CP when other country wipes makes sense. But , why the flame war?

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