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The Economist ~ ONE more for the road

Dan 1,820, 12:24 Objavljeno u United Kingdom Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo od Spite313

Dear friends,

The most important role of any President, and by extension any government, is to represent the country in the international community of nations. Things like player retention schemes, information projects and even armies are important in the short term, but the long term effects of international politics on a country can be incredibly complicated and far reaching. For an example of how bad government can ruin a country, look no further than our Southern neighbours France. Almost totally without allies, they languish in near permanent occupation. And yet it wasn’t so long ago (during my Presidency) that they successfully conquered the UK. In that battle two forces came into collision- ONE and TEDEN. We won the war not because of superior strength of arms, but because of superior diplomacy and stronger bonds with our allies. When we needed help, countries helped us. That was down to our diplomatic skills and the mutual loyalty and trust we’ve built up with our closest allies.

At the beginning of this year the UK was a member of ONE, a global alliance which consisted of four core members (Poland, Spain, Serbia, Hungary) and some late comers- Slovenia, UK, Sweden and Macedonia. My party- The Unity Party- had brought us into ONE (I was the alliance leader at the time, and Thomas765 was President). The alliance was originally founded as a “superpower alliance”, and we stood out as by far the weakest country in the group militarily. What got us into the alliance was the diplomatic efforts made by the government and successive Presidents, as well as players who were involved in the alliance.

Since the end of ONE earlier this year, the political scene globally has been in turmoil. I originally ran for President in July anticipating the rise of a new alliance - CTRL - and wanting to be there to guide the UK through the inevitable turbulence this would cause. TUP as a party was divided on the CTRL issue, as was the country. However I, and other members involved in government, had our doubts about the long term chances of the alliance because of a number of structural problems. Through the Presidencies following mine, we did our best to maintain strong relations with our ex-ONE allies whilst staying neutral on the issue of CTRL. When the alliance finally officially formed, the TUP government was offered membership of the junior alliance branch, ALT. We declined, and a month later CTRL collapsed in flames. In this long drama there were many opportunities for the UK to mis-step, and when the Titans are fighting you need to be nimble or be crushed.

In foreign affairs TUP is internationally recognised as a strong, safe pair of hands. In government they can use personal contacts effectively to secure training wars, swaps and allied support in a pinch. Through careful and rational decision making, we have emerged from the turbulence in a very strong position. Our relationship with the core members of ONE is almost unblemished by the CTRL saga, and our relationship with our giant neighbour Poland is stronger than ever. Whatever EDEN might think of our relationship, Poland has always been a good friend to the UK since we joined ONE, and we’re always happy to help them out when they need it.

Now we live in a post-CTRL world, where the old ONE countries are slowly coalescing back into a working group of countries. Not yet an alliance, but a close friendship that resembles an alliance in almost every way. The UK’s position in this is as a friend, remembered by the big four countries as someone who stuck with all of them through the tough times. In a post-CTRL world there is room for ONE more dance.

As we move into the future it becomes clear that what we don’t need is leadership without foreign affairs experience. We need to make sure that our citizens from all parties are volunteering to be involved in foreign affairs. These past two months many new citizens have volunteered as ambassadors and workers in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the President Talon has been doing one on one tutoring for those who have asked for extra information and guidance. The Ministry of Information has been working hard providing information, but first hand experience is necessary to build up personal contacts and relations that are essential as President.

When Talon first became CP he had already had some experience in foreign affairs, and had the backing of a number of experienced foreign affairs experts including a number of ex-Presidents from TUP and ESO. These people are a national resource- the likes of Kravenn, Thomas765, MagicHereos, Sir Marvin and so on are people who can give the President access not just to one set of contacts, but many. At the end of the day however, the President is chief diplomat and foreign affairs experience is an essential requirement in a world without formal alliances or structures to help in giving those introductions.

Whatever the future is of alliances, the core nations of ONE are getting closer day by day and the UK’s position in international affairs will depend a lot on who leads the country in the months to come. Talon and TUP have a wealth of experience in that area, and it’s experience we’re happy to share with anyone who asks. If you’re out there thinking about one day becoming President- contact Talon and ask for a chat about it. We can always find more work for people to do, and being a CP needs a run-up of months not days.

Thanks for reading!




Invalidation Dan 1,820, 12:25


Magic Dan 1,820, 12:27


iquitbye Dan 1,820, 12:28


BigAnt Dan 1,820, 12:32

Thats better pal, nailed on the head!

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Dan 1,820, 12:37

Potentia ad populum

Horice (:

Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Dan 1,820, 13:09

death to servants of ruinous powers !!


Ta likozarjev
Ta likozarjev Dan 1,820, 13:11

really good article, you keep on getting my attention Iain. : )

Prophet009 Dan 1,820, 13:17


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dan 1,820, 13:28

I'm not sure what the line of attack will be on this one, but I'm glad you're back in the UK so everyone can read good articles like this!

Alphabethis Dan 1,820, 13:46

Servorum stupiditas. Non solum nulla nova est sed etiam anglorum futurum non habemus.

Alphabethis Dan 1,820, 14:14

quousque tandem abutere patentia nostra TUP ? quem ad finem sese effrenata iactabit audacia?

Spite313 Dan 1,820, 14:17

Possibly the worst latin I've ever seen. Google translate?

Alphabethis Dan 1,820, 14:32

Not really google, it's all mine, well, I searched for the Catilina quote, I never recall if it's quousque or quodquem, abutere is abuse, patentia is patience, nostra is ours, so, as you see, it's not so hard. Anyway, I can brush up my latin and improve it. Or ellaborate a bit on some concepts of international law. In any case, your article (and policy) reflects a rather mean conception and limited capabilities in foreign affairs.
Don't worry, I'll ellaborate on this.

Alphabethis Dan 1,820, 14:39

I checked " servorum stupiditas", 100% correct latin, and 100% appliable.
Now, that I think about it, Silla/Sulla, Catilinia and many others were all the time yelling at people, making plots... you would have LOVED those times , Keers. "O tempora o mora".

Alphabethis Dan 1,820, 14:47

google translate sucks: "Servants of stupidity. And not only so, but also nothing new is going to happen we do not have the english."
When it is: "stupidity of the servants. Not only it's not any new news, but also we don't have future of the english ( future for the english)" (anglorum , anglus, angli, ( plural genitive anglorum).

Niemand Dan 1,820, 14:59

@Alphabethis: Spammer alert?

Good article. The problem in diplomatics is short term, medium term and long term all are important. When not that big choose wrong on one and screw yourself very hard.

Voted hard!

Alphabethis Dan 1,820, 15:09

eUK is a "de facto" province of ePoland, full stop. You could disband our ambassadors. Our borders are Poland at south, Poland at east, Poland at west (Irish treaty with Poland), and well north pole is open.
The serfdom to Serbia is beyond my understanding. I guess, We like to submit to slavic speaking countries, I'd love to pay homage to Czech, great beer, and great monuments in Praha, Dobry, dobry.

Wildrunner Dan 1,820, 15:19

Interesting article. UK has been a good ally to us in the last months since we're allies.

Spite313 Dan 1,820, 15:22

Alphabethis, I am ticketing the admin to request content block for you on my articles. Basically you're like the world's most irritating groupie.

Thomas765 Dan 1,820, 19:58

ONE was awesome : 3

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,820, 20:12


xenophob Dan 1,820, 20:28

Kto powiedział ONE musi powiedzieć i TWO.

Alphabethis Dan 1,820, 22:57

Keers, you miss the harsh moderators of offline forums. very democratic.

Jordee14 Dan 1,821, 23:29

Good article, as a smaller nation our armies help us but our international relations are what keeps us on the map.

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Dan 1,821, 23:54

TUP being 'supa-good' at foreign affairs/relying on allies is just as well given their lack of ability to raise any internal, organic strength.

I'd prefer the eUK to be less reliant on our allies and therefore much more able to assist them as we did in the past during attempts to wipe Serbia, Macedonia and Indonesia.

We won't be on a par with the likes of Poland but a step up from total subservience would be good.

LieChenZhou Dan 1,821, 23:57

drawn in cause the song in your title

Spite313 Dan 1,821, 00:49

Typical populist nonsense Alfagrem. Our position internationally is totally disproportionate to our military strength. If anything TUP has made the UK a diplomatic great power.

Internally the main source of problems comes from subversive efforts by the likes of yourself, not from TUP

Spite313 Dan 1,821, 00:50

Ps. Take some responsibility for your own country. Recruitment is the only solution to weak military strength and that is not the role of the government

Alphabethis Dan 1,821, 01:23

Retention is the MAIN ROLE of the government. eUK is not mentioned in most media of ALL countries.

Spite313 Dan 1,821, 01:38

We do work at retention you dunce. Can you not read the constant stream of articles, PMs and free stuff?

What I'm saying is that lazy gits who do nothing but whine and moan should get off their asses and do something constructive for the first time in their lives.

Spite313 Dan 1,821, 01:41

If you lot ever did get elected to government it would be almost hilarious to see you actually doing stuff. More than likely you'd be relying on the people you're always slagging off to keep doing the great job they do now. Certainly RFeist suggested that in his presidential run.

GregoryG Dan 1,821, 02:01


Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dan 1,821, 03:57

LOL doing a great job how funny- Low hopes,

eUK ranks 28th ! that is embarrassing

These counties rank higher

Lithuania 27th
Iran 25th
Venezuela 24th
France 23th
Albania 22th

Time for a New Era , not this mun·dane boredom the TUP like's to call doing well !

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dan 1,821, 05:02

People from the highly populated countries like Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Poland run their countries the same way the UK is run atm. We know this because they often come to live here after being involved in government there. You say above that you will end the "mun dane boredom", but what are you actually proposing?

Spite313 Dan 1,821, 05:14

What are you proposing to increase rank Don? Going to bluster your way to #1? Whine your way to the top?

Thomas765 Dan 1,821, 05:55

We were Rank 13 a few months ago during a TUP government. Please do better Don Dapper, instead of whining all the time.

C.Nilsson Dan 1,821, 06:54

Be carefull with Poland, you can be a friend one day and there enemy the other for no valid reason.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dan 1,821, 07:20

So what your saying is Thomas the eUK has dropped down 15 spaces in a few months, under the current TUP government , so you haven't progressed more regressed.

One does start to wonder if this is a trend ? and it seems the eUK is slipping further down the ranking scale under your rule.

Time for a new direction, you will see our plans (New Era) over the next few days to take this country forward.


Spite313 Dan 1,821, 07:57

I eagerly await your plans, but unless they involve recruiting more players to the game it won't increase our rank.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dan 1,821, 08:29

Well written and enjoyed.

Basically we will always be reliant on our stronger allies, and there;s nothing wrong in that. But you cant attack others for wanting us to be a bit more stronger and less reliant when an over reliance on our allies was offered as one of the reason for Big Ants impeachment calls by a senior TUP figure.

Personally I am happy to suckle on Poland and Serbias teat 😃

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Dan 1,821, 09:10

This is all very nice but I just look at the facts.

What material benefits has your average eUK citizen gotten from this? Our only long term region swap has been with Ireland which is in a different alliance. Our training wars are short, infrequent and usually with enemies or Belgium/Netherlands/Ireland/Denmark who I don't think are in these big alliances we have been in either.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Dan 1,821, 09:12

The truth is this.

We trade everything we can give (Damage/CP Medals) for MPPs with the biggest countries in the game to protect us. We are fairly low on their priority list so they will sort their battles out first usually (hence the long wipe last year).

Some of you will consider that a good deal, personally I want more.

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Dan 1,821, 09:13

When we did get wiped for a long time last year, it was our enemy Ireland who decided to save us. It wasn't our big allies.

Madacaion Dan 1,821, 09:29

What material benefits has your average eUK citizen gotten from this?

- A 60/40 bonus instead of what was a 0/20 bonus when I joined
- The ability to have TW's without being gangbanged (even managed a good TW with Germany...)
- Ireland a friendly nation (or at least much friendlier) rather than perma-war

Oh and people looking to develop players and encourage them to get better rather than every headline in the media being: "We're wiped again..." which for a newbie was...

Madacaion Dan 1,821, 09:30

hugely demoralizing...the only reason I stayed tbh was because I got on IRC and the forums and spoke to the community. An awful lot of the babies from that time have just simply died off.

JoshWS Dan 1,821, 09:32

Call to Arms o7

Spite313 Dan 1,821, 10:16

You want more Goku?

What would you want? All our allies would abandon you within a month of being elected. You've got no diplomacy at all.

The Snow White
The Snow White Dan 1,821, 10:57


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dan 1,821, 13:12

"low on their priority list so they will sort their battles out first usually (hence the long wipe last year)."

Spain was wiped for three months too, and they were right up the top of the rankings and very closely allied with Poland. Truth is you are spouting a load of nonsense. If Spain, Hungary, Serbia and Poland are getting wiped then we have no chance, even if we are led by an omniscient sage such as yourself.

Snugz Dan 1,821, 13:31


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