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The Economist ~ Old enemies; new friends?

Dan 1,908, 13:29 Objavljeno u Poland Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo od Spite313

Dear friends,

Those of you alive as long as me will remember the rise of PEACE and the first great battles between that long dead alliance and the ATLANTIS alliance they fought. The conquest and partial occupation of Hungary by Romania, the march Eastwards to challenge Pakistan and Indonesia in their homeland, the introduction of Serbia to the game all led directly to a series of conflicts that have torn and defined the world ever since. Ever since the allied forces of PEACE paradropped into Budapest to free Hungary from Romanian forces, the conflicts between Romania and Hungary and Serbia-Croatia have been more or less synonymous with the alliances they led.

Over time new enemies became prevalent. The addition of the Republic of Macedonia to the game led to new conflicts with Hellenists in Greece, defining another long term conflict which has added to the never ending divisions in the new world. The Balkans became ever more a fiercely contested area, the term “balkan wars” came to symbolise an endless, fruitless and futile war between nations. In fact after a while it even pushed the temporary creation of CTRL, an alliance which was designed to stand aside from those conflicts and present the interests of the “rest of world” group.

Whether the first tentative discussions over CTRL were a wake up call, or the wars were just winding down of their own accord is a matter of debate now, but the fact is that the endless wars have...mostly ended. With a tentative peace between Romania and Hungary, and Greece being mostly ambivalent towards the SerHun block to the North with MKD now in CoT, the war has quietened and fronts have gradually shifted. We live in uncertain times.

The Hungarian-Romanian conflict is perhaps the oldest in the game, and the most consistently hostile. But we all know that when you face enemies time and again, there comes a certain respect. The UK and Ireland fought each other for years, but when peace arrived on the agenda mutual cooperation wasn’t hard to reach due to the fact we knew and liked each other despite the antagonism and wars. In a sense the Hungarians know Romania better than any country except perhaps their southern neighbours Serbia, and the Romanians probably feel the same way.

One famous Romanian citizen, Alpho, wrote an article not so long ago about his RL identity. It’s interesting reading. He talks about how he draws his heritage from Romanian, Hungarian and Szekely roots- even a little from Germans, Italians, Serbs and Croats. It may appear sometimes to outsiders that the Balkans is fiercely nationalist, but there’s also a great deal the countries have in common- especially compared to countries outside the region. There are many cases of this- Kistru, possibly the most famous Serb of all time, and a good friend of mine, was half Croatian.

Mutual understanding is something which is often seen as an unrealistic goal, yet time after time we see situations like this where people reach across boundaries of ingame history and find that their enemies are in fact closer to them than they think. Ever since the breakdown of ATLANTIS I’ve been out of touch with the Romanians in the game, yet when we worked on the same side I always found them to be quiet, respectful and thoughtful. There are exceptions of course, but they were much admired and respected as pioneers- especially of military theory in eRepublik. Recently I’ve started speaking to the odd Romania again on their national channels, and found that not much has changed. Really it was only my own prejudgices which prevented me from making friends amongst them.

Now is a time of uncertainty, but that’s a good thing. It lets us think outside our normal box, let’s us approach the game in a new way. Remember that not everyone you fight is your enemy. Remember that the respectful enemy is far better than a disrespectful friend. This game is about trustworthiness and honesty, not about who has the most troops or the biggest amount of resources. Trust is something which you can never value highly enough- that’s one thing EDEN definitely got right and our own alliances have in the past got wrong. Try and reach across those boundaries, and talk to your fellow players. Don’t let real life antagonisms get in the way- as a Brit I expected many Serbs to dislike me automatically because of my countries role in the last fifteen years. However most people just treat me as another player, and were keen to talk about our similarities and their culture and history. One of the main reasons I love our alliance is that I’ve always been passionately interested in the history and culture that part of the world.

So from this article take a simple message. Enemies are people you can’t trust, not people you’ve fought in the past. We all have to reach out to people and take bold steps in times of uncertainty. Old enemies are already 80% friends.

Thanks for reading-




Minino. Dan 1,908, 13:29


Invalidation Dan 1,908, 13:30


Hojc Dan 1,908, 13:33

Enemies are people you can’t trust, not people you’ve fought in the past. - X2!!

Bohemond4 Dan 1,908, 13:34

another good read (:

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Dan 1,908, 13:41

The world is changing.

Plainswalker Dan 1,908, 13:44

Indeed, respect and trust are something your alliance needs to work hard on.

Maegalodonus Dan 1,908, 13:47

> "Romanians in the game, yet when we worked on the same side I always found them to be quiet, respectful and thoughtful."


Bhutan's seal of approval. Also, Brasil's seal of approval.

>"Remember that not everyone you fight is your enemy. Remember that the respectful enemy is far better than a disrespectful friend. This game is about trustworthiness and honesty, not about who has the most troops or the biggest amount of resources."


>" Trust is something which you can never value highly enough- that’s one thing EDEN definitely got right and our own alliances have in the past got wrong."


Spain, Lolska, Sweden, Bulgaria, Israel, Ukraine, Iran, Lolombia, India, etc,etc, etc, ***Seal of Approval***

Kordak Dan 1,908, 13:48

Nice article, thanks a lot!

coolinbun Dan 1,908, 14:05

Nice txt m8

nW0lf Dan 1,908, 14:09

Well said, well said.

LitoII Dan 1,908, 14:16

quite a true understanding of the Balkan issues - well done, Ian : ))

Rican Dan 1,908, 14:28

great article.... thanks

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Dan 1,908, 14:30

This article was written in a true Dioist manner.

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Dan 1,908, 14:34

Great read voted

etljo stnov
etljo stnov Dan 1,908, 14:40

Nice article, got my vote ! : )

Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Dan 1,908, 14:48

good article about balkan from brit xD

realy good read

dragan4s Dan 1,908, 14:49

I'm a Serbs so automatic dislike

Petsku Dan 1,908, 14:50

Well written!

Superferro Dan 1,908, 14:51


AndrijaSrbija Dan 1,908, 14:52

Very good article. I'm Serb and I don't dislike you... I treat people according to how are they, not where they come from. You are certainly very nice person. o/

PS. Does anyone have profile link of Kistru?

Thorin18 Dan 1,908, 14:53

point is that most of the croatians today are just orthodox Serbs that are converted to catholic during the centuries,
same is with bosnians, just being converted to islam...
not to tell about montenegro, macedonia newly created nations similar way
or even shqiperia or hungary... where a lot of Serbs are assimilated

Rfeist Dan 1,908, 14:54

nice voted o7

War3hous313 Dan 1,908, 14:54

nice reading. voted.

Boban Mitrovski
Boban Mitrovski Dan 1,908, 14:59

The friendship between Macedonians and Bulgarians prove your point.

Also, quite a few old Greek players where guests in Macedonia in RL. When we all set down at the table and had a few drinks together, the long-lasting enemies in the game just vanished.

We had a great time, great laugh and the most important from all of that is that we gained bigger respect among each-others.

People are scared from what they don't know. More collaboration and talks will bring people closer.


Spite313 Dan 1,908, 15:37

@AndrijaSrbija: he was banned by admins for rebelling and making the welcome message say that erep is crap : P

@Thorin: I'm British and Catholic, it's the same thing here. We had persecution for a long time, and obviously Ireland and parts of Scotland and England remained Catholic. But I consider myself to be British anyway. We have to embrace our differences : )

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Dan 1,908, 15:46

Good article.

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Dan 1,908, 15:49

And, Kistru is playing again :- D

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Dan 1,908, 15:52


Spite313 Dan 1,908, 15:53

Shhhhh Rik

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Dan 1,908, 15:54

It is through sharing common goals and interests in the game can we all internationally focus on the overriding objective of trying to initiate more reform of the game modules and admin systems

JyM23 Dan 1,908, 16:26

Voted, good job Iain.

Chaos297 Dan 1,908, 17:04

@ Iain Keers: I went to a catholic school despite being completely non religious and understand quite well what your saying as a result since the power of the bonds of the people at the school was not a faith in god but a faith in the idealised image of Joan of Arc that the school was modeled on as well as the faith in the goodness in each other which is what was the schools spirit and it was obvious to me even though I couldn't put it into words back then and probably haven't done the best job of it now either.
My point is simple though the schools spirit was something that reached me through the culture and their feelings that were woven into their singing and their other cultural activities and it's the same with the countries you mentioned Iain.

I've said in the past about cultural exchanges but never explained why I think it's a good idea because I didn't want to type out a long winded explanation but I don't need to here since if you look you'll see that Iains words cover the basic idea just in a different way since it's all about understanding each other, learning from each other, learning to work together and then when you return home using what you've learned to improve your home for the better.

Takimanija Dan 1,908, 17:05

FIne article, idd.

Phantom Pain
Phantom Pain Dan 1,908, 17:53


MidnightShade Dan 1,908, 17:54

nice one, voted

P4Pan Dan 1,908, 18:12

nice article!

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dan 1,908, 18:30

TWO HQ member talks about making friends with Romanians... interesting : )

Phantom MKD
Phantom MKD Dan 1,908, 18:37


ligtreb Dan 1,908, 22:28

Enemies are people you can’t trust, not people you’ve fought in the past. - X3!

Good read as always.

vladb Dan 1,909, 00:14

You can speak with Romanians .

Geez think ? 😃

Deine Lakaien
Deine Lakaien Dan 1,909, 01:02

Enemies are people you can’t trust, not people you’ve fought in the past....

well...even though i choose my friends coz of who they are and not where they come from or what their nationality or religion is... that happened in our history r always used to manipulate ppls minds and to some, manipulation is not needed coz they or their loved ones suffered...balkan has always been used by western countries as meat grinder and thats why lot of ppl dont like westerners. common ppl from western countries r usually ignorant and/or not interested, always presented black or white pics of grey reality thus enabling western politicians to keep unstable situation on balkan with all atrocities that r happening.

it is easy to write about friendship, understanding and tolerance from uk, usa etc etc...
it can be irritating to read this even insulting to some. i know ur words r honest but ull have to understand that there r many that wont have enough understanding...

some friendships in erep can be maintained between eCountries but sooner or later RL will interfere...

Chaos297 Dan 1,911, 07:29

@Deine Kakaien: Your right to an extent but your missing one vital point the people your accusing of not caring or being idealists are brainwashed to think that way by mechanisms put into society so long ago that those who put them there are beyond worm food and their descendants are probably all dead.

If anyone is still out there who knows about the details of these mechanisms and possibly the means to remove them safely without destroying the world I'd imagine it would be eLiam and his relatives who would know them but that's just my guess though since those mechanisms are in all societies on earth these days since they were designed to take advantage of human kinds base natures and were designed to me used on you since birth and to be passed unconsciously from generation to generation because you do it without knowing your brainwashing your kids the same way you and your ancestors were.

In other words it's not the people that are the problem it's the way they are raised to think and the fact they are taught to think like drones rather than even have a single original thought in their heads because the people who designed this way of thinking didn't want them thinking since they were the leaders of governments, countries, kingdoms, nations, militaries and even the tiniest microcosm of society the human family so it's the way people think that's the problem since the people themselves are decent people at their cores in most cases.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Dan 1,909, 01:58

Great article.

Felllix Dan 1,909, 03:51


zuci Dan 1,909, 05:14


Waruda Dan 1,909, 05:35

The game currently is 5 or 6 Nations dividing 90% of the Economic profit, for themselves. There are no 'Alliances', hell no one even wrote a wiki page for WW6 yet.

I think the term I'm looking for is: "Go home your drunk"

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Dan 1,909, 07:48

Good article!

Citizen name already exists
Citizen name already exists Dan 1,909, 09:28

good article

and would like to respond to thorin18 by asking him why then did you massacre croats and bosnians if they are "serbs" (ne daj bože nikom)?? we are from the same family (slavic) and moved to balkans in same era, but we were never same nation. then we turned from our slavic gods to vatican, you chose byzantium and others to meka. serbs need to grasp reality and stop dreaming. just a friendly advice

Turbo Sperminator
Turbo Sperminator Dan 1,909, 10:21

And then Croatians are bad and blood thristy, people ask why Is so much hate in Balkan, here is one of the best examples, just look at thorin18 comment.
And Japan is also Serbian, Brazil too, but evil forces and Vatican have set them away from Serbia and their true nature. xD

DonaldMcKwacz Dan 1,909, 10:33



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