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The Canadian Armed Forces Bulletin

Dan 1,814, 07:29 Objavljeno u Canada Poljska od TheSmoke

Hello and welcome to the first weekly edition of the CAF newsletter by no other than your Smoke.

Podcast available here:

This week we are going to discuss several things, those being our current MU funding, Training War with Ireland, progress against the Poles, Aggressive Soldier Rewards Program, CAF Mentorship Program, and some comments from our members.

First off is to announce that there will be no MU funding as of this week. Due to low tax revenues, there is not enough cash on hand to supply our MU's. We have just enough to cover spending on our MPPs. This will be disappointing to many, but not something that was totally unexpected, however Canada's Greatest fighting force has you guys covered. The Aggressive Soldier Reward Program is here to supply you with food and tanks for your war efforts.

So far 160 Q6 tanks and 3200 Q2 have been handed out.

Other fine Captains are also adding to the war effort. Ender, in Regiment 7 has been supplying his active soldier with 700 CAD for anyone who does 25 kills, essentially the DO, for 7 straight days.

On another note, we have the war we were looking for, no not Poland guys, Ireland. Canada has successfully set up a training war with the Irish to fulfill the prophecy of G'Naal, or to complete the Halloween missions, whatever you may believe in... Anyways this TW is going well, I know I completed the mission in a few minutes, but the TP points are a nice bonus too! So hurry up if you haven't completed them! But lets make sure we give them hell in the Resistance Wars guys, we don't want to give them too much!

Now as for our other current, lets say situation, the Poles still occupy a large swath of Canada. Now once our TW with Ireland is wrapped up (no current dates), we want to make a strong push to RW our regions back. As it is my understanding, Poland has no strong intentions to occupy us for the long term, but nor do they want to help us regain our regions, so it is a great opportunity for us to get in some good training, and earn our regions back.
ASR Program is valid for all Polish Battles.

Lastly here I would like to mention the CAF Mentorship Program.

Another fine program brought to you by the Canadian Armed Forces is the Mentorship Program offered to new and young players. Here you offered an in depth document outlining the basics of fighting, MU's and how to build up strength. You are also assigned several missions to complete which are all worth money. If you successfully complete them all, you can earn up to 5000$

ASR Program:

Mentorship Program:

A few testimonials of graduates from the CAF Mentorship Program:

Infiidel: I joined it because I didn't really know what to do, and I was wasting a lot of my time fighting, which was a bad thing because you should stay in D1 as long as possible. I think that joining the mentorship program helped me a lot by setting my priorities straight and there was much support from many different people. I dont think I disliked anything, everyone was very helpful, although the IRC channel is a bit dead at times. The best thing is free stuff, the older players know that newer players have trouble with their finances and there is always a chronic shortage of cash, and people are always willing to help. I would highly recommend joining the program the moment you start in eRepublik. If you do, the amount of BHs and gold you will have will possibly be quadruple mine by the time I leave D1.

Corona: Why I joined - I came back to eRep after 2 years of inactivity, and the CAF was starting a program in curbing newbies (and lame oldbies like me) to join.

Liked - A set of doable priorities for new players to tackle.

Room for improvement - Maybe some instructions to reach some basic essential pages. Some advice on next actions with currency/gold could be nice for newbies (i.e. Training facilities as top priority, or even of the discounts! 😃)

Naturally, anyone who can use the benefit of the CAD reward should naturally join. I only hope that this will bring about more successful players in the path of your training. I enjoyed it and everything it stood for. 🙂



Oinyo Dan 1,814, 07:34

Great article. Voted!

TheSmoke Dan 1,814, 07:39

Your name is dropped in the Podcast again 😉

nathamarie Dan 1,814, 09:17

Question! I'm level 21 already. Would I still qualify for the mentorship program or is it too late?

TheSmoke Dan 1,814, 09:24

You are in Division 1 and less than a month old so you certainly do qualify for the program. On the document provided, there is a link to a sign up sheet. If you have any problems just let me know!

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,814, 13:06


George Beeman
George Beeman Dan 1,814, 13:33

Just to clarify, Congress will not be giving funding, however we have enough saved up to last until eCan gets a Congress again; supplies will continue as normal.

Ender100 Dan 1,814, 13:45

Would love to throw this out there, but I'm not a captain. I don't know why people think I am.

TheSmoke Dan 1,814, 14:10

Well thats good to hear, glad the CAF has measures in place to help prevent these types of funding situations.

Sorry Ender, last time I will ever make that mistake 😉

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Dan 1,814, 17:32

sorry about not adding my two cents, i tried twice but i must have been timing out or something, and then i got lazy 🙁 great article tho! and i was wondering about supplies lol

Ender100 Dan 1,814, 22:29

No problem, you aren't the first to do it, and probably won't be the last. And maybe one day one of my bids will be successful and I will be a captain 😛

Ender100 Dan 1,815, 23:04

Also I voted and subscribed. Keep up the good work smoke.

chriswen Dan 1,815, 17:45

Cool, a podcast

chriswen Dan 1,815, 17:55

Comments to podcast:
-really good and informative
-no funding is not only because of low taxes but more because we have no congress so we can't get money donated to us
-Hopefully the TW will be over soon, we're losing bonuses
-and we'll be able to get more MPPs
-And lets get our regions back from poland

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