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The CAF Bullet - Day 1822

Dan 1,822, 17:03 Objavljeno u Canada Poljska od TheSmoke
Hello and welcome to the Canadian Armed Forces Bullet

Today we are going to discuss a number of topics;
-Battle coverage of the Polish occupation and Irish training war.
-Commune Programs
-Regiment Captain Elections
-Canadian Civil Defense newspaper

Podcast available here:

Well another active week on the motherlands of the Eastern Coast, to central and Northern Canada. I hope you all have become slightly more battle hardened from it all, I know those turrets can be hard to operate at times! Regardless of the overwhelming number of battlefields, we in the Canadian Armed Forces have dropped some major damage on those Polish invaders, and the Irish Potato stealers of the East! We have battled hard, fighting a close Training War with the Irish while successfully completing the Halloween missions and earning some True Patriot medals along the way. As of writing this article, we have just secured the last region held by the Irish, great job soldiers! As for the Polish resistance wars, we only have a remaining 3 regions to win back, and it seems the Polish will be slightly distracted by RWs in some Scandinavian regions. So get ready for the final pink push!

Battle Highlights:

The battle to regain New Brunswick from the Poles on Nov 9/10 was a very close fight. At the end of the 7th battle we were behind 37 - 40, however the Canadian Armed forces fought brave and hard. Oinyo and TheSmoke dropped a combined 2.4 million in Division 2, Harkoonen, Stoop Gooseton, Sm1tty and Mosadeq dropped a combined 8.6 million damage in Division 3. From here on out the battle to end the campaign was in Canada's control.

Another worthy mention is Tommy Deschamp, a division 1 fighter, dropping 750,000 points in the 8th battle against Poland helping us secure Nunavut. Great work!


Alright I want to talk a little about the Canadian Armed Forces Commune Program. There are 3 Communes currently producing weapons right now, Codas Q6 and Q7, and Pine_JRs Q7.
In total there are 18 workers out of a potential 30, that is 12% of the total MU (18/148=0.12) and we have the capacity to reach 20% (30/148=0.2)

To join a Commune, you must pay your share of the total cost of gold to build that company, as well as CAD for the WRM storage needed to produce your weapons. From here on, you work at minimum wage for your manager. The manager will keep track of the weapons you have produced and thus earned, as well as your weekly payments for the WRMs needed. It is a straight forward system, that is much more productive then working for 25$ a day. I personally enjoy receiving a large some of Q7 weapons hot off the production line. The are nice and shiny, ready to tear it up on the battlefield! If you are interested in joining the Communes, please contact Coda, Pine_JR or myself, and you can also leave a post in the CAF feed. We understand that not all of you can afford the initial start up cost, thus we are flexible and can offer payment systems. Check them out guys, well worth it!

Other News:

Captain elections are today, and I would like to congratulate the winners, many being returning captains. I have been very happy with the leadership displayed by you guys and dolls. Generosity and friendship has, and never will be a hard thing to find in the CAF, keep it up!

The government has recently reinstated the Canadian Civil Defense organization through the Ministry of Defense, and with that have been releasing articles with battle orders and updates. So check out the CCD newspaper here

Shout outs:
- Congrats to Sm1tty for reaching World Class Force!
- Congrats to Chriswen for reaching World Class Force!
- Congrats to Xyzal666 for level reaching level 50.
- The Canadian Armed Forces DOES NOT have a political party.

Until next time...


chriswen Dan 1,822, 18:03

Me2, I reached World Class Force recently also.

Oinyo Dan 1,822, 18:46

Grats all! 😃

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,824, 07:11


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