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Tales from Belgium - Presidential Interview

Dan 1,846, 04:15 Objavljeno u United Kingdom Švicarska od Dan/naD Wilshire

Interview with the Belgian President


The Introduction

Today begins my mini interview series. I plan to interview 5 members from eBelgium, past and Present. Today I have had the luxury of interviewing the Belgian CP BrunoCND.

Question time

Dan: So Bruno how did you come around to finding this game?

Bruno: I just saw it somewhere and I came to see 😉

Dan: So what is your favourite aspect of the game?

Bruno: Politics! Every update is more linked to the reality and I like that 🙂

Dan: How does it feel to be President of eBelgium again?

Bruno: I like 🙂. I like trying to help my country to become better, I always do the best for eBelgium.

Dan: This isn't the first time that you have been elected as President of Belgium. Why did you decide to run again and how do you think this term will be different from your last term?

Bruno: I wanted to be more invested in CoT (Circle of Trust). During my first term, eBelgium was neutral, now it's part of a great alliance. After the end of my first term I wanted to rerun but let the place to other candidates that I trust and let them the chance to become CP.

So this time my term is different because:

First term: facing a PTO, TW with eNL
Now: Facing another PTO (but a silent one), TW with eUK, involving eBelgium in CoT even more every day and the Financial crisis is here.

And I’m more experienced now

Dan: Do you feel that this TW with the eUK will be successful?

Bruno: I hope so. I think it will benefit to both countries 🙂

Dan: You said that this term you are facing a "silent PTO". How big of a risk does this movement pose to the Belgian public?

Bruno: No comment 😛. My Minister of National Security is working on this threat.

Dan: So is that all I am going to get on that topic?

Bruno: Yes sorry, until there's nothing more as precision better I say nothing more 😉

Dan: Since you haven't given me much to go on for my last question, can you tell us something about your eHistory? Favourite people you have met, best place you have elived? Some things like that.

Bruno: I was eborn in eBelgium and I will stay here 🙂. I met many interesting people like MaryamQ, NLSP, Nohjis, Kiyonori Dragnier and more I can't say all the name here 😉. But I would particularly say that the best I have ever met is Elynea (my ewife 😉). I've a thought for her these times because she's recovering. I miss her a lot.

Nohjis was the person who gave me all the knowledge that I had to know for this game. He taught me all.

MaryamQ is INCREDIBLE 🙂.

NLSP always supported me in hard times and when i needed something he was there.

Kiyonori Dragnier is young but since we're co-commander of BNA i discovered him better and we nearly always think the same things 🙂

Last thing for this question, I met some people in others countries that should be known even if they are in enemies alliances.

Dan: My sources (me) have found out that you have had eKids with your eWife! Who are they and how did they become your children?

Bruno: When I married Elynea they became my eKids. tecuvo and Cotarius are my ekids 😉

Dan: Moving away from your family (well in a sense), who do you think was the best Belgian CP?

Bruno: MaryamQ! Because it's MaryamQ, who knows her; know it. 😉

Dan: Well tell us more about the "INCREDIBLE" MaryamQ.

Bruno: There are no words to describe her. She gives but she never expects in return, her heart is the biggest of eRepublik. She always do and say things with her heart!

Dan: Lily Jayne Summers was the last CP of Belgium. How do you think her term went?

Bruno: Good! She did everything to keep the car on the road, and to realise her goals. She did what she said she needed to do.

Dan: Since I have taken up a lot of your time already, I best come to my last 5 questions!

Bruno: No problem 😉 I still here 😛

Dan: What is your view on the current government of the eUK, and the eUK as a whole?

Bruno: I don't have pre-view because I don't know it enough but eUK has always been a great efriend of eBelgium. 😉

Dan: What can we expect from you in the future? Will you aim to become CP of eBelgium again, or will you target a leadership role within CoT?

Bruno: I hope to be more involved in CoT's decisions, and maybe rerun for eBe CP but not immediately, there are some eBe that deserves to become CP.

Dan: Who do you think deserves to be the next CP of eBelgium?

Bruno: Tony Clifford, MCKitkat, Stijn Puttemans, Kiyonori Dragnier, Elynea (again 😃) and Yannis too 😛

Dan: If you had to narrow it down to one, who would it be and why?

Bruno: Hard Question 😒 I Can’t answer.

Dan: You can 😃

Bruno: That's not fair

Dan: To get the best information for my readers sometimes things need to be unfair 😉

Bruno: I chose because you insist 🙁 Tony Clifford because of his activity, his involvement, it would be for the good of eBelgium 🙂

Dan: Would you like to provide a closing statement summing up anything else you would like the readers to know about you, or the people you know?

Bruno: What I do is what I honestly think is good for eBelgium. I'm always open minded and I answer to everyone who has a question. 😉

Long life to eBelgium!!!

Dan: It was nice to spend all this time talking to you. Thank you for giving up your time to answer my questions! I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your term as CP!

Final Note

Well that concludes my interview with BrunoCND. I hope you all enjoyed reading it! My next article will be an interview with the join MoFA and MoD of eBelgium MCKitkat.

Till then! o7



Kravenn Dan 1,846, 04:18

brunoCND is great 😉

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Dan 1,846, 04:24

great interview Dan, thanks for doing that 🙂

MaryamQ Dan 1,846, 04:56

Nice interview! eBelgians made a good choice in electing Bruno. And thanks, my friend, for your kind words!

NLSP Dan 1,846, 05:41

Read it with pleasure.
Nice interview!

BrunoCND Dan 1,846, 06:09

Thanks for the interview 😉

1h40min 😒

tommot Dan 1,846, 06:25

really nice talk. : )

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Dan 1,846, 07:39

voted 😉

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Dan 1,846, 08:28

Good interview


Rexdeus Dan 1,846, 08:57

great interview.

Cotarius Dan 1,846, 09:33

You have done good dad 😉

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Dan 1,846, 09:36

i approve this article

Critically Dan 1,846, 09:46

Good Interview !!

Hail Bruno !
Hail Belgium !

Rican Dan 1,846, 12:16

╔♫═╗.... ♥ ♪ ♫
╚╗╔╝.... BRUNO
╔╝╚╗♫♥ ♥

Olv007 Dan 1,846, 12:17

BrunoCND is a man of few words 😉

lancer450 Dan 1,846, 13:23

Voted. : )

Niemand Dan 1,847, 23:14

Nice interview. So many good eBelgians are there.
UK and Belgium, good friends forever.

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