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Support for eChile

Dan 2,325, 03:37 Objavljeno u Chile Pakistan od Ahsan

Dearest Chilean friends and citizens,

Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one. But life must go on and sometimes we have to life for others. Just wanted you to know that...
I am here for support, in whatever way I can!

On behalf of Pakistan, Our support to Chileans for today's tragedy and offer condolences on this incident and their irrecoverable losses.

Images received by Chilean friend and I would like to share those with you all!

Message from Trico, Country President of eChile

I pray for them and hope everything will get well soon.
Thanks for all the support worldwide.

Stop the wars against Chile.
Mithrantir - Cyprus

Don_Croata - Aurora

Chile my thoughts are with you, hope for the best.
Dio Maximus - Serbian MoFA

Support from Romania's Military Unit: Praetorian Guard
dsturzoiu - Romania

Big and warmful hug to soothe in grief the Chilean friends.
NiederHaven - Portuguese Community

God bless Chile & Peru, Pray for you. Stop wars against Chile & Peru
Romy.TR - Albania MoD

We pray for Chileans, hope all of them to be well, full support from Bulgaria!
Dead Girls Cant Say No - Bulgarian MoD

Zoti qofte me ju,ne do lutemi per ju
I L L Y R I C U M - Albanian Community

Today our prayers and solidarity are with the Chilean population.
Bitorino - vCP Portuguese Government

May peace and comfort find you during this difficult time, We are very saddened to hear of your recent loss and would like to express our sincere condolences to you and your family, We want to express our sympathy for your loss and to let you know that our thoughts are with you. My heart goes out to you during this difficult time.
Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow. Please remember that you are not alone...we are always here for you.
Black Whiter - eSwitzerland Citizen and China MoFA-Journalist

Our thoughts are with Chile and we hope everything will be fine for them and their families.
Trepca.Q7 - ENIGMA MU (Albanian)

Let the past day take with it all the pain and sorrows and let the new day bring with it brighter and better tomorrow.
Let courage and strength be with you
mlena - Slovenia MoD

My sympathy to the families in Chile after this tragic event.. I hope there will no more casualties from this earthquake.
Epimitheis - 7NISA Greece MU

Prayers and heartfelt support from me and my MU
The DarkKnight - ACADEMI MU

We all pray for Chile. My best wishes for the fastest recovery.
In game I kindly ask EVERYONE to stop ALL attacks against eChile.
DimAth - vCP eGreece

Our heart has been filled with pain and sorrow for people affected by this devastating calamity in Chile. It is such a hard moment for the nation.
DaddyCooL88 - eTurkey MoFA

In the name of my MU, I with you, Chilian brothers, strength to pass this natural disaster. I'm following the developments since last night and hoping to receive good news in this hard day for your country.
Jurgen Dervishi - Commander of "AUS" Albania

"Laughter is the language of the soul." ~Pablo Neruda
To our friends in eChile - we stand with you in this great tragedy and send you laughter in the coming days.
CFovetS - United Aggression MU Family

In tough times, any support is priceless. Stay brave Chile, Macedonia and all members of our MU is with you.
stenak - Dark Side Wolves

We are with you Chile, stay strong!
Phantom MKD - CP Republic of Macedonia

We the people of Republic Of India, pray for the people who lost their lives.
We hope that God show His grace upon everyone and bestow you all with power to find comfort in this time of need.
We express our deepest sympathy for those affected by this, and are saddened to hear your losses.
Vishroid - Indian Citizen

In times of great destruction cling to your friends and family, you will need all the strength you're going to reconstruct your world. Support to everyone affected by this display of nature.
MaartenW - People of Netherlands

We all pray for Chile. My best wishes for the fastest recovery.
CRAZY BLACK - Argonautes GR

Wisdom and strength to face this difficult moment. As brothers, we are by your side today and forever. All our prayers will be for the safety of all the chileans family and the peace of those who are not with us anymore. Fuerza y sabiduría Chile.
zebosk - Paraguay MoFA

we are sharing your suffer Chile, you are not alone.
festoz - CP Cyprus

My deepest condolences for the destruction and loss of life caused earthquake and tsunami in Chile, we're with you brother.
Dendi Uzumaki - Indonesian Citizen

Our thoughts and prayers are with Chile, stay strong!
klop123 - Canadian MoFA

Montenegro deeply sympathize with the sufferings of Chile. We hope to see you soon back in the game as before.
Petar Popara Crni - Montenegro MoFA

The brazilian people are praying for you Chile. God bless you people!
Dio SEP - Brazil Citizen

Never mind what happens in game, I think that there arent many people who share your pain as if it was something that happened to their own nation as we do. Our hearts go with you Chile..
Akasuna Itachi - Commander of Serbian/eBelarusian MU La Fuerza.

World bereavement! There aren't words to describe the sadness.
Pasok na goustaroume - CP Greece

Best wishes for quick recovery, you're not alone. o7
fizicar69 - 2nd Commander, Vatreni Gusteri - Croatia

Unfortunately all we can do is pray for Chile people, support from CRO!
Al.Assad - Croatian Citizen

All prayers and good vibes straight to Chile and his kind people, I hope god bless y'all and recover for all those families who had loss someone.
NikoIa Tesla - CP Brazil

let's pray for anybody who injured physically or mentally in this.
we share your pain.
Hossein M - Iranian Citizen

My deepest sympathize for our beloved friends and brother of Chile.
WarankZ - Indonesian Citizen

Mucha fuerza: sabemos que estas cosas -desafortunadamente- suelen pasar por allá. Que sea leve y mis condolencias a los afectados. Ánimo y abrazos desde España.
Be strong: we know these things -unfortunately- often go there. I wish it is not hard and please accept my condolences for the loss of those affected. Support from Spain!
Mininuns - eRepublik's Cat

Nuestra solidaridad para Chile en estas horas.
Our solidarity for Chile at these ours.
Kyronte - Colombian MoFA

A game is always put in comparison at times like these, you have our best wishes, genuine well wishes and our deepest condolences from eAustralia at these difficult times.
Dr Hugh Jardon - PM Australia

God be with you all...We will pray for your tragedy,stay strong Chile!
Batoa- Kosovo

Best wishes and hopes from Soimii Patriei MU!
Kelstein - Romania

When i was working on a cruiser ship,my best friend was from Chile.We were in Alaska,when that mine crashed in Copiapo.For 69 days i was with Alvaro hoping for the best that those miners will get out safely.From then on what happens to Chile i feel like it is happening to my country too.My deepest condolences to the families that lost their loved ones.You are not alone in your grief.
God bless you and may their souls rest in peace.
Вјечнаја памјат
Mikko Ilicinen - Citizen of eSerbia,PP of Familija

La gente de Alemania y Dinamarca expresamos nuestra solidaridad con el pueblo de Chile en estas horas dificiles y lamentamos la perdida de vidas por el terremoto. Estamos con Ustedes.
Yosemite Sam01 - Embajador de Alemania y Dinamarca en Chile

Thanks to all the community. At this moments we can say that the earthquake was 8.2 Richter degrees. The tsunami was smaller than the 2010´s. There was not destroyed towns and ´till now only 6 casualties. All the emergency systems worked ok. The people was evacuated the zone quickly and the normality is returning to the towns. There are more news every moment about some damaged buildings and roads. We hope the damage was not so big. Thanks for the support and the best wishes. We are a strong people, and our buildings and roads are prepared for the earthquakes. Consider that it was an 8.2 Richter degrees earthquake and there was only 6 people dead and none big building destroyed. Sorry for my english in advance. Viva Chile!!!
Louis Woo - Chile Citizen

"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive" - we all respect you and we are with you in this hard moments! Be strong!!!
Laura Andreea - German MoE

In the face of natural disaster we can do little... but our prayers & wishes are with our Chilean friends. Hoping to hear of a quick recovery!
Sparkfyre - Pakistani Citizen

Support from MACEDONIA! We all pray for Chile. My best wishes for the fastest recovery.
UNISTUVAC MKD - Commander of MNA - Makedonska Narodna Armija

Life's journey is easier when you hear a friend's footsteps alongside. We shall always be there when you need us.
El viaje de la vida es mas fácil cuando se escuchan los pasos de un amigo al lado. Siempre estaremos ahí cuando nos necesiteis.
Barky Baraq - vMoFA y Embajador en eChile de eEspaña

To every1 that lost family members or friends in this tragedy my deepest condolences. Our hearts are devastated to hear that such a tragedy struck such great people. Stay strong with us Chile, stay strong and get well soon.
Macedonia is and always will be by your side.
The Best 89 - Macedonian Citizen

Macedonia is with you Chile,we pray for you!
Vojne - Macedonian Citizen

Russia and Armenia with you!
Россия и Армения с Вами!
nzhdeh - Russian MoD

We hope all our brothers from CHILE are OK! We are not just a virtual friends! MACEDONIAN PLAYERS WILL HELP YOUR COUNTRY IF THAT IS NEEDED!
eDnopmk - MCF Member

My sincere condolences to the people of Chile for today's tragic incident and the loss of lives and property as a result of it. My prayers are with you all.
Uzair J - Pakistani Citizen

Our thoughts are with the people of Chile and Peru. Stay safe.
Jan Karal Chadkievicz - Belarusian Community

WE ARE WITH YOU in name of myself, of the eItalian Government, of all eItalian players.
Giogallo - Italian Government

Ukrainians support Chile! God be with your people!
Orestius777 - Ukrainian Citizen

Thank you everyone for showing support towards our Chilean friends!
Chile government is very happy and pleased by your messages.

Citizen of Pakistan/eChile


Ahsan Dan 2,325, 03:38

Support for eChile

Send in game message to TheCaliph for your edition, Thanks. o7


L.E.O Dan 2,326, 22:28


dedaSRB Dan 2,325, 03:41


Nerazuman Lavirint
Nerazuman Lavirint Dan 2,325, 03:48


NiederHaven Dan 2,325, 03:48


Go.Hard Dan 2,325, 03:49

gracias por el apoyo

Go.Hard Dan 2,325, 03:49

gracias por el apoyo

Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Dan 2,325, 03:54

Its not easy to find what to say in this moments.

I hope everything will be ok asap

Fuerza Chile!

Black Whiter
Black Whiter Dan 2,325, 03:56

[B&W Switzer News]From Switzerland To Chile With Love (Deep Condolances)

Pray for Chile ! Pray for Peru

Black Whiter
Black Whiter Dan 2,325, 04:02

May peace and comfort find you during this difficult time, We are very saddened to hear of your recent loss and would like to express our sincere condolences to you and your family, We want to express our sympathy for your loss and to let you know that our thoughts are with you. My heart goes out to you during this difficult time.

Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow. Please remember that you are not alone...we are always here for you.

Best Regards,
Black Whiter
eSwitzerland Citizen and China MoFA-Journalist

Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Dan 2,325, 03:59

Fuerza Chile!

CoskunYunusEmre Dan 2,325, 04:00


mlena Dan 2,325, 04:03


ottoman empire turkey
ottoman empire turkey Dan 2,325, 04:01


The Oncoming Storm
The Oncoming Storm Dan 2,325, 04:03

i hope you will recover very soon

Mithrantir Dan 2,325, 04:07


ePGASUS Dan 2,325, 04:06



We are with you Chile!

Romy.TR Dan 2,325, 04:09


Daanitha Dan 2,325, 04:10

Gracias por el apoyo : )

BangIades Dan 2,325, 04:08


HB Warrior
HB Warrior Dan 2,325, 04:11


Bitorino Dan 2,325, 04:13

Fuerza Chile!

Dr.SkA Dan 2,325, 04:14


millyi Dan 2,325, 04:11

a big hug from all the community of eR, hope soon all will be as before and even better o7

Anthony Tony Soprano
Anthony Tony Soprano Dan 2,325, 04:14


poletarec Dan 2,325, 04:16


poletarec Dan 2,325, 04:16


Andjelo Halilovic
Andjelo Halilovic Dan 2,325, 04:13


Semsamm Dan 2,325, 04:13


Erkaki Dan 2,325, 04:16


UKs Finest
UKs Finest Dan 2,325, 04:16


Sarma Dan 2,325, 04:17


darksfer Dan 2,325, 04:17


Dooomed Dan 2,325, 04:18


Trepca.Q7 Dan 2,325, 04:18

Our thoughts are with Chile and we hope everything will be fine for them and their families

Marinos98 Dan 2,325, 04:18



LSFC HOOLIGAN Dan 2,325, 04:19


Ivan Grozni V
Ivan Grozni V Dan 2,325, 04:19


Persian Stormrage
Persian Stormrage Dan 2,325, 04:20


Gambino_SSSS Dan 2,325, 04:21


Ready7Die Dan 2,325, 04:23


spartako rosso
spartako rosso Dan 2,325, 04:23

Fuerza Chile!

etljo stnov
etljo stnov Dan 2,325, 04:24

Be strong, my friends !

Mishbili Dan 2,325, 04:26


Taekov Dan 2,325, 04:26

Have strength, guys!

XIONIS Dan 2,325, 04:26

At tragic event! My condolences!

Riba Klaun
Riba Klaun Dan 2,325, 04:27


CRAZY BLACK Dan 2,325, 04:28


eDnopmk Dan 2,325, 04:29

Support from MACEDONIA!
Останете силни! Пред се сме луѓе па затоа доброто и злото ќе го делиме заедно подеднакво, рамноправно секогаш тука за вас! If you dont understand this use translator!

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