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Spain CP is EPIC ?! NO ! TWO SoFA is the Epicness in Person ! + BONUS

Dan 2,186, 08:00 Objavljeno u Romania Rumunjska od TheYakuzini

After the previous article (Spain CP&Concilour EPIC FAIL ) , today i will show you the EPICNESS IN PERSON !

Who is it ?!

Tanaaaa , the SoFA of TWO :

Let's start :

Ok,first i change my nickname ( After this n00b reaction and some articles in international press ) ,but today not in NightwatcherHUN 🙂 :

and i query the SoFA of TWO . The discussion start and you can see here the results 🙂 :


But stay ,stay ,stay , hold on. WTF i just saw ?!!!?? :

AA?!!?Yeah,pretty bad,sorry for this EPOCAL FAIL !!!

In the end :



Lord Menique
Lord Menique Dan 2,186, 08:10

Hahaha, epic

Pedrito is Dark Side
Pedrito is Dark Side Dan 2,186, 08:13

Everything that has a beginning has an end.
They do not want the NAP, we do not give our original regions, is fair. 🙂
RW total war will be epic.

Cold Hands
Cold Hands Dan 2,186, 17:41

oh stop crying around the world all of you. You are boring

Pedrito is Dark Side
Pedrito is Dark Side Dan 2,187, 00:00

Non éntiéndo!

Pedrito is Dark Side
Pedrito is Dark Side Dan 2,187, 03:15

Se fosses levar com ele no anus, já entendias!

vladb Dan 2,186, 08:14

Komentar izbrisan

vladb Dan 2,186, 08:15

EPIC ..these guys are nooooooooooooooooooooobs.

paul sambora
paul sambora Dan 2,186, 08:16

loool 🙂)

DariusReg Dan 2,186, 08:17

hahaha ok, this was truly epic!

MirceaDrac Dan 2,186, 08:17


BaDaAtiLuatToateIdurile Dan 2,186, 08:19

Great job man!!!

Slevin07 Dan 2,186, 08:28


The Great CornhoIio
The Great CornhoIio Dan 2,186, 08:29

: )

SPQN Dan 2,186, 08:32

Great piece of work as usual 😃

Darth Pointy
Darth Pointy Dan 2,186, 08:41

epic man....this is fucking epic

Orrrm Dan 2,186, 08:51

That was truly EPIC!!!!!!! 🙂

imamradyk Dan 2,186, 08:54

Great job

benjiparis Dan 2,186, 08:55

Awesome job 😉

FremenuI Dan 2,186, 08:57

Felicitari pentru troll, dar mai taie din dimensiunile pozelor cu vote, subscribe, etc, mult scroll 😛

TheYakuzini Dan 2,186, 09:04

hard work,hard scroll 😁)

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Dan 2,186, 09:06

Epic 😃

Aminta Makedonecot
Aminta Makedonecot Dan 2,186, 09:08

loool - ed all day long! 😃

Narlindir Dan 2,186, 09:10

Let me tell u something...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL , really , noone cant admit it 😉
One of 23 more people 🙂

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Dan 2,186, 09:11


TWO is even more a damagehood than I previously thought.

In CoT private chats there was not so much hatred from one member country to another one (even when one was wiped because cot helped another!!) 😮

NKFV Dan 2,186, 09:12

This really is epic!
Fool me once....

Alexutzzz Dan 2,186, 10:37

Shame on you . Fool me twice , shame on me ^^

Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Dan 2,186, 09:12


millyi Dan 2,186, 09:15

omg it's so epic 😃

Warmnuel Palitos El Adjetivo
Warmnuel Palitos El Adjetivo Dan 2,186, 09:15

Well, this one is much better than the previous one.

TheYakuzini Dan 2,186, 09:18

step by step the quality is better

Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Dan 2,186, 09:23

LOL voted.

For the ES-PT NAP, Spain proposed that Portugal couldn't MPP Argentina and Colombia anymore and should VETO them into TWO/ACT.

Of course this is unacceptable.

HutsulUA Dan 2,186, 09:24

bandi00717-->bandi0717 WTF?

Dibmuad Dan 2,186, 09:26

This is epic! Spain's image just keeps improving! 🙂

bchon Dan 2,186, 09:26

are you trying to troll better than smee?

cen1 Dan 2,186, 09:44

That is really not hard to do since smee's trolling is garbage. This on the other hand is pure gold.

Ashkoort Dan 2,186, 09:27

haha, master

turturica Dan 2,186, 09:29

Iar te-ai jucat pe irc yaku? 😛

TheYakuzini Dan 2,186, 09:32

da sefa,dar cu scopuri nobile 🙂

Iulian.xxl Dan 2,186, 09:43

lasa-l in pace ca Yaku le amesteca amintirile joaca cu mintea lor

El Manolito
El Manolito Dan 2,186, 09:33

This is epic.

PretenderHT Dan 2,186, 09:33

That spanish CP is such a liar!

Everything that he accuses and blames ePortugal, is precisely what eSpain has been doing all over this time since the first NAP!

Why don't ePortugal gets the same treatment and fair NAPs like Canada and USA?

Lies, lies and more lies, they just want our bonus for free and forever, and they will do everything (lie, deceive, manipulate) in order to get it.

angeldav Dan 2,186, 11:57

Canada when france and mexico attack spain don't oppen rw; and when the rw was opened they hit for spain to keep the nap. In my opinion i would break the nap and give them back the regions for their good behaviour

PretenderHT Dan 2,186, 12:08

LOL, and was it ePortugal opening RWs?
Or was it CoT (USA+Canada+Mexico) doing and wining it?
Otherwise, wasn't it supposed to have RWs opened every 24h?
Why didn't that happened for weeks, and only on those days coordinated by CoT?
You can only send sand to the eyes of those who aren't informed or didn't saw what happened.

angeldav Dan 2,186, 13:08

You want more sand?
I don't see USA+Canada+Mexico, just portuguese....

PretenderHT Dan 2,186, 16:50

LOL, you should learn to count, more than 75% of those are not portuguese...
And i was talking of WHO opened those RWs, simultaneously with other ones in the countries that you occupy, it was clearly a coordinated manoeuvre, and you also can see how easy it was, cause in the spanish side almost nobody was fighting.
But we can compare that with the last battles and see the amount of damage made and the players in those, wanna see the difference?
Or maybe we can compare with RW in USA, Mexico and Canada that you recently lost, do you wanna check who fought there?
Would your judgement be as severe as it always as been only against ePortugal?
Duality of criteria, that's on what you guys are specialized in.
It would just be simpler that you said at the beginning that you would not be interested in having any kind of relation with ePortugal, but you've fooled many of us for quite long, keeping us with hope, when your only purpose, was to get the bonus lands from us, with no cost at all.

Strastniot Dan 2,186, 09:35

hah, smee is an amateur comparing to u dude 🙂

SPQN Dan 2,186, 09:42

Have even completed the damn captcha to Subscribe 🙂

TheYakuzini Dan 2,186, 10:07

awesome ! thanks

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