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Save the game - perm bans for cheating

Dan 1,928, 13:37 Objavljeno u Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Makedonija (FYROM) od Jas Sam

First of all let me say that I played dozens of online games, and that I witnessed it all (like many of us).

Other games...

In all of those games cheating was the factor that destroyed gameplay. Everyone fought it , from developers to players. Developers install security in their games and even buy outside tools like punkbuster or VAC. Players (where thats possible) admin their servers and create scripts that detects certain cheats or create blacklist of usernames/ip adresses and so on.

And in every one of those games cheating gets your account banned/deleted, not only that in many cases you get hardware ban , so that you can never return to that (or in same cases many other games), ofc there are way around that but hey at least they are making many of them to stop destroying other people fun .

But not in erepublik...

There were cheaters in erepublik even when permanent bans were issued for it, but I can say nothing like now. Its gone from tolerable to rampant. It took all the fun from the game. And all of it started with removing permanent bans for cheating.

We can not even pretend that normal players control or participate in any form of this game.

Let me just name few issues:

- Cheaters control political parties, every month they create (or control old bots) new multiple accounts to fight with their political opponents, some times they are caught and punished by temp ban (lol), but they just try harder next time

- Cheaters control congress elections

- logically they have big influence in congress itself

- Cheaters use national banks and state tax funds to evade detection

- Cheaters destroy prices of weapons/food (by having bots for workforce)

- Cheaters destroy job market (who need "expensive" workers, when they just create multi accounts)


You could go on for hours naming what cheaters destroy... Temporary bans are not solution, in the past they feared to get their main accounts banned (bcs they lost strength), now they dont have no fear at all. As a result of that, there is no fun for people playing fair, not to mention that new players dont stay in the game for more then a few days.

So I urge you, please bring back permanent bans, at least make them fear for their strenght, bring us back some fun...



kojoti2 Dan 1,928, 15:33

Well said, unfortunately if you are gold buyer you are same as a god here...

petarster Dan 1,929, 21:08

Erepublik harlem shake

Felllix Dan 1,928, 15:42

A ti chivo multi si?...poshto si registriran neknje.

Inaku gore-dole se slagam so iznesenoto. Dan 1,928, 16:53

busted xD

Altaer Dan 1,928, 15:53

You are right, but since you are new I teach you something.
Each player which does cheat gets permanent ban, except if he is a gold buyer.In this case he only gets a temporal ban and it is like nothing happened.

pesticid Dan 1,928, 16:54

се согласувам, арно ама добивам впечаток дека не само кај нас а и во други е земји има мулташи или има недоволен број играчи и кога админите би ги банирале сите ке остане сосема мала бројка на играчи поради што Платон ке стави катанец на играта, за да не се случи тоа тој толерира, така секогаш ке се најде овца за да му измолза рл пари

heroiin Dan 1,928, 17:29

kose nanaton koonia

Only one Macedonia
Only one Macedonia Dan 1,928, 18:44


Not to mention that the same above mentioned are controlling the article voting as well, so if they want someone to stay on the top it will, no matter how stupid or unimportant the article is.

Plainswalker Dan 1,928, 21:50

Plainswalker approves this article

Kristiyan Krastev
Kristiyan Krastev Dan 1,929, 23:45


McFresh Dan 1,929, 01:42


StreakyTyphus Dan 1,929, 01:59

@ Jas Sam

it shows you dont read articles, read my latest

i am a multi hunters and get alot perm banned

kojoti2 Dan 1,929, 05:04

No effect if they ban multy accounts and leave free accounts who create them. You will report 4 accounts they will create 40 new....

TheTrooper69 Dan 1,929, 05:13

also perma ban vote buyers and sellers. Ty.

Anakin Skywalker MKD
Anakin Skywalker MKD Dan 1,929, 06:42

Well said


kocc Dan 1,929, 10:18

permaban za igrata, mnogu deca ke ostanat bez detstvo i ke bidat mutanti kako sto trgnalo

xDfactorx Dan 1,929, 11:36

I'm a cheater in other games

and I found this offensive

reported for flaming

Pavich95 Dan 1,929, 12:37

mm.. 923 votes..Voters Club ? xD

Jas Sam
Jas Sam Dan 1,929, 14:09

yes 😃

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Dan 1,929, 15:46

you FYROM guys should save eRepublik from your shi*ty voters club.

Hellenic Phoenix
Hellenic Phoenix Dan 1,929, 16:06

my friend you are so right!
Also we can discover a new country in Balkans named multi-donias.
I wonder how fast i 'm going to be ban?

makedonec 21
makedonec 21 Dan 1,930, 02:59

dojdi da mi go ispusis kosovarsko kopile 😉

Georgian Shield
Georgian Shield Dan 1,930, 05:42

i dont speak bulgarian, sorry, better tell that to your moms, she knows bulgarian : D

Macedonian Power Dan 1,930, 07:22

Komentar izbrisan

Macedonian Power
Macedonian Power Dan 1,930, 07:26

so sekoj kosovar li ke se zamaras be druze?

Altaer Dan 1,930, 09:15

Don't include Kosovo in here, we have nothing to do with you

MKD Foreverrr
MKD Foreverrr Dan 1,929, 16:45

то ако се десит, и канопон и пола е-мкд појде хД

LoganBG Dan 1,937, 09:36


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