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Dan 1,791, 14:15 Objavljeno u South Africa Čile od Léon Reno


As you know, I am the leader of Desert Lions South Africa. But this article is not about Desert Lions, just about Turks who live in Africa and want to improve her.

I came here more then 100 days ago, then I invited my friends who I know in RL for 2-3 years. Let's look at our past, what did we do in that 100+ days.

-Played a couple months
-Had no questionable congress wins
-Let in 0 citizens illegally (Doomhammer came in via Ostdeustche, which was a product of another player)
-Continued to serve in congress legitimately
-Got overly offended by Tenshibo, got him banned.
-Got even more pissed when Tenshibo came BACK to the forums.
-Grew with aggression as more players accused them of PTO and blatantly attacked them.
-Finally grew to the tipping point and voted to impeach a CP that they thought was not serving their needs.

Turks followed naturalization procedures from the beginning. Even 3 days immigrants elected as congressman, we have waited 1-2 months to run for congress. Turks supported IA, helped it to gain 10+ members. Then we used our political right, switched side. We've never done anything bad even we were hurted.

Who can say that we hurted South Africa. Maybe one of our action wasn't good for some people. If you think you are the owners of South Africa , you are right! We hurted you.

Who are they?

They have secret orgs which weren't known by anyone.
#Someone hacked 80% of our money, nobody knows.
#They don't let our citizens win 100+ STR via mission, cuz their masters are CTRL puppets,and they cannot do anything except permission.
#They are deciding who are our allies and who are not.

Now they are trying to block even our political rights. We were members of RISE with Luna, since he has found that party. AFK, is a well known and trustworthy person, but they didn't let him win PP elections with a well organised PTO which was planned by CP. They don't want to lose their position, money, fame!

President isolated us!

You are insulting us.
Monkeys, etc.
You are blocking us.
"Don't let anymore Turks in, we may have a Threat here." -president
Now you are isolating us.

We've been citizens of this country for 4 months and notice that We are not going anywhere! this country doesn't belong to one elite group. If you are trying to make SA a puppet of their masters, isolate us, we'll ensure We will fight against all of you! I invite everyone who thinks that it is unfair please join us!

Dear South African citizens, can you please explain us what should be done now?




Ejdatful Dan 1,791, 14:24

Voted ! We'll fight against the haters from now on !

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,791, 14:25

You should try English in the future so everybody can understand what your saying.

Dzooka Dan 1,791, 14:26

birinc ?

Lion of Deserts
Lion of Deserts Dan 1,791, 14:27


Ejdatful Dan 1,791, 14:28

Fhaemita , Can you speak Turkish?

KaracaBeg Dan 1,791, 14:30


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,791, 14:34

No, and I don't want to. In eSouth-Africa we speak English but the Turkish Immigrants even barely speak English.

Vientos del Sur
Vientos del Sur Dan 1,791, 14:36

Hail Doomhammer \o/

Ejdatful Dan 1,791, 14:42

So please stfu and apply for the citizenship of SA

kuckuck Dan 1,791, 14:56

I don't agree with some things like the alliances but voted

atrawall Dan 1,791, 18:50

Let's not make this a bullshit language thing. There is a language barrier for sure which is what has caused a lot of problems. Leon has problems comprehending my phrasing and sarcasm and him and Ejdatful are very forward about things, which is good for them and a crutch.

atrawall Dan 1,791, 18:59

I think it's a shame that its come down to this. I made my peace with the Turks and I think they are okay. I think it's good to have different approaches to the country. Without that we'd all just be IA. However there were threats made and I understand where Luna came from.

Tenshibo Dan 1,791, 19:07

You want to know what to do? Pay me large sums of money to allow you to live peacefully here. Otherwise, I shall continue to dominate you, you play style, and your life in my country of eSA.

I want 1 million currency to be delivered directly to my account. If you are incabpable of doing such a thing, you admit that you are smelly-monkey-PTOers, and have nothing to offer but never ending complaints.

Those are my terms. I expect the money to be in my account in 24hours.



atrawall Dan 1,791, 19:08

It's tough because no matter the time-frame you've been here, only 3 of you have actually participated in the forums enough for people to get to know you. Which helps lead the question "what are they planning?"
I know most are simply thinking of fighting which is it. I get it. Sad Day.

Seisan Dan 1,791, 20:08

You can always just not overreact and apologize for doing stupid things (like the CP impeachment). You don't just do that out of the blue or because of a personal and petty grudge and then expect everything to be a-ok. When you are a member of Congress, you put the country first and not let any outside influence cause bias in your actions. You did and are now wondering why so many mistrust you.

Badger06 Dan 1,791, 20:35

You have broken our trust with your actions, please read this through carefully
you will see that your actions lead me to this decision.

As hard as it was to do, you forced my hand on this matter.

Dr. James McCrimmon
Dr. James McCrimmon Dan 1,791, 22:50

You can always just not overreact and apologize for doing stupid things (like the CP impeachment). You don't just do that out of the blue or because of a personal and petty grudge and then expect everything to be a-ok. When you are a member of Congress, you put the country first and not let any outside influence cause bias in your actions. You did and are now wondering why so many mistrust you.

Couldnt have said it better.

You bring in your RL friends Leon, but they dont do anything

LiquidIce Dan 1,791, 22:59

Fhaemita, you cannot possibly make this a language problem. I am a rl SA and english is my second language. I understand everything Leon is trying to say here. So that argument is down the drain. Are you going to deny a german with broken english access to eSA because of his language? Or a swede? Try another line!

LiquidIce Dan 1,791, 23:03

Leon, I agree with some of the comments here. A nice gesture would've been to apologise for the president impeachment. As for government deciding MPP's, that is how we do it in eSA, and always have been. We do not go over to eUSA and tell them how to do things there. If you want to be part of eSA, you have to follow the rules of the country. This is the eSA way of doing things. With regard to eBrazil, we are screwed if we do and we are screwed if we don't.. TBC

LiquidIce Dan 1,791, 23:08

Continued... Do you really want to see eSA being wiped from the board? Because that is what might happen if we give eBrazil the boot. Most of us don't like it, but what are our options really? It has been discussed numerous times in the forum. Rome was not built in a day, and eSA can't be changed in a day either. As for Ten, you have been told many times before to ignore him. By replying to him and showing your anger and frustration towards him, you are only feeding him to flame you even more.

LiquidIce Dan 1,791, 23:11

He knows it and he fuels on it. I have said it before, actions speak louder than words, and thus far, your actions have said alot. We have been PTO'ed and wiped before, so we will do anything and everything to protect what is dear to us. Won't you do the same for something that is important to you?

Ejdatful Dan 1,791, 23:21

LI, You've already wiped by those americans. You don't need anyone else to be wiped .

Luna , You made people to lie us and you became fascisct in 15 days.

We have the right to elect and to be elected.

And you'll see what we can do for those silly americans from now on.

Silly puppet

Wacky368 Dan 1,791, 23:40

I thought we are trying to keep and get more citizens, not chase them away? What happened over the last 2 months is history already. We did not get PTO'd, everyone who had something to say, agree & disagree said their say. Surely after the way Leon & friends were told to f-off publicly and still stayed around should say that they still want to be part of eSA, hopefully to better the country and make it stronger.


Vanessa1309 Dan 1,792, 01:09

What they want does not override the people of eSA, we are one.
They will not ever apologise for anything, this I have learned the hard way. We almost lost all good will from Brazil and got wiped if I hadn't done damage control after Leon had a hissy fit on Brazil CP.
You are childish and have threatened us, so we defend.
Ejcrapful, that is all you are

Vanessa1309 Dan 1,792, 01:11

PS, you ARE the haters! lol
We opened our arms to you people and you have temper tantrums like children when you cannot have your way, get over yourselves!

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Dan 1,792, 01:15

lol Vanessa. You are gonna pay those golds, don't be afraid.

Vanessa1309 Dan 1,792, 01:50

Plato refused to give the names of people that benefitted, only said they were permabanned.
The orgs are in safe hands, that's all you need to know.

All the tantrums, moans and demands won't get you anywhere anymore, I have my own children to deal with at home, thank you!

Had3z Dan 1,792, 01:52

well it was quiet simple if you wanted afk to win hands free then tell me about that dont start getting upset because I ran for PP for RISE lol I see all of this as childish people need to realize it is a game and a community not a slaughter field we are a small country where we need to stick togheter like brothers and sisters

Tenshibo Dan 1,792, 03:32

Actually, the person who controls the orgs doesn't like me, therefore, the person who controls the orgs isn't a puppet master, for I am the only puppet master 😃

Vanessa1309 Dan 1,792, 04:04

lol @ ten, that's why we like Ten, he's funny!

Try grow a sense of humor sometime

baglamas Dan 1,792, 06:22

i love watching the intelectual lever rising. i feel smarter already, just by reading these comments.
@Ejdatful: come on, dude. all ur questions have been answered and almost everyone has been polite to, trying to give u reasonable arguments! u r the one who called vanessa a lier mealy-mouthed beach!

Locutus Dan 1,792, 06:27

If I were you Ejdatful, I´d be realy careful right about now. A few of your comments could get you temp banned, at least, just saying.

atrawall Dan 1,792, 08:01

That's true, Leon is answering civilly, Ejdatful is being a lot more attacking and rude, especially to some people who are trying to even stick up for him. I don't agree with everything, but rather than just doing it, try to convince people. Try to show people why EDEN would be great to join. Get some info or numbers. As to why we should become "Eden puppets" instead of "Ctrl puppets."

Badger06 Dan 1,792, 08:10

deffinitely no illegally accepted citizens here ^^^

Lion of Deserts
Lion of Deserts Dan 1,792, 08:35

"Plato refused to give the names of people that benefitted, only said they were permabanned.
The orgs are in safe hands, that's all you need to know."

Let me search it, I have some friends there.

Rexdeus Dan 1,792, 10:32

the only way is to work together, many do not have the same views, i know most do not share my views, but there is always a way forward, sometimes a step or two back, but the sum is always more positive.

i think for most the impeachment is a sore point, yes it was not done as per eSA custom, it should have been discussed in forum, and then everyone could vote their conscious, as they liked, that is our custom.

In the end we share this country.

Rusty Kuntz
Rusty Kuntz Dan 1,792, 12:07

solution: buy a bunch of hammers. hang them from your ceiling at head height. run around through them and see what happens.

Vjeko Barisic
Vjeko Barisic Dan 1,792, 13:59

Omg every time the same story...someone gets banned who served eSA a long time,another try of PTO,arguing,collecting medals via eSA...welcome to eSouth Africa!where jews run this country and imigrants like me just enjoy the climate here

baglamas Dan 1,793, 00:09

@Vjeko Barisic: there's no eReligion module in this game yet, so the term "jews" or even "eJews" is invalid.

Miyagiyoda Dan 1,793, 03:00

South Africa is a country. Africa is a continent. Don't make American geography mistakes. The mere existence of Egypt in eRepublik means they are not the same.

If you take a fight with a muppet seriously, you are a muppet.

The impeachment was not anti-South African. It was a perfectly legitimate reaction to an administration hiding information from the legislature and people. Mistakes were made. Tempers flared. I think enough information was shared for us to understand each other.

Miyagiyoda Dan 1,793, 03:03

The point is simple. If your motive is to benefit South Africa, then you are a South African, regardless of how others may interpret the actual actions. Motive is everything when judging a PTOer.

Vanessa1309 Dan 1,793, 04:27

I think you were misinformed Miya, they did not attempt an impeachment because of administration hiding information, they did it because I refused to reprimend Tenshibo for calling them PTOers. It's not my right whether I am CP or not to tell other people what they are allowed to write, he agreed to moderate his language and he did. Also missed the attack on me yesterday because I was expected to provide information that I don't have, insisting that I name the orgs, demanding the money from me.

Vanessa1309 Dan 1,793, 04:31

Also, I was the one who INFORMED the public. But I guess it's right that I get personally attacked when I didn't even have access nor knowledge.

There is NO excuse for this behavior! Even admin agrees with the deletion of his comments

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Dan 1,793, 04:41

"they did it because I refused to reprimend Tenshibo for calling them PTOers." I am sorry but, don't lie, please.

We tried to impeach you because;

1- You hidden information from us.
2- You didn't work enough to give us chance to complete mission and get STR.

Vanessa1309 Dan 1,793, 05:17

I'm sorry, but you are the one lying. Edjadful was talking to me on irc and after a long conversation and after I refused to reprimand Tenshibo, he proposed the impeachment after he threatened me with it. Maybe he is lying to you?

I didn't work enough to complete the mission, when you only decided to give us your idea at the last minute, on election day! I'm sorry but I agree with Tenshibo now. You are very good at playing nice.

baglamas Dan 1,793, 05:30

valid info reveals that info was hidden in the cookie jar.

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Dan 1,793, 05:34

We talked about impeach when you yelling people instead of accepting your fault, at "NE mission" topic. And then we learnt that you have something secret so decided to warn you. As I said before, you all know we don't have enough power to impeach you. It was just warning. And It worked.

I also always agree with you, about what you said about Ten. I wish I had a playing skill, everything would be easier. Like your way, critizing Ten to me, then supporting him in public.

Vanessa1309 Dan 1,793, 05:44

I critisised him to his face, you are welcome to ask him. I have nothing to hide.
I never yelled at people, on the contrary, you and your twin were doing the yelling.

I'm tired, I'm ignoring you now, not worth my time

Vroteier9 Dan 1,793, 12:50

I fail to see a PTO. I do see a divided SA but no PTO.

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