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Remember to Vote for Champinator!

Dan 1,903, 07:15 Objavljeno u South Africa SAD od Champinator

Hey everyone,

The Country President elections are tomorrow! Don't forget to vote! Please! Even if you are voting for someone else, just vote. The best way to get a fair election is to have a large majority of our citizens voting. Also, please save your vote till your last login. This should be true for any election in order to avoid a possible PTO.

Here is my platform in case you missed it:

My running mate is the one and only Al Kazar, and I will be running under RISE.

Good Luck to Claudio. eSouth Africa will be in good hands whether it's you or me pal.

Good Luck to Leon as well.



Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,903, 07:45

good luck

Zombinho Dan 1,903, 10:05

Good luck

LiquidIce Dan 1,903, 11:09

What, not good luck to Leon? Either way, good luck Champ!

Champinator Dan 1,903, 11:35


Badger06 Dan 1,903, 11:37

good luck champ ! I dont know you but ppl only have good things to say

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dan 1,903, 14:12

"This should be true for any election in order to avoid a possible PTO."

Clueless CP candidate is clueless
1. There is no PTO'er running so not necessary
2. you think you needed to be in a top 5 party to run CP.

Get a clue and learn game mechanics

Stryke Blayde
Stryke Blayde Dan 1,903, 20:49

With Champ running, it'd be better to vote for the non-existent PTO candidate.

kuckuck Dan 1,904, 03:54

good luck

Ejdatful Dan 1,904, 04:12

You don't know anything about country administration. Say no to pTOers !

Rexdeus Dan 1,904, 10:48

lol @ Stryke : )

G'luck Champ.

Champinator Dan 1,904, 11:40

❤ you stryke

Miyagiyoda Dan 1,904, 12:00

tl;dr no boobies.
Definitely not a serious candidate.

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