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Poverty to Prosperity

Dan 1,871, 11:58 Objavljeno u North Korea Sjeverna Koreja od Laventi

Our beloved nation of North Korea has fallen into a state of decay. Our citizens go to other countries in search of work, there is very little decent paying work at home in North Korea. Together the North Korean people can change such horrible facts and make North Korea an economic power instead of an economic slum. To make North Korea a prosperous place North Korea must higher minimum wage, make a fair import tax, and reclaim North Korea's core territories from China.

To higher our countries minimum wage the North Korean people must first elect officials who will fight on behalf of the people and not for their own greedy interests. Then to make a higher minimum wage our country needs more people within our territories so that our factories do not suffer. North Korea needs to actively get our citizens to move back into North Korean held territories and work in North Korean factories so that our factories still can make a reasonable profit even with a higher minimum wage because more people in North Korea means more people for our factories to sell food to and so forth.

Next, our country needs to make a reasonable import tax that does not dissuade other countries from trading with North Korea, but still helps pay for the governments expenses. An import tax is an important component to funding our citizen aid projects and the government itself. Also, if we give other countries a fair import tax then those countries will do the same for us.

Finally, we must reclaim our territories from China. Most of our country is currently occupied by China and most of our provinces have been for a very long time. Our country lacks the ability to take the territories by force, North Korea needs to negotiate with China and offer them incentives for granting our nation its core territories back. Through improvement of relations with China our nation has much to gain. China would make a good ally, trade partner, and protector if our leadership stopped feuding with our much larger neighbor.

Prosperity is ours for the taking, however prosperity takes work.



Bob Wu
Bob Wu Dan 1,871, 14:11

Excellent article!

Laventi Dan 1,871, 15:21

Thank you, I did not have enough time to edit it. My future ones will have more thought put into them and be written more fluently.

KevinYu Dan 1,871, 19:23


Mr.Robot Dan 1,872, 05:08

Absolutely ...Absolutely ...Absolutely ...

1. Must have a strong government.
2. Need to develop the economy
3. The land has to be taken back
4. Population increased
5. Trade increased

Online Population very small. The active ones come together and start working.

Laventi Dan 1,872, 11:55

True, our online population is miniature compared to Argentina and China.

Mr.Robot Dan 1,872, 15:13

Absolutely.. Need to increase the population of North Korea. Current population very few, in individuals is much less active.

Admiral Oemdi
Admiral Oemdi Dan 1,872, 22:37

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