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Police Report : Don't be Named Here

Dan 1,930, 22:45 Objavljeno u USA Republika Kina (Tajvan) od Trickstir
May 11th, 2014 -:- Day 2,364 SPECIAL EDITION
Vortex and Weather Office Update

The Department of Interior is sad to announce the firing of our former Meteorologist Trickstir. While he was good at the start his lack of abilities to forecast the weather accurately at least once a week. After the last three weeks of bright sunshine which has torched most of eRep and made our A/C run at an insane capacity he has been let go as the DoI Meteorologist. This decision was hard for the Secretary of the Interior and he spent weeks arguing with himself about the position.

Great Replacement for Former Amateur Meteorlogist

With the sadness out of the way and Trickstir clearing out the Weather office it is time to announce the newest member of the DoI Staff, Greeling, will be taking over the Vortex program. This program will see some changes this month. Including but not limited to increase Greeling levels and way more randomness. This randomization of storms is being done to include more people in the storms path. Greeling will be releasing accurate Vortex analysis prior to storms occurring.

Are you interested in cashing in and being part of our mob?

1. The game will start when the vortex sucks up the first contestant
2. This player will be awarded a prize, which will start at 5 USD
3. The player will have 60 seconds from the time of selection to decide to
A.) keep the prize, or
B.) throw the prize back
4. If the player throws the prize back, the vortex will suck up another random player who will be awarded a larger prize and again given 60 seconds to decide to keep or return.
5. Each player is eligible to be chosen every time, even if they already threw a prize back.
6. If a player chooses to keep a prize the vortex will implode and end the game unless a player in the room donates to match the prize kept.

Notes: Once you keep a prize you are ineligible to receive another, idle players will be given one chance to be picked and respond. If the timer runs out and you remain idle you will be removed.

eUS Citizens need to be on the look out in the Media for Vortex Weather Reports from the DoI Weather Office!

As always with Greeling being the Head of DoI Weather Office, Keep Calm and Greeling On!
Be Sure to check out these Official Government Newspapers for the latest News!



Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,931, 00:31

LOL nice, v&s

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,931, 02:23

Fear the Beard!...this guy is either an Okie or a Longhorn....

SinaAria Dan 1,931, 06:48

Fear the beard!

bigcdizzle Dan 1,931, 08:10

I lol'ed

fingerguns Dan 1,931, 09:39

lol this is weird. well done.

eShades Dan 2,341, 07:46


Btw, you should have the vortex respond to user commands! If they get chosen, let them say .take or .keep, and the bot can respond accordingly. Just a thought 😃

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