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Pizza the Hut banned from IRC...?

Dan 1,512, 20:57 Objavljeno u USA SAD od Pfeiffer.

Yes folks, he is. Pizza decided it would be a good idea to post my phone number on several public channels on IRC. For that, the Rizon Admins have issued him a server wide ban for (what I'm told is) a week. Originally it was 30 days, but apparently he's appealed it down to a week. The simple fact is, he's crossed the line of simply spewing ignorance here in eRepublik, and has taken to calling me at home...three times.

I've warned him that another call will result in me approaching law enforcement for a restraining order, so I'm confident that despite evidence to the contrary, he isn't that dumb.

Enjoy your week free of him, IRC going Americans, I'm sure he'll be back in his normal fashion once his ban is over. Also, watch out who you give your contact information to, because you never know when Pizza is lurking behind door number 3.

Pizza, creepin out on people

Stay classy, America.




Pfeiffer. Dan 1,512, 20:57

so classy

TemujinBC Dan 1,512, 21:00

If I had your phone number, I'd call you three times a day too.

Nosyt Dan 1,512, 21:01


Jude Connors
Jude Connors Dan 1,512, 21:02

from stalking to cyberstalking...

Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Dan 1,512, 21:03

I did call 3 times and got no answer. I am so upset.

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Dan 1,512, 21:03

Says the guy who stalked my facebook.

Pdeb Dan 1,512, 21:04

I feel bad for you...I know a few others he's stalked in RL

Kooguy Dan 1,512, 21:04


Bill Hook
Bill Hook Dan 1,512, 21:05

This is just a crappy game and anyone who takes it to RL is off their godamned rocker.

xDavidx Dan 1,512, 21:08

eww...sorry to hear this...pray a little prayer before jumping in bed that the ajay monster will stay at bay during the night


Agamenon92 Dan 1,512, 21:19

PtH needs urgent a girlfriend

Pizza The Hut II
Pizza The Hut II Dan 1,512, 21:21

OMG, I can't stop laughing... LOL! Hahahaha. Your tears are SO worth the seven days in exile.

Pizza The Hut II
Pizza The Hut II Dan 1,512, 21:24

LoL..... I still have your digits fluffy.... best be changing that numero.

faucoult Dan 1,512, 21:25

maybe he was just calling your mom

Pizza The Hut II
Pizza The Hut II Dan 1,512, 21:25

^ faucoult, EXACTLY! I thought I could reach her there!

deershark Dan 1,512, 21:33

Pfieffer, why won't you answer my phone calls honey? Did I do something wrong? Please tell me! Please pick up the phone!

Jon Malcom
Jon Malcom Dan 1,512, 21:35

Let's see the difference between him and me.

A few weeks ago Silverbeard was getting trolled by Pizza, later we talk on Skype, and he tells me he is thinking about calling up Pizza. I was all happy and I almost post the number to 4chan.
But I don't, because I know it's wrong.

That's the difference between Pizza and the rest of humanity.

faucoult Dan 1,512, 21:42

or Pizza the Hot II was calling his own mom

Pfeiffer. Dan 1,512, 21:48

highly probable, faucoult.

Sir Arthur William Currie
Sir Arthur William Currie Dan 1,512, 21:52

where'd he get your number? thats who you should really be mad at.

faucoult Dan 1,512, 21:58

Sir Arthur William Currie, Henry Arundel just told that he got his number from your mom

Noveras Dan 1,512, 22:00

the extend people will go for a game..........

watch your moms!!

Uhriventis Dan 1,512, 22:05

Why would anyone want your number?

faucoult Dan 1,512, 22:07

because someone lost your mom's number

Jamarcus Dan 1,512, 22:16

faucoult needs to work on his trolling. Perhaps someone could call and inform his mom of his poor trolling performance. I would, but I lost her number.

faucoult Dan 1,512, 22:18

jamarcu just call your mom she is here

Rick von Ruger
Rick von Ruger Dan 1,512, 22:39

this has been a triumph.
+1 pfeiffer

Jon Malcom
Jon Malcom Dan 1,513, 23:17

Usually Pfeiffer and I never agree on things but I voted this article and reshouted.

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Dan 1,513, 23:17

What You seek, that You get.

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Dan 1,513, 01:10

the whole situation is rather funny.

Norbengo Dan 1,513, 01:42

smells like cybersex

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Dan 1,513, 03:14

smells like a sociopath. He got kicked out of college for stalking some gurl, you better keep your curtains shut bro

CII venom
CII venom Dan 1,513, 03:19

Pfeiffer vs Pizza

Fight to the Death!

Maybaby Dan 1,513, 03:41

Bill Hook, I couldn't have put it better myself.

And why in God's name would anyone give anybody any personal information via/because of this game? Maybe that should be the subject of your next article. But if you guys know each other outside the game then it makes a little more sense.

Jeff Dude Lebowski
Jeff Dude Lebowski Dan 1,513, 04:20

Did he really got kicked out of college for stalking? damn that boy got some issues

Kell Draygo
Kell Draygo Dan 1,513, 05:38

Yeah, he has a RL restraining order against him for stalking one of the female Marines in the past, a couple of years ago. The guy is a freak and a pervert, it's wierd seeing people tolerate him in this game.

Myst Forever
Myst Forever Dan 1,513, 06:18

"watch out who you give your contact information to"

That Pizza used the phone number isn't what concerns me most. What does is that he sought the number out at all, because clearly this was done with malicious intent, however "playful" a spin anyone cares to put on it.

Whether he got it on his own or from someone else is debatable. What isn't debatable is that Pizza pursues people of interest to him, for whatever reason, men and women, beyond the boundaries of the game, and in real life, without their knowledge or consent.

Until he messes up, making a bold and obviously stupid move, at which time everyone finds out. There's nothing funny about it. It's sick.

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Dan 1,513, 06:35

How is this any different from when people were posting Pizza's contact info on the forums a year or so back?

Animis Dan 1,513, 07:02

Now I'm worried about late night pillow talk.... what if he accidentally thinks I am PtH....

oh wait, I don't have have that NJ accent, like a Jersey Shore guy gone all faggotlike.

nui04 Dan 1,513, 08:45

call 911 🙁

Pizza The Hut II
Pizza The Hut II Dan 1,513, 09:02

How is this any different from when people were posting Pizza's contact info on the forums a year or so back?


Fluffer, your tears are DELICIOUS!

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Dan 1,513, 09:34

we're probably required by law to know how close you are to us

Bill Hook
Bill Hook Dan 1,513, 09:49

Faucoult's mother's phone number is available on the wall of most mens' restrooms, so prepare for a long wait to get through and an even longer one for an appointment.

faucoult Dan 1,513, 10:29

bill hook, they can call your mom while waiting

Dutch Marley
Dutch Marley Dan 1,513, 11:04

Well that is what everyone deserves for posting your personal information on an online game. Anyone who divulges facebook pages, phone numbers, addresses, etc.. on a game better be expecting something bad.
Stop posting personal info and this wont happen. Not that i think anyone should be bothered but you reap what you sow.

XxBusinessMogulexX Dan 1,513, 11:45

People do you know what is the difference between all of you and me?
I never mix my RL and my "cyber life".
So don't give your fb's, numbers, addresses to everyone. Except if you really trust some person or if you are Chuck Norris.

XxBusinessMogulexX Dan 1,513, 11:49

Oh and did you answer the phone when he was calling? I'm really curious about what you two spoke about... xD

Myst Forever
Myst Forever Dan 1,513, 14:34

"How is this any different...?"

I disagree with doing that, but I'm guessing that it was an isolated incident, in an area with limited access. Also, Pizza is literally all over the web in one or more of his creations. With a bit of IT, people can locate him.

I think the difference is in mentality and motive. When a person's mentality allows for unrestrained actions, motivated by self-gratification at the expense of others, without remorse regardless of the outcome, then anything is possible. “Others” can be anyone, in games or real life, just someone to focus on when the idea takes shape.

Flashback to August 2006, Pizza / AJ - age 17:

Mount Blogmore:

When his multiple posts to people's blogs weren't living up to his expectations, he resorted to emailing people, using the same email addy that he uses for his blogtalk radio show, to prolong his enjoyment.

Did it hurt her personally, her family and friends, her career? It doesn't appear to have, who knows?

Does Pizza, age 21 care? Not likely, preferring instead to change the details while downplaying his role. Knowing the law treats adults differently than minors, no doubt affected his memory.

Fast forward to today, Pizza age 23:

Campaign – Candidate – Affiliation - Key people – Ajay Bruno. I wonder if Rick Santorum knows?

Ctrl + F He doesn't or else he had Ajay removed? Someone should update his wiki. Oh wait...

That's how it's different. Unless you're Pizza / AJ, or any of his other creations, then it's just fun.

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