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Party President? Why Rico of course!

Dan 1,912, 00:57 Objavljeno u South Africa Južna Afrika od Rico Suave
Fellow Party Members,

For the first time in ages the party presidency of the DB-PF is contested by two honourable candidates. My opponent, AdUnit, is bringing order to the table!
I submit that the DB-PF is in order. We have climbed to the second largest party in eSouth Africa but this is most likely a result of the current PTO threat. No, the DB-PF was made for the underdog position and it is from there we should strike!

Tell me this guy doesn't keep a tidy house!

During my term I shall focus on conflict resolution within our community. The Internet is a dirty place and there is literally nothing we can do about it. We can choose to ignore it or we can reply in kind but we can't stop it. At least not without sacrificing a lot of the stuff that has kept us floating as a fringe country.

You know what to do on the 15th!



Gregor Lucius
Gregor Lucius Dan 1,912, 04:29

Go Rico!

AdUnit Dan 1,912, 05:35

Good luck my man

Badger06 Dan 1,912, 11:43

well said rico

Gambit LeBeau
Gambit LeBeau Dan 1,912, 20:14

nice one Rico!

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Dan 1,912, 21:28

Resolve those conflicts! o7

kuckuck Dan 1,913, 02:12


Jizzie McGuire
Jizzie McGuire Dan 1,913, 14:32

Of course!

Wacky368 Dan 1,913, 15:17

Go Ape man!

Enriche2Ribeiro Dan 1,913, 16:48

good luck!!

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