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Operation Gangnam Style

Dan 1,914, 06:47 Objavljeno u USA Mađarska od Zoli
Are we there yet?
Operation Gangnam Style started almost a month ago, and by now Japan and South Korea should have been liberated, but we are nowhere near our goal. Beside the fact that the USA has occupied all three original regions of Taiwan, the operation has failed utterly.
Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!
The breaking point of this operation it’s Jeollanam-do, the only border region between Taiwan and South Korea. America once succeeded in taking this region, but on the 6th of January it has lost it. When the USA took back the initiative, Taiwan liberated Jeollanam-do and closed the war.
South-Korea put the NE on Taiwan, and Taiwan re-conquered the region. “Thanks” to an AFA congressmen, the USA stated voting a NE against the Brits, and so Taiwan was able to put the NE on America – so much about the good intentions of RGR and AFA. After Taiwan lost the battle in Northern Taiwan they liberated again Jeollanam-do, so the war between the USA and Taiwan closed agains.
I blame the National Security Council
It was clear that Taiwan will not allow the USA to attack Jeollanam-do, and yet the head of the army has done nothing. I have not seen any orders to go and fight for South Korea in the Jeollanam-do RW. I have not seen any guidance given in the press related to where to fight when and why. I wonder how many times will Taiwan make a fool out of the USA by liberating this region and close the war? When will the current Cabinet learn from its mistakes and when will we focus on this campaign in order to achieve our objectives? It’s about basic game mechanics that we seem to forget about.
Another run in Jeollanam-do
Currently South Korea is voting on a new NE proposal against Taiwan. I present you the steps we need to make in order to finally occupy this region and continue operation Gangnam Style.
1.    South Korea will NE Taiwan and attack a random regions and lose the battle
2.    Taiwan  will attack and occupy Jeollanam-do
3.    An F5 battle will be between the USA and Taiwan, to see who proposes the NE first and to see who has the initiative. From here we have 2 scenarios:
Taiwan wins the NE war and has the initiative
4. 24 hours and 50 minutes after when Taiwan conquered Jeollanam-do and RW must be started in another South Korean region and as many rounds must be won, without winning the RW.
5. Taiwan will attack Northern Taiwan and the USA must defend the region. Taiwan will probably delay the attack as much as possible and probably they will let it until the auto-attack. Here we have 2 options as well:
6.1 If the battle for Northern Taiwan is not closed by the time 24 hours have passed since the South Korean RW closed, a new RW must be started in any South Korean except Jeollanam-do
6.1.1 If the RW is opened in Jeollanam-do, the USA must send fighters to defend the region and do not let it liberated, or the war will close again.
6.2 If the battle for Northern Taiwan closes before another South Korean RW can be started, the USA must attack Jeollanam-do before an RW can be opened there.
The USA wins the NE war and has the initiative
4. During the voting of the NE if there is the possibility and RW must be opened in a South Korean region, without winning the RW. If any RW is running in a South Korean region when the NE is proposed, the USA will have a go to attack Taiwan.
5. After the NE passes, but before 24 hours pass since the last unsuccessful South Korean RW in Taiwan, the USA must attack Jeollanam-do.
Basically if the USA wants to continue Operation Gangnam Style, it must prevent the opening of RWs in Jeollanam-do, and if Taiwan opens it, it must send all forces to stop the liberation of Jeollanam-do.

I hope that both the USA President and the National Security Council will take all steps necessary in order to continue this campaign, which until now is just a series of blunders and mistakes.

I urge the American population to follow orders even if those orders will say to move to Taiwan and fight for Taiwan.



vladb Dan 1,914, 06:52

Komentar izbrisan

vladb Dan 1,914, 06:53

Komentar izbrisan

vladb Dan 1,914, 06:54

This war it's just for teh lulz so why bother with strategy .

Let's be honest :eUS is surrounded by more or less TWO and COT friendly countries .

Taiwan it's just an excuse to fight somebody without risking a lot and without bothering potential future allies or potential future allies of the potential US allies.
There's no point on going on a real war if you don't know where you are going.

Zoli Dan 1,914, 07:03

In my opinion Taiwan is a weaker enemy. China would represent a challenge. I think if a US Presidential candidate would promise a campaign to liberate the "Holy land of Pakistan" he would be elected.

JyM23 Dan 1,914, 21:26

True, but the Taiwanese are punks. They need to be taught a lesson not to bully their neighbours when they themselves live off of special offers and support from big brother.

Tiacha Dan 1,914, 07:08

jsc? you mean jcs? JCS is currently independent of the govt. The NSC is the military organization behind the current govt.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,916, 04:09

...sand the NSC sand it's director are utter failures....

milestailsprower Dan 1,914, 08:16

Not my Korea! Stop messin' up the 'Murican plans!
Best of luck in future endeavors; I would like to see my homeland chillin' around again.

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Dan 1,914, 14:08

Taiwan is of little importance to cot hq as well. They have much bigger fish to fry atm

Tyrannocopters Dan 1,914, 15:07

maybe we should declare war on South Korea and taiwan... to give us more flexibility until this whole thing is over.... THEN rw all SK's regions back?

Tyrannocopters Dan 1,914, 15:09

also: an invasion of China would be loads of fun

Tyrannocopters Dan 1,914, 15:20

better yet: see if Japan will let us use Kyushu or some other region as a base? we"ll have to war with Japan for a minute, but in the end they get all their regions back...

JyM23 Dan 1,914, 21:40

Voted. A little more strategy would be a good thing, but we in the eUS are not used to moving the entire armed forces out to fight in a foreign RW etc. Those kinds of tactics are best coordinated on IRC, while as far as I know most US MU's are simply coordinated through the DO by commanders who get their orders from the CP or congress I guess. The JCS is more likely to move out somewhere random and waste a buttload of damage helping a doomed country against Poland for example for no real gain while we or one of our strategic allies suffers in the mean time.

Viarizi Dan 1,915, 14:23


JyM23 Dan 1,915, 18:15

Already V & S,

Please v & s

Andrew Carnagie
Andrew Carnagie Dan 1,915, 19:07

A little more strategery would help

Winter Night
Winter Night Dan 1,915, 19:37

A Hungarian showing "our" leadership how things are done, and look he is not blaming AFA, although he is anti-AFA.

Oh wait, the war is going badly not because of poor organization, but because of AFA. Go figure. 😉

Zoli Dan 1,916, 06:42

I have not blamed AFA, but the NE against the UK was out of place

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