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Open Letter. To Erepublik !

Dan 1,844, 06:35 Objavljeno u Republic of Moldova Moldavija od Lupusorul tainic

To create an objective opinion about the article, read him entirely.
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Open Letter to Erepublik.

Hello eRepublik !
Dear citizens and admins!

This is an open letter to eRepublik Team, to admins and players ,
SIGNED by all players who vote this article. It contains:

* Some of the main requirements of players towards the game and administration.
* Proposals, ideas and suggestions to improve the game and relationships admin-player
* Analyze & review of some factors/elements/moments in the game. This is just our opinion.
* It contains elements of pamphlet (images & text) The pamphlet must be treated as one.

Nothing in my article should not give you to understand what it's corect to violate the eRepublik Laws, Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

I am responsible for what I write, but not for what you understand.

Today, Friday, the 7th of December, 2012 in in Bucharest, Romania,

On this occasion, we - some of eRepublik citizens, offer to eRepublik Team
this letter, with the purpose to improve the game.

I will present certain situations of the game through pamphlets.
The purpose of these pamphlets is to do that admins to better understand players.

It is not an insult to admins, or at their work.
It is an advice and a encouragement for him.
We respect and appreciate the work of admins.

Why are we playing eRepublik ?
001. Because we can make new friends, with whom we feel good together.
002. We can participate to the progress and prosperity of our country.
003. We learn many interesting things... etc

Freedom of expression is one of the most important things in a society and for each player.
It's enough to interdict to a player to speak, then the remainder becomes less important !

We are free to say our opinion, in respecting human rights, common sense rules, and eRepublik Laws.

Deleted articles.
Many articles are removed by admins, by different reasons.
(Vulgarity, insults, racism, pornography, spam, external advertising, flaming)

Are removed also the articles, where we write about deleted articles, and our opinion about the actions of admins. Why ?

The deletion of an article is a theme directly tied with the game, is not a spam.

* We want new development directions and new ways of manifestation.
Basically something that requires creativity, tactical and strategic thinking
or which would require a close collaboration between players: team work.

* We need changes in the economic module.
We have very low incomes, this is the main cause of the creation of clones.
income < daily requirement.

*It would be more interesting if will be introduced a new object: the gift

We can give gifts at holidays (winter holidays approaching 😃 ) and on other occasions:
* a sign of respect - in diplomatic relationship
* to enjoy our friends
* to begin a dialogue with a stranger
* to show gratitude.
* to end the enmity with someone

It's nice to send and receive gifts.

New module: Tourism Module.

I have a proposal: to introduce in the game a new module: Tourism.

The purpose of the new module is disclosure and knowledge of the most beautiful and valuable places of each country: monuments, parks, historical and cultural objects that embody the true national wealth.

They will be made ​​through tourist attractions/objectives which citizens will establish in each region. Regions will acquire a value greater than the economic / political or strategic motive and it will have a single representation. It will be another reason to fight strongly for each part of land.

* Objects can be established only in natal territories.

Realization: Proposals for tourist attraction are selected and approved by voting.

The creation of objectives and their visiting - are taxed
(a new source of income)

Content: what eCitizens think tourists need to know about this touristic objective:
(a clear description, images, video, citizen comments..) Information must be correct.

Operation: Following a single visit receive a souvenir that keeps all the information on the subject visited at that time.

Rewards after visiting a touristic objective:
* a souvenir
* military bonus (double the effect of 100 ff in fight)
* economical bonus (double the effect of 100 ff in work)

Division 1 + 10% more Strength
Division 2 + 7% more Strength
Division 3 + 3% more Strength
Division 4 + 1% more Strength

+3 str if you do next visit in a new country.
+3 str if you do next visit in a new region.

We will visit the regions and new countries to take advantage of " +3 str "
Division 1, 2 will be motivated by str, tanks by bonus x2

1) eCitizens will actively collaborate to create the most beautiful tourist attractions in eWorld

2)We will travel more & We will know the spirit of visited country through the tourist attractions.

3) Increase the value of region: we will not fight only for economic bonus, territorial / military advantage or congress seats.

4) A new circuit of finances, a new way to invest:
Visiting other countries or supporting the own goals.

5) A new purpose. A new focus, a more useful occupation than 3 click.

6) Players will not use the bots, or will use less.
The bots do not perceive beauty 😉

7) Tourist objectives will represent the country.

* Social: a very good chance to manifest creative people - writers, photographers, designers.
* Policy: Ministry of tourism. New laws: Taxation of each tourist objective
* Economy: A new way to invest money:
a) The creation of tourist objects
creation and selling of souvenirs
Income from visiting comes into treasury
* Military: After a visit, citizens will come back with new forces: x2 hits.
Tactical change: will not be "just press "fight"".
Use the maximum possible the military bonus, and organize recreation for soldiers.

* Media: Each country will try to promote their destinations,
as clear and beautiful as possible. It's an easy way to know the most beautiful places on earth.

In this way the boster that you get during a visit,is taxed by players. The players decide and control its cost.

example of creation & management

Admins can also create some missions:

Through Tourist module We will see the true treasures of each country.

Each country has an equal chance to create a beautiful tourist attraction

Even if there are some conflicts between countries,
Tourism will alleviate this problems and will support economic module.
I hope that if it is approved, the admins can implement the new module until new Year
(North Pole (to visit Santa Claus) or South Pole (to visit the penguins)) 🙂

Military module is the engine of this game, that burns finance & products transforming them into damage, which being organized by place, time and purpose, meets one or more objectives.

May be a common objective, and / or personal one (bh, ch, etc. ..)
The gold from medals, enter back into the circuit.

Unfortunately he is not an eternal engine but a fireplace which burns everything but heated increasingly less. Slowly but surely, the average minimum limit to get a bh/ch , increase. It is a problem for those who have just entered in the 4 division.

* Bazooka
Tanks did not need bazooka because it can give more damage with a hit q7
Bazooka is used by tanks only for multi-kill ( for missions or for Mercenary Medal ) & bazooka boster.

100 bazooka -- -- -- -- -- - - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --> 1 Artillery (about 3 million damage)

* Duel


If you will have the opportunity to fight one against other,
who did you call out first to a duel ?

It will resolve many conflicts in a dignified way + a big damage drain.
There will be need for a new battle system, to equal new players
with tanks that have over 20 k str.

There are several types of clones:
economic clones - money.
political clones - voting.
military clones - fight.
clones for handling.
clones for trolling.

The leading cause of cloning is the need of gold.

What is the difference between a clone and a real player (a friend) who sends you gold ?

It's a pretty thin barrier that must be revised, because if a clone sends you gold  - this does not mean that you has created and you manage that multiple account.

If is punished the transmission of gold/currency/items/food/weapons
between 2 players - why was invented the button "Donate" ?

To avoid that clones can cause the ban of honest players, should be revised the penalty:
The withdrawal of amount donated and interdict
of receiving or sending for a donation.

Decimation. ( removal of a tenth )
"Decimation was a form of military discipline used by officers in the Roman Army to punish mutinous or cowardly soldiers.

After execution, the remaining soldiers were given less food and forced to live in worse conditions. Because the punishment fell by lot, all soldiers in the group were eligible for execution, regardless of the individual degree of fault, or rank and distinction. The leadership was usually executed independently of the one in ten deaths of the rank."

We have deciamtion in erepublik ? 🙂

who is "lucky" today ? 😃

Regardless of all misunderstandings, we love admins. 🙂
They deserve to hear a good word for all the work that they do,
They deserve a gift, at least a flower

It should not give the impression that we think that admins are corrupt..
We just opt for uncorrupted admins.

Proposals, suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome.
sorry for mistakes.

I respect the copyright of each creator. Any material that is not mine has an author which must be respected.Certain materials are posted only to get acquainted with them. Can contain information from third parties. I do not violated any law or the terms of use eRepublik.

Admins, please do not delete my article. Let me know and I'll change where is necessary. Article content anyway will reach all users via communication channels and programs, chats, social networking, PM, announcements and posts on other sites.

With respect,
The Minister of education of Republic of Moldova

Lupusorul tainic _________________________


Tinkutza Dan 1,844, 06:37


Nick Meis
Nick Meis Dan 1,844, 06:40


Lorcema Dan 1,844, 06:47

Wow, very creative changes. Hope admins read it!

NoOnexRO Dan 1,844, 06:49

mestere, te-ai tacanit!

Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Dan 1,844, 06:50

Votat. Frumos. Educativ.

D4nY3L Dan 1,844, 06:54

Idei foarte bune

Andreica1989 Dan 1,844, 06:57


ValErYa2_mD Dan 1,844, 06:58

Succes in toate!

Lupusorul tainic
Lupusorul tainic Dan 1,844, 07:00

Multumesc mult.

Tony Simion
Tony Simion Dan 1,844, 07:02


Millefleurs Dan 1,844, 07:06


t150 Dan 1,844, 07:09


Dannemp Dan 1,844, 07:17


Alina V
Alina V Dan 1,844, 07:29

Am putea aseza in regiuni, ca atractii turistice, monumentele acelea obtinute prin indeplinirea obiectivelor stabilite de CP, ca tot stateau acolo doar de amorul artei. : )

3meu Dan 1,844, 07:34


corina07 Dan 1,844, 07:35

garantat un vot si sub. unele idei chiar pot fi aplicate . Bravo

Temir Beg
Temir Beg Dan 1,844, 07:36


Raul Doru
Raul Doru Dan 1,844, 07:47

cam mult de munca pentru admini, mai ales cand par interesati doar de implementarea unor "modificari" ale jocului care sa te determine sa bagi cardul.
ce propui tu pare prea frumos pentru a fi transpus in practica.
felicitari si sa speram ca macar unele dintre propuneri (daca nu toate 😁 vor fi luate in seama de team Plato.

Lauri Allan Torni
Lauri Allan Torni Dan 1,844, 07:53 - locul unde toate scrisorelele se duc sa moara 🙂

ia incearca aici sa vezi ce raspuns primesti

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Dan 1,844, 07:57

Well done, on the article. I think you may have actualy said that without offending anyone.
Tourism is the easiest to implament. People would fight for those national treasures. All ideas that deserve to be tried

kaplarMomciloGavric Dan 1,844, 08:00


Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Dan 1,844, 08:07

signs of life - maybe this game does have a pulse - i like it!

Vulturul Negruu
Vulturul Negruu Dan 1,844, 08:08


Lupusorul tainic
Lupusorul tainic Dan 1,844, 08:10

Thanks !

Slevin07 Dan 1,844, 08:12

ahahahahha !
Nice....really nice! Sper sa te si auda cineva

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Dan 1,844, 08:19


Fedor DSD
Fedor DSD Dan 1,844, 08:20

vot + sub


1366613 Dan 1,844, 08:28

o7 Good luck !

Sivatagirohamkukac Dan 1,844, 08:30

v 232 s 995

Eheslo Dan 1,844, 08:33

Voted, signed!

Nolmut Dan 1,844, 08:35

sub vote

Crocodile Gena
Crocodile Gena Dan 1,844, 08:35


KOSOVA ArlinDx Dan 1,844, 08:39

well I don`t know what to think about the tourism thing could be a positive change but admins should definitely put some strategy in this game , clicking always only the fight button is getting boring.

BratC0fi Dan 1,844, 08:39

1000 sub felicitari 😃

BananaNucleara Dan 1,844, 08:46

foarte bun articol, felicitari !

elbandido Dan 1,844, 08:48

True....we need more clicks then work+train+fight ....make us to be more active or let us to spend our time with more clicks in game, give us something to do.


Dragos1976 Dan 1,844, 08:51

Good job and very creative!! Bravo!!

Atracurium Dan 1,844, 08:52

I demand little, all we need is more teamwork activities which is beyond our 3 clicks everyday.

Captain Black Sheep
Captain Black Sheep Dan 1,844, 09:04

I don't like that tourism proposition at all.

Eugeniu Borodin
Eugeniu Borodin Dan 1,844, 09:05


pacifyer Dan 1,844, 09:12

Changes would be welcome. Not sure if those cited here, but it is obvious that clones are screwing the game play of honest player, as well as making strong and powerful the most deceiving countries, not the best.

Vroteier9 Dan 1,844, 09:18

voted and agreed

Leandro XV
Leandro XV Dan 1,844, 09:18

V + S

Brdar Dragan
Brdar Dragan Dan 1,844, 09:20


Ziki1988 Dan 1,844, 09:21

voted and supported

I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Dan 1,844, 09:21


Scytha 2.0
Scytha 2.0 Dan 1,844, 09:29


VladEMP Dan 1,844, 09:43

Idei foarte bune. Bravo !

Talostastic Dan 1,844, 09:50
- negative attitude toward any action(s) or lack of action(s) from the part of the eRepublik team;

That is why articles about FP's get deleted. The proper approach is to file a ticket about your FP or appeal it if you are able, not to write an article about it, especially if your article includes a full screenshot of the already-removed article.

xDesertHamsterX Dan 1,844, 09:51

good idea : )

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