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official letter of complaint from Iran

Dan 1,790, 00:19 Objavljeno u Iran Srbija od Ministry of Foreign Affairs IR

Hello dear citizens of 'Eden' and our Friends in eWorld !

This is official letter of complaint from 'Iran' to all 'Eden' countries and 'Eden' citizen !

I wanna explain you something as Iranian MoFa and vP
as u know Iran was part of "ONE" many time ago ,Iran deleted by turkey for long time
then we change our mind about alliance because we didn't had true friend in "ONE" , So we changed side

There was a meeting between Iran-Turkey many time ago (before we change side) on that meeting turkey demand from us 3 regions and an route to UAE
as u can check meeting logg , we was agree with them so there wasn't any problem but we ask something in return
give something and get something
they asked something and we want something in return
anyway Hezardastan and alisdghpr were on that meeting you can check logg in last lines alisdghpr told we need to other meeting with china turkey and Hq to slove it
there wasn't any agreeement!!! if there is please give me agreeement doc!
they talked about bonus and regions then Bulgaria attacked to Turkey and BG did fight for iran and they lose our regions then China got our regions

after this meeting there wasn't any agreement and china had our regions , we had good relationship with china poeple and China Gov so they helped us to get back our regions without any action from turkey (because they was busy with BG)

So i guess your are agree with me about this agreeement :
1 ) both side was agree about something but there wasn't china gov so they didn't complate plan
2)after this meeting turkey losed our regions and china had it
3) there isn't any agreement about regions they just talk about it and they did need china
4) they was waiting for china answer so there wasn't any answer from china side

so what is agreement ? why i can't understand it ?
I guess this wasn reasonably reasons about this agreement

anyway turkey Ne us ( ) without any conversation or warning !!!
is this eden method ? stronger countries can do it with us ?
after this ne we ask why u did it ? turkey told us : we wanna get back our 3 regions (meeting between Iran and turkey was about turkey request for 3 regions from our land -> NW ,SW,Hormozgan )
we said ok , Give us 24 hours and we will give you proof to show eden hq there isn't any agreement !
Nenya is fair man , he gived us 30 hours but turkey ne us again after 24 hours !
we show proof to HQ but after 30 hours ne was 19 (yes) and 0 (No)
so why they must do it with us ?
turkey gov ignored Iran as ProEden member and attacked us , something like they did with Israel for missions (but it was for bonus and way to arabia)
what do u think ? is this fair for a ProEden country ? 🙁
i guess u are agree with me , this is unfair !!!

after that NE we asked from HQ to make meeting with turkey gov , they accept it after many hours then in meeting they asked us :
a ) Nw , Sw , Hormozgan and a route to Saudi arabia and UAE regions
why ?
Because they thinking there is agreement with iran when they losed our regions against BG war !

anyway we talked with oddy (Turkish CP) and we forget past and we was there to make new agreement Based on benefit of both countries
I have a turkish vice , so we can read turkey media . when we was in meeting he show me something in oddy article :

Oddy [turkish CP] :
Iran have 2 options , they will give us 3 regions or they will delete by turkey ![You can check his NewsPaper if you can read turkish]
Is this Eden BrotherHood ? Is this true friendship ?
do you know why we left 'ONE' ? Because we wanna Respect !!!

any way we talked about 5 Hours in new meeting with turkey cp and eden HQ

there were two options for turkey :
1 ) 5 regions and route to pakistan for 100k
2) NW and SW Iran for Free -> this was a big gift from iran to our friends in turkey

we offer them it just for show our Good intentions not because we are Weaker or for meeting in past !

there is agreement between Iran - Turkey :
Signed by :

oddyZR [Cp of Türkiye]
legend of persia [cp of iran ]

Supervisors from EDEN:
Justino Figueiredo, SC of EDEN
Nenya, aSC and acting MC of EDEN

this was good for both side because turkey could get 20% bonus for free and we don't lose anything just 2 regions from north !
Is it bad offer to turkey ? but they have Greedy Government now !
turkey signed it but yesterday i saw turkish cp article again :
Iran must give us Hormozgan or we will get with Force!!
As You know , Hormozgan is bridge of Iran to arabia and uae regions !
if we give Hormozgan to Turkey we will lose 60% bonus and that is half of our bonus now (we have 60% food and 60% weap bonus ) so we must let them to take 60% bonus because they wanna arabia and uae and they were stronger!!!

i did try to talk with turkey cp and u can check his answer here :

then check it :

turkey attacked our regions one after one !
Semnan was conquered by Turkey in the war versus Iran = 3 hours ago
Turkey attacked South Khorasan, Iran = 3 hours ago
A resistance has started in Dubai = 37 minutes ago
A resistance has started in Eastern Province = 15 hours ago

I know turkey don't have Mpp and active war in last days , they wanna give back israel regions to them , so they have open war with Iran , but i offer them 2 options:
1) We can start some Fake RW , so your people can hit here
2) we can help you to make more MPP and get active War

[turkish cp rejected my both offer , because he think about Hormozgan exactly ! ]

what do u think people of turkey ? is this Fair ? I have been told that Turks are fair and just peoples. so what you truly think about your gov actions?

Turkey Gov [not people for turkey ] did destroy 'ONE' many time ago , now i see it again they are do same thing they did in 'One'

i wanna talk directly with my turks friends :
we can do something like enemy for ever , but Iranian players forget past , we wanna make new friendship based on trust and respect but your Gov is doing something against all eden countries .
I ask you my friends in turkey , was there any agreeement between turkey and israel or turkey and russia? did they promised their regions to you too? so why Turkey attacked israel and Gave NE law to russia?

OddyZR told me this is request of congress to attack Hormozgan ! really ? people want break our friendship again?? the friendship that didnt wont easily and some peoples from both countries tried for it for months!!

Your gov asked something Unreasonable , yeah you are stronger but i know turks are fair guys , i have many turkish friends in RL and i live with your guys so i know you very well , we can make one of strongest friendship in erep too

Iranian People and Gov are very sad , Eden Hq is silent about turkey - Iran issue ! [ I don't want tell everything in this open letter because Eden is our Family and we wanna solve our problems in family not in media] but our people expect more from HQ !
I know eden Hq just thinking about 'Eden' Benefit but if you let eTurkey gov to do it u will have more problems in future , first Israel then Iran , who is next ?
I guess eden Hq can't control Turkey Gov at this moment !!! so i wanna ask from hq to do more in this Situation

We know 'Eden' have summit today , i wanna ask from all 'Eden' countries to support us in this issue and Misunderstanding !
if eden hq and eden members are agree , Iran can join to this meeting and we can show you true face of turkey Gov [as a man who lived between turkish people , let me tell you that their people are amazing! they are so kind. but their Gov...]
we hope all eden countries help us in this situation!
we will publish some words with our friends in turkey very soon !

Hail Iran

Hail all 'Eden' Countries

Hail True BrotherHood

Iranian MoFa Team

for shout :

official letter of complaint from Iran to all Eden citizen


★★★official letter of complaint from Iran to all Eden citizen★★★

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Dan 1,790, 00:24

Hail 'Eden' Countries
Hail True BrotherHood

★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★

Denis SpirOooO
Denis SpirOooO Dan 1,790, 00:28

★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★

arash irani 5
arash irani 5 Dan 1,790, 00:32

Vote !
Hail Friendship !

Van HeIsing
Van HeIsing Dan 1,790, 00:35

★Iranian People Want Justice ★★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★★Iranian People Want Justice ★

Eden you must control Turkey Government !!!! Now or Never !!!

★Iranian People Want Justice ★★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★★Iranian People Want Justice ★

pinax Dan 1,790, 00:35

Big Vote
Hail Brotherhood

Wild Rooster
Wild Rooster Dan 1,790, 00:35

★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★

Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror
Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror Dan 1,790, 00:37

Past can't forgotten. You acted hostile in past.

shoorbad Dan 1,790, 00:39

Komentar izbrisan

menon111 Dan 1,790, 00:39

Justice for Iranian People!

Lord.jax Dan 1,790, 00:40

Hail 'Eden' Countries
Hail True BrotherHood

★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★

ABTN Dan 1,790, 00:41

Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror@
yeah past when turkey wiped us! we cant forget that!

Mahmood 8pa
Mahmood 8pa Dan 1,790, 00:42

★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★

El Che G
El Che G Dan 1,790, 00:42

Iran had friends in ONE

ByBatu Dan 1,790, 00:45

mate be patient.. in 7days it will be done , just wait.. you wont loose anything on 7days. we are brothers no-one can change this

Van HeIsing
Van HeIsing Dan 1,790, 00:47

@ El Che G

@ ByBatu
But Your CP told us many time he want 'Hormozgan'
we have log and his newspaper is best proof for it 🙂

vladb Dan 1,790, 00:48

Does Iran have a deal to rent regions to Bulgaria ?

Ivan Terible
Ivan Terible Dan 1,790, 00:48

turkey again man

Phaethon Ominosus
Phaethon Ominosus Dan 1,790, 00:49

I hope eDEN reacts on this issue,at last .

Lord.jax Dan 1,790, 00:49

can you explain to me why turkish people attack to esfahan
this is way to go to emarat regions?????

Cihan. Dan 1,790, 00:49

i dont interest past. i see that some friends want to solve problems with turkey so i see a peace hand from iran.

now Turkey act have to do a nice aggrement. Then conquer the Russia

Kyaaa Dan 1,790, 00:50

Komentar izbrisan

Van HeIsing
Van HeIsing Dan 1,790, 00:53

@ sakaryayigit
I'm Iranian Turk!
past is past , we can start again because both Government and people did some mistake !
Both people can't forget it but we can cross from that shit and start new relation !

Open Arms from Me to Friendship with turkey o/

CRIS 99 Dan 1,790, 00:55

.....oups what vladb wants to tell us ?? a new deal from Iran to rent regions to Bulgaria ?
i think in short past Iran had made an another deal with an One's country....

Persian Myth
Persian Myth Dan 1,790, 01:05

★Iranian People Want Justice ★★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★★Iranian People Want Justice ★

Eden you must control Turkey Government !!!! Now or Never !!!

★Iranian People Want Justice ★★Iranian People Want Justice ★
★Iranian People Want Justice ★★Iranian People Want Justice ★

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Dan 1,790, 01:05

@ CRIS 99

Do you have any Proof my friend ? 🙂
what is deal with BG ?
as Iranian Mofa i'm telling there isn't any deal with bg
if do u think there is deal between us just explain me about what ? 😃

we rejected Russia and BG offer about rent reigons many Times and we gave this information to HQ !
so if u don't have Full Details please stop talking about it !

explain me : what is deal with BG ? and i will leave my MoFa office now 🙂

silniy udar
silniy udar Dan 1,790, 01:05

Does Iran have a deal to rent regions to Bulgaria ? x2

Umit the Cepni
Umit the Cepni Dan 1,790, 01:08

lan motherları fakirler sikim kadar population alacağız tabi lan amk brotherhood mu var bu oyunda? önüne geleni sikiyor millet biz mi ''brotherhood'' a saygı duyacağız.hassiktir ya

NoPanig Dan 1,790, 01:09

Komentar izbrisan

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Dan 1,790, 01:11

@ silniy udar
can u remember we stop BG to NE us ? 😃
Eden Hq have full Information about our Conversation with BG and Russia !

Are u looking for new Excuse to attack us ? 😃
Don't make fake Gossips about Iran !

CRIS 99 Dan 1,790, 01:11

@Persian Punisher ask vladb if there is any deal with bg.

How about that?: i think in short past Iran had made an another deal with an One's country....Is it true or not ???

naturaIMystic Dan 1,790, 01:12

hail eden!!

Van HeIsing
Van HeIsing Dan 1,790, 01:12

@ silniy udar
we don't have Nap with any countries ; )

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Dan 1,790, 01:16

@ CRIS 99
do u have proof about it too ? 😃
or u wanna troll for turkey side 😉

As all know we hit against Serbia and we got 81 Point against them , that is so much for Iran !
i Rememeber You did lose many war against Serbia every day 😃
so we did our best , but we don't have even 10% of Serbia dmg 🙂
so we could stop them , but we did try it !

Atracurium Dan 1,790, 01:16

To clarify something, just in case most doesn't know.
This you looked at the log about the meeting many time ago (as you stated), you know those promised stuff inside I do not think the message was carried to China (I think). Even if we are present, we will reject it. That is a very logical no, I doubt any CP will ever say yes.

Our only talk with Hezardastan (Iran) back at that time was just regions return, and this was mutual talks without any black and white agreement, and we did it.

vasmegye Dan 1,790, 01:19

Then change side.... oh, what a deja vu.

sakin. Dan 1,790, 01:21

ulan oyunun en çakal memkeletisiniz amk... elbet bi yerde toslayacaktınız... biraz silik kalın, burnunuz sürtünsün...

Albus Dan 1,790, 01:23


Turkey said china return our regions cuz turkey asked china to do it so we are indebted to them!

can you tell here what you told me in message? are you agree with that : the agreement between china and iran is apart from turkey demand and influnx

CRIS 99 Dan 1,790, 01:24

@persian fighter,simply u have to clarify in your mind, in which side you want to be and what you want to do in the future.
I/m sure that EDEN will find solution to your problem.

You said about Serbs....not me 🙂 hahaha,,i guess u have the proofs and u dont need to find from other persons

Have a nice day ,all

Sahyonollah Dan 1,790, 01:30

you can't simply say I wanna in official letter!

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Dan 1,790, 01:32

@ CRIS 99
Without a doubt You are good in troll but that isn't enough for this Issue 😉

All that glitters is not gold {.... True story }

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Dan 1,790, 01:34

@ CRIS 99
and i don't fear to write Serbia ; )
because there isn't anything between Iran and Serbs !

SmoothZiga Dan 1,790, 01:34

In ONE you at least got help, in EDEN your attacked by your own "ally"... thinks about it...

Roberrto Dan 1,790, 01:36

V for justice

nem01able Dan 1,790, 01:37

Hail damagehood

Archfeldspar Dan 1,790, 01:37

Give me one region, give me two regions, give me three...reminiscent of Nazi Germany before WWII?
So what your leverage?...It's like "Risk", neither of them can stand multiple resistance wars and attacks by say eBulgaria and/or eSerbia so, if you threaten to ally with their enemies, they will be forced to demand less by way of tribute. Or, you could ally with their enemies (recommended) and make their elives miserable forever, as they deserve. (highly recommended). Equal hatred for everyone

KUOROSH20 Dan 1,790, 01:37

Big Vote
Hail Brotherhood

morteza69 Dan 1,790, 01:37

★Iranian People Want Justice ★

Admiral  PAC
Admiral PAC Dan 1,790, 01:39

I believe this can be solved easily. Just give a route to UAE and thats it.

Mustafa Kemal Atajerk
Mustafa Kemal Atajerk Dan 1,790, 01:39

"I wanna explain you something as Iranian MoFa and vP
as u know Iran was part of "ONE" many time ago ,Iran deleted by turkey for long time
then we change our mind about alliance because we didn't had true friend in "ONE" , So we changed side"
For first time I like Turks that they kicked your butt so hard

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