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Dan 1,797, 13:18 Objavljeno u Philippines Turska od Avenger35

Good Day All Dear Comrades and Valuable Citizens of ePhilippines,

Once again a group of congressmen try to impeach our president without any announcement or explanations. This attempt is a very dirty way for the parties that work to get hold of our country. We hereby annouce that we are against that anti-democratic attempt and we will support current president against this impeachment. Our party voted for NO at NE laws. That's because we do not agree with some of the thoughts of our president. But anyway the president was elected democratically and that kind of impeachment is a very anti-democratic move.



Afatdede Dan 1,797, 13:18


sinirbaba Dan 1,797, 13:23


LaziKomoli Dan 1,797, 13:23


Chernesto Dan 1,797, 13:26


bercdo Dan 1,797, 14:35

voted yes for article no for impechment

Eldarion Sionnodel
Eldarion Sionnodel Dan 1,797, 14:57

Vote NO to impechment.

Marcial Cachofa
Marcial Cachofa Dan 1,797, 17:11

v o7

tolgaksk Dan 1,797, 18:08


Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Dan 1,797, 18:36

NO to impeachment

kadayao Dan 1,797, 23:40

When you propose to impeach without valid reason, it goes to show how immature most of you are. Yes YOU. You know who you are. If something doesn't go your way, you propose to impeach like whiny little babies. Well BOOHOO. I'm done being diplomatic. If you don't get your SH*T straight and do your jobs like proper members of the government and work to get this country better then your are just PROVING HOW RIGHT we are not to trust most of you. Ignore this message like you always do. I don't care.

Ertugrul Cinar
Ertugrul Cinar Dan 1,798, 03:13


Izzat1 Dan 1,798, 03:31

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rosmant-0 Dan 1,798, 04:47

Wow, someone already started the ad hominem attacks. You. Yes you. You won't get our trust with that kind of argument.

Makedonissa Dan 1,798, 14:51

Ohhhh poor Philippines...The FYROMian Slavs are here? Get rid of them soon, they will say that the Malay people originate from them 😛

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Dan 1,798, 18:40

If they say that the Malay people come from them, then they're the dumbest liars in eworld

kmm225 Dan 1,798, 19:56

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Makedonissa Dan 1,799, 00:31

I can give you numerous examples on their stupidity. They claim:
1. Alexander the Great
2. Cleopatra
3. Czar Samuel
4. Shakira!!!!!!!
Dont laugh! They do! They will stop at nothing until they prove that the world was a small sand grain and it appeared at today's FYROMian lands.
Recently they claimed that Christianity began at FYROM and Alexander the great is a Saint!
Go figure...

kadayao Dan 1,799, 05:09

Wow, now we're arguing about ethnic origins?? Totally missed the point people! I don't care if your from outer space, as long as you contribute to helping the government improve our eCountry's status. Creating discord and arguing about USELESS points don't help. We already knew who we were supporting and where they came from before we voted in the elections. Destoyer has earned our trust, it definitely isn't the same with you.

kmm225 Dan 1,799, 07:03

I have to erase all my coments because of this:
Dear kmm225,
Recently, you have created content which was declared to be not legal.
Content type: comment Content info: Maked...............tupid greek lies Reason: Insults You can see all your penalties in your Law In......

Makedonissa thank you very much; and dont worry I will not report you,
we are people with honour, not.........

kmm225 Dan 1,799, 07:08

@kadayao please see at my profile
Do I deserve a bit of respect?

Makedonissa Dan 1,799, 07:36

Well kmm225, you should have watched out your language. Instead, you started calling me stupid, idiot etc etc. What did you think? That you would get away with it? I dont think so. Its not about honor, besides I never tried to steal anything from you, you didnt have anything to steal anyways 😛

di ko balak manggulo. gusto ko lang pagsabihan kayo na mag-ingat sa grupong iyon.

kmm225 Dan 1,799, 09:44

@Makedonissa I never say that you are idiot, I use the first word in your comment.

"besides I never tried to steal anything from you, you didnt have anything to steal anyways 😛"

this is what?: troll in action. What to reply to this, that your country is in bankruptcy&etc; no, I will not.

P.S. Wow, you know how to use google translate, I am impress

kadayao Dan 1,799, 11:03

Respect? Respect?? If you have suggestions, disagreements, or even violent reactions to the way the administration do things, MESSAGE them. In the end, you came out looking like the bad guy. You are a Congress Member. Before making any obtuse movements, you show RESPECT by voicing your concerns to your peers. It's called Diplomacy. I suggest you exercise that right.

@Makedonissa: Respectfully, your opinions are your own.

Makedonissa Dan 1,799, 21:53

I dont use google translation. If you ask any pinoy, you will see that this couldnt be google translated...
I have RL ties with Philipines, this is why I actually care about the e-country too ; )

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Dan 1,801, 04:31

@kmm225: Makedonissa is not lying about the Google translate thing. "Hindi ko nilayon upang manggipit. Gusto ko lang sa balaan mong mag-ingat ng pangkat na iyon." is the translation to his statement and it is very wrong in grammar in Filipino.

@Makedonissa: Paano ka merong RL ties sa Pilipinas?

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