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He who lays with the Orcs

Dan 2,183, 01:27 Objavljeno u Ireland Irska od Releasethe Krakken

Deep in the Yakkalonian Mountains the ring of clerics is safely gathered in their hiding place.

Kurgan the commander of this wily bunch of warriors is pacing back and forth in front of the hearth.

Their spiritual advisor Llemkune is relaying some very bad news to him.

Her voice is soft and soothing but the message is still very bad.

‘They broke into a village near the Bren Canyons and tore the villages supplies of chicken limb to limb.”

But why Llemkune why are they so evil they are in our academy.

Llemkune : “Yes I know but they have been infected with demon spirits that is very powerful. They spew hatred and lies wherever they go.

Kurgan falls to the ground and starts sobbing “ We made so much progress with these problem children”

Llemkune : Yes but they are past orcs and was infected heavily before we took them under control.

Kurgan: But who would be so depraved to soil children with demon seeds.

Llemkune: It was the dark lord IrishBhoy.

Kurgan: I should have known I should have known.

Llemkune: Should I summon Krakken.

Kurgan looking dejected : Yes Llemkune we have no other choice we have to use Krakken’s powers.


Krakken his eyes ablaze with blue lighning is standing beside her before she can complete his name. Krakken the most powerful sea monster is in a transitional stage he is fusing new elements from old ones. Soon the art of water lightning as well as Fire Rainfalls will be his but more than that these new elements will make him the most powerful creature that ever wandered the earth.

Llemkune:Krakken you must chase away these demons.

Krakken stands before the fire a tiny firedrop appears and then more till it’s a small stream that flows into Krakken. The whole fire flows into Krakken . He presses his hand against the cave wall and the earth turns into air and flows into the fire river. Everything now flow upward into his shoulder and form air and fire wings more powerful than any birds wings. He runs to the cave opening and jumps into the 2000 meter fall from high and spreads his wings and then swoops through the air his air wings burning at an intense heat generating enough air pressure just below them water from the air ‘s vapor is fed into the fire.

He spots Daghba first as he Daghba is grabbing a young boy. The young boy is screaming but its certain Daghba has some demonic plans with him. Daghba hesitates and turn to the sound that is scorching through the air.

Daghba lets go of the child and runs with a hellish pace to the forest. Krakken descends right in front of him and grabs him by the neck and smashes him into the ground.

QUIT! commands Krakken. Gibberish is coming out of Daghba but Krakken slowly presses an air hand into Daghba’s gut. He can feel the demons squirming in his stomach. Leave us be they are snarling we mean you no harm. Krakken ignores them and pulls them out of Daghba stomach and shove Daghba 40 meter back into a field. Holding the Demons by the neck Krakken lets the fire river flow into the demons. Their snarled faces are eaten by the fire and their ashes fall to the ground.

Krakken is tired . He is not fully conversed in his new powers and slumps to the nearest tree. Daghba spots the opportunity and lunges away and runs into the woods.

---The End--

Part Of the Krakkens' Urban Mythology series: Others in this series.



Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Dan 2,183, 03:57


Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Dan 2,183, 04:38

for what ? your not even mentioned daghda? reporting fiction classic daghda. good luck with that.

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Dan 2,183, 05:29

stop whining, i didn't even read xdxd

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dan 2,183, 10:45

this Orcs are quite paranoid Krakken.
So be sure Daghdha like most Orcs did read every word and they all reported the article coz they can't stand the truth.

To bad their reports are fails as they are

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Dan 2,183, 12:32

its the greek toilet that cried poof. but one some level i think he is correct as orcs may not have the mental capacity to read. i always have a suspicions that they print the articles and have some normal person read it to them.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Dan 2,183, 10:50

Krakken...the force that slayed Death and Taxes....the one that makes Orcs cry in deep buthurt....

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